How can i make cancer man notice me then fall in love with me?

  • hi every one first of all im scorpio girl im in love with cancer man he work in ashop and i go once in the week to buy things from his shop and we talk every time i go but alittle talk not much some times i feel he notice me and cared about me and some times i feel he treat all his customers good maybe he treat me like them but because im in love with him i convince my self that he treats me different than all customers like (i went to his shop two times and he wasnt there his assistant was there and i bought my things and asked him about his boss he said he is not here he went to eat so i said say hi for him when he back and i went my home after this i went again to his shop i found him i said hi as usual and he said i know you came two times before and i wasnt here because you came about 4 oclock and this is my lunch time i said its ok ) and this situation happened again this time i feel he focus on me because i dont thin that he knew about every women come to his shop and his assistant too will not tell him about all customers that came when he wasnt there and he ask me if i have alot of things to buy from other shops or im finished buying i think thats caring too but i dont know why he didnt talk to me about his feeling and take another step i want tell you that we are arab so we cannot go out for adate or something and im avery shy girl so i cant tell him that i love him here man must he become the first to said i love you not the girl and if she said first she is not good for him and here our fist step to get engaged and then marry how can i make him love me and propose to me and i dont have any experience in this field so i need your help i feel very desperate and my worst fear that another woman seduce him and make him fall in love with here and i know that these two sign cancer,scorpio can become a perfect match so please tell me how to make him move toward me and say i love you and propose

    thank you so much for read all this

  • you do sound very desperate. too bad, because you could end up with the wrong man. I am American, and I do not know much about arab culture, so please forgive me if I come off too blunt, and I do not mean to hurt your feelings.

    honestly, the info you have provided all comes from you, and your perception only. you have absolutely no evidence that he cares about you at all. it's true, that a shop owner or worker do have to be nice to all customers who come in to buy. so it's hard to tell if he likes you more than other customers or other women that come around.

    you have absolutely no idea who comes into the shop, who hangs around, and who says what to whom, but you know everything that is going on there? unless you are spending all of your time there, which I know you can't do.

    very very presumptuous you are, and that is dangerous to assume others are doing or talking about as you really do not know.

    since you are certain that it's his job to make the first move, then you will have to just wait this out, and that could be a long time.

    you can't make another fall in love with you, that does not work. if it's meant to be, than it will happen, and since you already met him, you will have to rely on your faith and get him to read your mind so he will know what to do. I am being sarcastic here, because you actually think you can make him fall in love iwth you. it's possible of course, but either he notices you or he does not.

    the magic has to happen naturally, OR it's nothing more than fantasy/wish on your part.

    has it occurred to you, that he may not be that interested and has another lady in his life? my feeling is, he has a lady in his life already. he maybe engaged already. I do feel he has someone in his life. you need to find that out first, before you waste time on him.

    Good luck on your spiritual journey, Sunny

  • cancer ppl are very shy and they are very easy to approach. get his number and call him. try to become his friend. then tell him "its kind of stupid that we havent known each other much but i feel im in love with you and sorry if you dint expect this". then give him 2 or 3 days time to think. he will definitely call you and tell you that he is also interested if he is single. this will work trust me. cancer ppl fall in love easily. good luck

  • i cant ask him for his number we are arab he will think im abad girl so he will not think about me as awife for him

  • thank you so much sunny you have been tough with me but you said that honestly and i respect that what you said maybe right but i dont know what can i do? he is not wearing engagement ring so i supposed that he is not engaged

  • aaaww, I am sorry, I did not mean to sound so tough. I do want to say though, that it would be good to find out more about him. such as does he have someone else in his life? and if not, would he be interested in having lunch with you? how to pursue him and without coming off as bad or desperate to him, gosh this must be so hard for you especially if you are shy.

    there are ways to let him know of your interest in him. such as eye contact, and it can be modest, and not come off as chasing him.

    American girls are very forwarded and not afraid of letting a man know of her interest. Men do look for clues or hints on whether you are interested in him before he will make himself known that he likes you.

    I do not feel he is even aware that you have an interest in him as you have not made yourself known to him that you like him in that special way...

    good luck and let love rule.. Sunny

  • american males do not wear rings when they are engaged. only american females wear engagement rings.

    what are the rules of engagement in your country? do men actually wear a ring to let others know they are taken. i had no idea, I thought men of your culture do not wear rings even if married.


  • How could you possibly think that he will think you are a bad girl if you add him his phone number ? Oh dear, I can't believe that

  • Cancers like to eat. Cook him a delicious meal. With a cancer, food can make the heart be fonder.

  • thanks for you all i feel supported and specially sunny here all men that engaged they wear ring but some of them after marriage they take off the ring and tell me how can i know if he in love with someone else

  • i have an idea sunny i want share with you his birth day 14 july he told me before so i think if i go to his shop aday before or in the same day and buy things as usual and say to him happy birth day i think this time he will know that im interested because im still remember his birth day date especially that he told me this date one time and it was 9 months ago what do you think?

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  • Koky, I think there is a cultural / communication barrier here that perhaps is not helping many of us to understand the situation from your point of view...and so not living within your country and or religious or family customs, our advice on how we might handle the situation in our own countries may very well not be fitting to your circumstances.

    Though it may take a little time and lots of typing for the moment that does not directly address the issue of "making this man love you"...... this could be a VERY good time for some education !

    You say you are Arab...which country are you currently living in?

    What is the name of the religion (or religious practice) you and your family follow?

    I feel that you're saying your family believes in...and follows...what would be considered "traditional" behaviors of male - female interactions....and in this case, there are traditional behaviors a woman is "allowed" to show or carry out when first meeting men.

    Is this right? If so, can you explain to us how it is currently done - in other words, what a "nice" or "proper" Arab girl / woman IS allowed to do when socializing with a man?

    Can you tell us what a girl / woman is "NOT allowed" to do if she is still to be viewed by her family / society as behaving "properly" or acceptably?

    Have you been in any 'dating' situations before? (Dating may not be the right word, but I am using the only word from my own culture I can think of to describe the behaviors a man & woman might carry out when first getting together.)

    Can you describe for us what "love" means to you or in your culture...especially when you say "make a man love you"......I am thinking that perhaps this means something MUCH different in your culture than it does in many of ours.

    I know I have more questions possibly once I can see your answers, but these are the things I think would help all of us (most certainly me) to begin to understand how we might have suggestions that would be of help. I find intercultural exchanges confusing sometimes, yet ALWAYS fascinating, and ALWAYS educational. For me, it is a matter of not passing jugement....listening and observing....trying to put myself in the circumstances of the other person.....looking at or for similarities before differences....knowing how or when my Western upbringing might blend in or be welcomed.....and when it is time to remain silent knowing the two worlds are meant to be kept separate at that time.

    I know that your fellow women friends here want you to be able to be successful in your plans and have an outcome that will be uplifting for you, even if different from the first path you sought to take...we just need some more understanding of a world different from our own.

    And most certainly, wishing the man you're fascinated by a "Happy Birthday" greeting would be a nice thing to do, I'm sure it will make him smile...birthdays are a special time for most of us and it would be a nice gesture (even if you didn't particularly find him to be someone you wanted to be with.) 🙂

    I am really looking forward to your answers and learning about your country and cultural ways !

  • Koky, one more question as I just read again your original say where you're from you're not allowed to go out on a date. Does this mean that arranged marriages are a part of your culture?

    If so, is this then the traditional path you and this man (or any man) would be expected to follow within the bounds of your family and society?

  • hi msindie first of all thanks for caring about my topic .... im 26 egyptian muslim girl and i didnt date before and yes arranged marriages is part from our culture and yes if my man say that he loves me this mean here that the second step will be engagement and after this marriage because dating is not in our culture or religion i hope that i answered all your questions..... so i hope you can help me ...... thanks again

  • I agree with Toni B. Cook him a meal ! Maybe for his birthday and offer to cook it at his place. Just the two of you! If he's seeing someone, I'm sure...he will say something about seeing someone else or give you an excuse. I'm sure at this point he will know, you have some kind of love for him and you won't have to say I love you.

  • Koky, thank you for sharing what you have so far. It made me laugh because now I have more questions...still no answer for you, I'm sorry....but there is still so much I need to understand. In my culture, and because of my own upbringing, before a man even DARES to say "I love you" it would come after much, much time spent together and many displays of his "love" through actions more than words for me to even begin to believe him and then engagement and marriage might be something that would come later still or perhaps never again marriage with a piece of paper and official title but only a commitment between the two of us and our own hearts without societal trappings. After two marriages you can tell that I will think long and hard about the next one should the situation ever arise again.

    I do know this arrangement that suits me would not be tolerated where you live, so please do not think I am making that suggestion for you to follow. 🙂

    Are you living in a big city or more of a small town ?

    Are you personally expected to wait until your family arranges a marriage for you or are you allowed to "find your own man" so to speak?

    Do you have an older woman in your family that can act as guidance for you in the most proper way to attract the man's conversations more freely? you have girlfriends who can help you somehow with this matter?

    What have your girlfriends or female family members done in the past to attract the attention of a man they find pleasing.

    Have they, or anyone you know found a way to begin conversations or serious commitments from a man only to find out he was in no way suitable for them and if they had been free to meet and talk (as we are used to doing where I live)...that they would have run far and as fast as they could away from the man once they knew him more because he was not who he seemed on the surface....or that they just saw too many issues from too far a different point of view to know that they would ever be happy together day in and day out?

    Are you and your family and this man and his family within the same economic background?

    Would you know anyone else that could go to this man's shop and inquire politely and without raising suspicion if he indeed is already married or has a woman he is committed to?

    I must go to work now and I will not be home until quite late, but I will look for your response this evening.

  • Koky>>>i have an idea sunny i want share with you his birth day 14 july he told me before so i think if i go to his shop aday before or in the same day and buy things as usual and say to him happy birth day i think this time he will know that im interested because im still remember his birth day date especially that he told me this date one time and it was 9 months ago what do you think?

    Sunny>> I think that is an excellent idea. you will definitely get him to notice that you are interested.


  • HI MS indie thanks for your caring about my topic so i will answer your questions im from small town, my family already arranged for me many times but every time i said no because i want marry someone i love not because this is agood man so you must say yes and ican find my man and after this he will come to my family for engage , i have many older women in my family but i cant ask them about how can i attract man i love because no one of them attract man before all there marriage was arranged , yes i definitely have many friends of course all girls but im very shy to ask them question like this and if i ask they will laugh at me ,about economic background i think my family rich than his but not much because his family rich too, i dont have someone i can trust to make this important step for me about goto his shop and ask him if he commit with someone else , i hope that i answered all your questions so please this time give me respond ...... thanks again.

  • HI SUNNY i missed you and im very happy that you caring about my topic i will go to him and say happy birthday but i hope that he will feel that i love him and caring about him please pray for me i feel very desperate but with your sharing and all the people that caring about my topic and wrote for me i feel supported thank you sunny and thanks for every one cared ..............

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