Want to break up with Scorpio guy please help

  • I'm a 16-year-old Cancer girl and I've been with a Scorpio guy (also 16) for almost 3 months. When we started going out, he was so sweet and nice, and I liked him a lot. Now, he calls every day and it's (not to sound mean) getting annoying. He wants to "go further" than I do, and it's gotten to the point I just want to be free. What makes it so hard, though, is we were good friends before we started dating, and he's helped me through a lot, and made sacrifices to be with me, but he's turned so possessive and I feel smothered. Can I break up with him in a way so I can still retain his friendship, or would a clean break be better? (I'll still have to see him every week at my job). What should I say when I break up with him? Any advice is greatly appreciated.

  • It would be better to talk to him about your need to set boundaries. Breaking up a relationship with a Scorpio is akin to self torture. It is better to keep them as friends, if you can, and try to help him accept your point of view.

    They are known for their possessiveness and obsession with possessions. Boundaries sound like a definite need in your case. Plus, you can turn off your phone.

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