Help with Aquarius/Sagittarius connection!

  • Aquarian moon and mars in Scorpio, venus in Sag, he is a Sag with a moon and venus in Sag and mars in capricorn. Will this relationship work?

  • i believe so since both r compatible from wat i remember plus both venus is in sag so ur sexual rlantionship is about the same...i hope yall make it honey

  • My man is too aquarian and I an a Sag. we too have our ups and downs but at the end of the day is a very strong relationship as we are commited to each other

  • Im confused, whats your sun sign? from what I see so far with your venus in sag and he has all those sag planets the attraction will be quite strong. Aquarius and sag both seem to have strong opinions so watch for some head butting from time to time. But aquarius and sags both seem to have outgoing personalitys so you will probably have a lot of laughs together. just be careful that all that fire doesnt boil your blood with that scorpio moon. And you dont water down his firey enthusiasm. Personally I think sags are great except when they start with the judgmental attitudes then my aries personality wants to defend my bruised ego. If this isnt an issue for you it should work out very well.

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