Married still love my ex

  • i married 17yrs have 5 kids one them is my ex a son his 18yrold ive been seen him for bout 10 yrs he lives in a another city i seen him at leat 2 a year we have great time together we were together year ago but the feelings haent change i still feel the same i care for my hasband but im not in love with him sometime i feel like we're soulmate i dont want hurt my huband so i stay with himbut i raely want be with my ex i think we would good together dont know what to do or how stop feling for my ex his been in my heart for ever pleas help


  • oh well it is hard really .but ask your heart what you really want?.if you are happy with your husband so then stay with him .but i can only say in the past if you and ur ex sould have been together! you would be with him now? .just think more about it before you make any move ..the most important thing is your happyness it is up to you after all

  • wow your living my life. I know how you feel my x came back into my life after 14 years (we have a daughter together) I had buried my feelings for him so deep down that when they came flooding back it turned into a flash flood. Anyway I just wanted you to know that your not alone. Here is some questions you need to ask yourself does he love you, does your love for him out weigh the love you have for your husband and how will all of this effect your other children (not to mention your son that you have with your x) only you can answer those and do what is right not only for yourself, but for your children. good luck I wish you all the happiness you find in whatever you choose

  • to his girl

    your right but dont want hurt anyone so i stay waiting til my kids are bigger. i not happy here they dont knowth thhat not happy with my huband bout my ex .we saw each other this year but thing were to intense for both of us he feels gulity i dont . i love my huband but not in love with him im in love with my ex and he is too . but we can be togetther i expect that he's alone all those years .we been seen eachother for many years so we decide to be friends and keep in touch like we have for all these years is hard to let go ive tried some many times but the connection is there alway we get along great so that all for now at the time that we together we broke up for dum reason than neet my huband we get married in few months we only dated for few month it was realy fast at the time i just broking up with my ex i though we were done but geuss wrong. dont feel guilty my husband is too old fashion his is 15 yrs loder than me we dont have nothing imcomn he to cotaling i stay im sick with artuirs two bad hips i feel stuck here feel like dont devise to happy or be anyone else so i stay.

  • As they, when you have started loving someone, you will continue to love him forever. It's just the intensity that's making a difference. What I suggest like the others did, is try to think with a clear mind not only thinking of yourself but your kids and husband too. True happiness does not dwell on our own happiness only but also in peace that we are not hurting others. Try to balance these.

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