Could someone give me a relationship reading?

  • Hello,

    I'm new and looking for some support or help. Until a month ago, I was dating a man I liked very much and thought we would develop into long term at least. After about 6 or 7 weeks he became withdrawn and after some time he told me was having a fundamental problem with relationships and was putting himself under terror-level stress about it, and just wanted to be friends. The conversation did not go very well, he was being extremely self-absorbed and a bit rude, not seeming to realize I have my own feelings too. He suggested we keep seeing each other on a friendship basis, which I turned down.

    What I want to know is, is this final, does he miss me, and will he get in touch at some point to try again?

    I would be really grateful if someone could help out here, if it's with tarot or a reading without any kind of card help.

    Man thanks,


  • Having experienced the same thing recently, I feel for you. Believe me, it was not your fault.

    Some men realize at some point, they will have to reveal more of themselves in order to have an open and honest relationship. At this point, many push the stop button rather than go forward due to an inner need to control his own life. Some men hide issues that are relevant and are doubtful about how you will accept him once you find out the truth. With these types, it is best to let them go without beating yourself up over it.

    He will not come back to you of his own accord until he works out his own issues, and that may take a long time. His terror/stress levels are a dead giveaway that he has anxieties about certain traits or habits that are sensitive to discuss with other people.

    Once you understand that he did not intend to hurt you but was trying to be honest and matter of fact about how he feels, accepting him as a friend is always an option. Because of his internal guides, he will not seek out another relationship that is as serious as the one with you. You can relax, now that you are beginning to comprehend that there is more at stake than rudeness.

  • Hello Firefly,

    Thank you for your comforting words. Really. You hit the truth or a really big part of it. I do not know if he considered that a serious realionship though, it seemed afterwards he did not, although I was waiting for it to deepen. While we were clearly dating, I was not invited into his life nor did it become physical, he never embraced me, evenings ended with kisses on cheeks. One night we held hands between the restaurant and his car - I was thrilled and couldn't wait for this aspect to develop, and I think it was from that point that he started to freak.

    What I cannot really descrbied, and what makes this relationship different from others, is that he has a physical situation, let's call it a kind of own way of walking, due to a genetic disease that appeared when he was already an adult. Muscles deteriorated. He's really alarmingly thin. I found him wildly attractive, regardless, and was just head over heals and charmed and everything. It did not occur to me that making love might have it's own character, or would be different, but I have to realize now that there must be some issues regarding that aspect.

    He told me that the next step would have been to go away for a weekend together, and this idea was absolute terror for him. I

    I told him enough on the phone that night the he could imagine trusting me, I told him he is unique and that I loved his rich inner world, that I'm really attracted to him. At the end of the conversation (he was getting surly and impatient to end it) I told him I still like him. He simply responded with 'there's nothing else to say.'

    I have felt nothing less than rejected and shoved away, without a word to my feelings, to me, to the time we spent together, or anything. It is still hard for me to comprehend that he is too disturbed to have a relationship. What kills me is that it is so easy for him to not see me ever again. I miss him like crazy and it really hurts that he doesn't miss me enough to call and apalogize or explain or any of the things people do when someone means something to you.

    About being friends - I don't know what to say. Not possible for me, I am still in love and will continue to desire him. I also deleted all his numbers and can't get in touch with him. I think it is for him to call.

    Again, thanks for showing me this part of things.

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