• HELLO ! To everyone who would care to respond I can see there are many of us hurting in all of these posts & I am concerned for us all as I see a similar pattern , we allow ourselves to be the victims , lets be brave call the shots and remind ourselves that we are all soft loving people and what we need to do is fight back in an intelligent way. I feel so bad for all of you, I would like to make a suggestion in regards to love relationships, first there is no truer or stronger love than a love of a MOther for it,s child and second WHEN WE FEAR THE LOSS OF LOVE FROM SOME-ONE DUE TO OUR ACTIONS ( like not being thier on time for a good reason or not saying the right thing ( innocently) well the perfect explanation might be ( walking on eggshells to keep that person around, WELL LETS THINK ABOUT THIS IF YOU WHERE CREATING THE EGGSHELL SITUATION ..... WOULD THAT PERSON BE CRYING OVER YOU .... I DO NOT THINK SO. WE ALL NEED TO BE STRONGER 7&TRUE TO OURSELVES AND WE NEED TO MOVE ON TO THE NEXT PERSON GOD HAS PLANNED FOR US THAT IS MY THEORY.......LEONIDA

  • Hi Leonida,

    I know I'v e had difficulty letting go of relationships that in the end were not in my best interest & were hurtful. i now know I needed to forgive myself for not always being objective about my relationships & forgiving the man for not being who i wanted or needed him to be. I spent a lot of time hurting & having trouble letting go which blocks moving forward to my highest good. We all want to find lasting love & I realize now it starts with me accepting myself for who am & sharing that love with those around me. Law of attraction positive energy attracts positive energy... whats more positive than love? Often the message to our readings or insight involves personal development .... take time to love yourself & figure out who you want to be & what you like to do then your relationships will be stronger & healthier. Wishing love & laughter to us all

  • when I was between the age 15 - 20 I was afraid that a family problem would make any man avoid me. so I was always excited when I got close to a man, and none of them were really trustworthy. either they borrowed money and took a lot of effort to return it, or they actually wanted to be with me but then they changed their mind. so one day I was just sick of it all and I decided that from now on I will learn to love myself because nobody else will and I can't trust anybody but myself.

    This must be a good thing, because I found the right man only one year after that and married him. now in my 30s if I look back I'm glad I made that decision. God knows how much I have sacrificed for those not worth it. if I end up marrying them I would be at more loss. so there is a reason why bad things happened to me, to teach me the truth. I have found my love, we have been married for 9 years now. I wouldn't be this happy if I stayed with any of those men I knew in the past.

  • Thank you to both of you for responding , I probably sound negative but that is not what i am trying to say, I really do believe after many yrs of walking on eggshells to please someone not worthy of me,,,, that is truly the lesson I wished I had understood better when I was younger, I am sure I would have saved myself a lot of pain and heartache I just want to express to the young women & men here that life is meant to be shared and there is nothing nicer than to feel wanted and appreciated by the person you are giving to, just think WOULD I TREAT THIS PERSON LIKE THEY TREAT ME IS THIS REALLY BEING A KIND LOVING PERSON ... IF NOT THEN DO NOT BE AFRAID TO EXPRESS YOUR DISPLEASURE , FOR IF YOU LOSE WHAT YOU THINK YOU HAVE ....YOU REALLY HAVE NOT LOST ... YOU WILL GAIN IN THE END. YOU WILL FEEL STRONGER AND MORE CONFIDENT OF ALL DECISIONS WE HAVE TO MAKE ON OUR JOURNEY THROUGH THIS LIFE. IF I CAN HELP ONE PERSON THROUGH MY POST. I WILL BE HAPPY..... LEONIDA

  • leonida, When I first started reading these post I was one of these women, as I felt their pain I had to acknowledge my own. The funniest part I found is that it wasn't until I became strong enough to walk away a really started believeing that I deserved more that I got it. Not everyone will accept and respect you when you stand up for yourself. They may just walk away because they had no intention to treat you right. Once you start showing the love for yourself that you show for someone elese it will be reflected back people with no good intentions will disappear and treat someone eles badly if a person really cares they'll do better

  • so true leonida. I hope all the best for you too

  • Hi, I like your post--very caring and true. Let's face it, a lot of people just don't know how to treat others. Took me many years to understand this. Believe in yourself and be kind and charitable to others. Be picky when choosing your significant other. Not a good idea to let anyone walk all over you in any situation. You will lose in the end. Be fair and use good judgment. Have to use your heart and head.

  • I completely agree with you leonida, and you others aswell.

    Hands up for knowlege about how powerful our self asteem and self image really is. If it is good, it attracts good, if it is bad, it attracts bad.

  • two things come to mind -

    first, you have to love yourself and then expect that someone else will love you just as much. if not, you let them go because you deserve more.

    which brings me to the second part - letting go. when you keep your hand closed while holding on so tightly to something, it is not open to receive something else that is probably better.

  • You can not love until you love yourself. Society stanards have always been am an does what he wants no matter how he makes a woman feel and woman is suppose to turn a blind eye and be manipulative and full of 'pms' when we don't get our way. Bah boohiss.

    I think it is great that us as woman try and be constructive and try to amke the bnest out of any situation. I think we have more strength then we used to. BUt that doesn't mean we are weak when we fall in love with someone and want to help them. It shows we are human and filled with compassion. Somtiems we forget though just how much to take.

    Very nice post. 🙂

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