Daily Reflection - is there a good outcome

  • I did a daily relfection reading: my question was Should I pursue a relationship with IOUIOU.

    here is what I got:

    Situation: 9 of cups

    Opportunites and Challanges: K ing of Wands

    Daily Lesson 7 of cups

    Advice: Ace of Wands

    Near future Ace of Coins

    Thank in advance

  • Situation - 9 of Cups. This is the wish card. You are in a perfect situation in your relationship with this person.

    Challenges/Opportunities - King of Wands: Your challenge is to take leadership in this situation.

    Daily lesson - 7 of cups: This card is about your dreams and illusions. You need to decide what you want.

    Near future - ace of coins: Your dream might come true. This card shows that you might succeed to get what you are dreaming about.


  • Thehangwomen-

    I like him very much!!! I think he is perfect for me. We have known each and sort of dated for 7 month, but it is until now that I started to see him with love eyes. I think he likes me too more than before.

    You give me hope

  • I just went to http://www.tarotnorge.com/cards/minorarcana.htm and looked at the cards one by one. But it is all in my language, so if you are not norwegian it is probably not a site you would understand. Perhaps there is an equivalent of this in english?

  • what do they say, Im from the states but Iam latino so english and spanish are two languages i speak. I just realized that you did not tell me what the ace of wands means.

  • opps you did not tell her. iam learning so all help is great

  • Oh...Missed that.

    Advice - Ace of wands: Ace of wands is the card that is about starting new, creative projects. My guess is then that the card advices you to go for it! 🙂

    But I think you must allready have understood that, since all the other cards were so positive. 🙂

    Again: Congratulations.

  • I had my heart broken today. He has a girlfriend. I cried a lot and I m hurting. I'm soo sad

  • This just prooves my experience that cards, i-ching etc all just reflect our feelings. That is why clairvoiants are more trustworthy - if they are true clairvoiants. Clairvoinance is not just about sensing the feelings inside of the person who asks the question. Claivoiance is about detecting the truth about the truth. Just that. And that is why whenever I have called psychics on phone when I was in a serious cricis, then they just answer whatever realms inside of me - in other words, they tell me what I allready know. Since they are just a mirror for me with what realms inside of me in that moment. So that is why I rather advice people to believe in the higher self inside of them (what I also call God). Because that higher power can in fact answer your questions and give you everything you need.

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