Validate a sit down reading I had this morning

  • I had a sit down reading today and as I walked through the door she told me I came there with questions about matters of the heart. She says that my ex does miss me and think about me. She also said the recociliation with his ex wife will not work and that he will attempt to give his relationship with me another try, but this time I will be the one who walks away. She says he already has begun to feel regret. I remember someone else told me that the Karma is balanced and it is time to move on. She didn't say that to me. I am not sure now i am somewhat confused because the reading seemed so different between the one i had here. Is she accurate or just giving me false hope?

  • I don't know i feel a combination of both. I have decided not to see any of the other guys. Which she told me was a good idea. I am just confused but starting to feel like my old self. I have been able to run, read, I am sleeping all night again . I just want to know is she a legit reader or just sort of BS

  • I feel she is right. But I am not a pcychic.

  • thank you i am still so unsure

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