• Good Afternoon Everyone,

    Quick question: Can anyone tell me the significance of having 4 out 5 cards being pentacles?

    Let me explain... I just did a shadow truth spread and out of the five cards 4 of them were pentacles and one was the king of swords in reverse. (queen of pentacles, 4 of pentacles in reverse, 6 of pentacles, and 5 of pentacles in reverse.)

    Any ideas would be helpful.


  • Hi Amirah,

    I interpret this as materialism dominating the life of the querent to the detriment of their spiritual life.

    The King reversed is also about domination.

    Hope that helps!



  • Hello Amirah,

    I agree with Ahliyah. Pentacles (or Coins) deal with material items, possessions, or the tangible things in your life, rather than the spiritual or emotional. I view Swords as dealing with knowledge and clarity. I don't deal with the reversal of cards much, but I would say that a King of Swords in reverse would mean that there is confusion, or a lack of clarity such that you probably have a misdirected focus. That perhaps you are focussing too much on material gains (or what tangible things you get in return) and are failing to see the greater good that can be gained from spiritual or emotional benefits.

  • Thank you for your responses, they all make very good sense.

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