Any advice on direction please?

  • Hi everyone!

    I am on a growth path and know I have a new direction in life to follow (just not sure what that is yet!) I'm not sure that I have any gifts at present (apart from my own sometimes intuition!) but I would like to develop myself further. I think that maybe I'm here to do some kind of healing, not sure, but definitely something of help/service to others. I feel like my current job is holding me back from what I really need to be doing with my life and I'm keen to get started on my new future. I'm not sure which is the best thing for me to start with in terms of developing. At the moment I am reading so much information and coming across some unbelievably interesting and insightful people, but do I start with studying I Ching, Tarot etc etc Does anyone get an idea of what may be my best starting point?

    Also I need to meditate more but have a little difficulty with this because my mind never shuts up long enough to focus properly on meditating. I am one who is always thinking and needs to get out of my own head!!!!

    Suggestions/recommendations please anyone.

    Thanks in advance for any advice.

  • Hi, I can really relate to what you have to say about my mind never shuts up long enough to focus properly on meditating. I don't know if your in the health care field at present. And I don't know what direction you are talking about. To me, health thru vitamins, herbs, massage etc. is a good form of healing. I just heard tonite that there is a Chinese herb that's good for fighting viruses. I think natural cures are the future of healing. Actually, they're the past coming more into the future--hopefully. The good thing about this forum is that you get different ideas and can go with what sounds like a good path for you. I wish I could slow my thinking processes somewhat--like you.

  • Hi Dalia,

    My mind is going going going........all the time!!!! It's like i am thinking about some thing or another, there's never usually peace!!!! I'm glad someone else can relate, my sister is always on at me to get out of my head and FEEL!!!! No, I don't work in healthcare at the moment, I'm a book keeper, but to be honest, I feel like my day job is getting in the way and taking up too much of my time for what I really want to/should be doing!!!! There is so much to do and learn and I feel like there is never enough hours in the day.

    I'm not sure about the healing, it's just a feeling I get. Like somehow I should be healing. Sometimes with people I'm close to and know really well who won't think I'm some kind of whacko, I'll channel light/energy through me and with touch of my hands help someone with aches and pains, (hot hands!).

    Feel like the key to start on my way is to keep evolving and learning and developing and am confused about which way to go next. Do I start trying to do that with learning/studying Tarot, Runes, I Ching etc, not sure what is next best step for me. Want to develop my psychic/intuitive side and want to be able to connect with my guides.

  • Kind of know where I want to go, just not sure how to/best way to get there!

  • Hi Wenchie and thanks for the compliments in the other thread.

    I do a spiritual excercise called latihan. That is what has given me the gift of insight that I have. I have become cleansed by the gift. The gift is the holy ghost. We actually receive from God.

    If you want to become opened, wich means to receive the gift, then you can contact the nearest subud group and ask for understanding about what it is. If you are not sure about what you want, they will not do anything to pressure you. Subud people are not people who are fanatic or who share a mutual teaching or dogma or religion. We are just people who surrender to God. In our own pace. Some subud members are not religious at all, while others are christians, muslims, buddhists, hinduists, jehova witnesses, name it! We choose ourselves. for example the Buddhists dont even believe in God (in that term), but rather call it Energy or something else. And still we worhip this source of healing together.

    I see you say you want to become a healer. So do I. And I in fact have experienced that the healing power has gone through me and healed other another person. Without me doing anything to make it happen. It just happened. Another time I in fact did pray for it to happen, and the woman got healed from her chronical muscle illness. So to receive the latihan has made me become a healer, even though what I seek is to become healed myself. So what has happened, is that I have been opened to the healing power, then the healing power has healed me (my soul), and in the process others have become healed aswell. Everybody gains on it.

  • and many other sites explains about who to contact and what the subud organisation is about. But it is really not a thing that people can understand with their minds, because latihan is about purifying the soul. It is inapproachable for the mind to understand. One thing: I am not healed fully, that is not how it is. As human beings, it takes time to become complete. That is why it is said in the Bible that we are each others limbs. One person receives this, another person receives that. The site has put it this way: Healing is a process, not an event.

  • Well, now that we were told Mercury is out of retrograde, it sounds like this would be a fantastic time to start on your new direction. If you aways listen to your heart, but take your common sense thoughts into account as well, you will find a balance. If you can't meditate then don't! I can't either, but it just comes naturally when I am around the house doing dishes, driving, etc., or even when I'm dreaming the messages comes. You sound very much like a lightworker and the fact that you are naturally drawn to help people and heal them through your presence is amazing. That is what the Indian Mother Meera does among others. That comes from your heart and that is the voice you should be listening to. I always felt the same way in that I want to put my hands on people to comfort them when they are hurting. It really sounds like Reiki healing is a good start for you. I still get alot of information about people without even touching them when I do Reiki too. If you study to become a massage therapist you can branch out with many other types of healing work and most likely have a thriving business through that. It's hard to have just a Reiki business as there are so many Reiki healers, but to just know it is wonderful. There are many types of healing work. The Omega Institute in Reinbeck New York has some amazing classes and ideas on different types of healing. If you log onto their site and put the different months in you can see all the different healers and what they offer, all very good. You could just get ideas from there on what resonates with you and what makes you excited when you read about something. Perhaps they will have a class near where you live. Reiki seems to always lead to more open doors I've found and there are amazing teachers out there, just be sure to get some good reccomdations before you do it if that's what you decide. You are on a wonderful path and good luck!!!

  • Hi THW,

    You're welcome for the compliments, you really do make me laugh at times with the funny things you say. But apart from that, you are very giving of your time to help and give advice on so many threads to many people. Thanks for the info on Subud, I will surely have a look at that.

    Hi MMack,

    Thank you for your advice. I have just come out of a yucky time and both Ahliyah (Circle of Gold) and also my Sister feel that yucky time was a time of accelerated growth and I do feel my spiritual growth has come along a little. I really need to listen to my intuition which seems to be "louder" these days, I've had a couple of incidents where I've dismissed feelings and thoughts and they've manifested later on. I am in the process of learning to trust myself.

    Thank you for the information that you think I may be a Lightworker, funnily enough Ahliyah said that it what I was doing was White Lighting, so it is really good to have a name to put to it. I don't know a whole heap about Lightworkers or even White Lighting (apart from my own experiences), so that is something else for me to look into and to understand.

    I will look onto the site you mentioned that lists the different healings and see what I'm drawn to. I live in Melbourne, Australia, so from there I can see what is offered in my area. I did think about Reiki to be honest, but then on the weekend my Sister was talking to me about doing Pranic Healing which is what she does and apparently is is more in depth and can be used for more specific healing, so I will investigate all options. I just know that healing is where my life purpose lies. I feel like I am finally on the right path and that I am heading in the right direction so that is a definite good start. Not feeling as lost as I was, life feels like it is settling in the right way for me.........YAY!!!!!

    Thank you both again for your kind words and your advice, opinions and information. 🙂

  • Hi Wenchie, it really sounds like you are heading into a good place. When you listen to your heart. and intuition...hold on for the ride because many more good things will start coming your way when you do. I'm not real familiary with Pranic healing. Anything you could tell me about that would be interesting. I felt ridiculed when I was drawn to healing 20 years ago and put it on hold. I wonder what my life would have been like had I listened to it then. Sometimes I feel I wouldn't have put myself in so many wrong directions, but then again I may not have grown as strong as I feel I've gotten. Who knows, but a path of growth is never wrong! I wish you much growth and happiness!

  • you need to turn off mind chatter. zen and yoga are so far the best recommendations I can give. I have gotten more visions this way and reconnect with my past spirit guide. I said reconnect because in my past life I met her as a spirit guide already, but my plan to walk on the spiritual path in that life time was not successful. so in this lifetime now that I decided to pay attention to my spiritual development, she has decided to reply to my request for a guide. I was shown the way back to her when I was doing yoga. She was with me all the way and made sure I know of her presence. I was afraid at first because I have seen many visions since doing yoga but hers was very very strong presence and she stayed quite long in the room until I finished yoga, which is about an hr. My mentor told me her name and I have been calling her that name when I really really need help. Her presence alone is a sign from the universe that I am in the right path and I am not to stray off from it or I will be taught a lesson. I had always chosen the material world, thinking that the only way to be happy and to be loved is to have money. I spent many years of my life thinking this way and the universe had sent me hardships to teach me to listen to my own heart and not just my brain. 3 years ago was when I met my first spiritual mentor. She didn't advice me to leave my job, she just answered my questions. On my own decision I left my full time job at the time and had been on temp or p/t job. The funny thing is that I am a such a thrift spender, even when I worked I was still thrifty. it turned out that this helped a lot when I left f/t job and switched to p/t job that allows me time to recharge my spiritual battery. I wasn't happy at this job and the company was a manipulative one. They actually let go of people not paying what they supposed to pay them, some went with lawsuits, the rest didn't know what to do so they just ended up with nothing. Working in this place was against everything that my spiritual life is all about and so I left. What people do not understand is that just because you choose to walk on a spiritual path doesn't mean you can't earn money. Money is only a form of energy, we use it to exchange. like any kind of energy, having too much of it or too less, is not good. we get what we need and spend what we need to spend it on. so the balance is protected, we do not become greedy or become too strict to the point we don't donate to the poor or save an abused animal. how we can earn while living a spiritual life, is what the universe wants us to learn. all we need to do is find the best practice that works for us to achieve balance and reach out to our psyche. the psyche speaks through the heart or a guide, not the brain. if you can turn inward and shut off the mind chatter, the heart will answer you, because you don't have a guide yet or you don't know whether you have one or not. whatever practice you choose is fine. I'm not here to recruit people joining some cult or religion or some social group. my life purpose is to learn and share what I learn. this is why the universe sent me the hardships because I am to learn from then and when I come across people that go through it, I will share my experience. whether they listen or not, is their own lesson to learn. if they supposed to listen and they don't, they will be battered with more lessons. if the universe has thrown them clues and they get them, the road will be smooth. good luck. may you find your answer.

  • Thank you Leoscorpion for sharing with me. I went to my first group meditation/healing session last night, so I hope that is the start of being able to meditate properly. I will also get myself a guided meditation tape to use daily at home, I know I need to control the "mind chatter". It will come in time. Yoga is something that I believe I need to look more into, I am drawn to it, but haven't tried it yet.

    I know I have guides and I am sure I have more than one. I don't hear them yet, but hope that will change in future, I look forward to connecting with them on conscious level.

  • i was gonna say reiki if you are intrested in healing but someone beat me to it! Develop the talents you already have, this will pay off for you in many ways. Good luck.

  • Thank you......


  • good luck Wenchie. any request made with clear and selfless intention will get an answer.

    you will be able to communicate with your guides someday.

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