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  • I found that you are having issues dealing with so many people. I thought if I start a thread with just OUR names in it that you might be able to carry on with just me here. To help you I will also number code my questions and you can number code your answers. Then you will be able to keep track.

    1. Update reading of energy between me (8/16/1971) and Michael (5/18/1967). Currently no communication. Had an 18 month relationship with an end to communication 3/25/10.. I am working on myself but find that he continues to pull at me, or so it feels like in my head (tingles, can't shake him from my mind). I now feel after some time that he was meant to come into my life to jolt me awake, but still the voice in the back of my head says "pray, patience, take care of yourself for now" with the "for now" being very prevalent. Please can you give me your read? Thank you.

  • ladycdf

    are you sure that he is not in another relationship?



  • I already know what is happening, yes. I knew before he did what would happen. But I feel very much that he pulls at me. You gave me info before that was accurate.

  • Hi twinsoul

    My name is Illona Jameson and my dob is July 12 1961. I was wondering if you could tell me what you see for me this summer. I want to know if there is any thing exciting coming my way. I really think that it is time for me to have fun. I am a very nice person and I am always ready to help if I can but sometimes I feel like some of them think that I a sucker or something. But that is the way my mom taught me to be. Treat people the way you would like them to treat you. And that is what I do. But I can't wait to see what is in store for me.

    Thank You Illona

  • Illona. Can you start your own thread for Twinsoul? So that she does not get confused. Thank you.

  • Twinsoul here's a little "bump"

  • ladycdf

    yes the two of you have a spiritual connection. give him a holler, see what happens.



  • Give him a holler? He is currently engaged to re-marry his ex wife. I don't feel comfortable inviting him into my life with that situation. Though I saw it coming many months before she re-appeared and began her most masterful manipulation, I also felt and saw and still strongly see... the words... train wreck, misery, mistake, misfortune, eventual collapse, need to re-evaluate and become stronger.

    I did everything but get on my knees and beg him to STOP going down this path back in February - even said don't even come to ME, just be on his own, but just STOP. I tried letting him go, he came back, he tried, he came back... eventually he just disappeared without any goodbye, then one month later I find out that he's engaged. I found out because a friend of HIS asked me when I was getting married. Imagine the shock - this guy didn't even know about the ex wife "plan B" as I call it.

    I've been working like MAD on healing but still I keep feeling pressure, pain, tingling in my head. And despair. This isn't constant, but it's pretty regular. In my own mind... Two or three years.


  • many but none of them are positive. this a power play, he is a very confused and unhappy person. you will not be happy with him for quite a while. the is a good possibility that the two of you will be together in future.

    blessings ts

  • Confused and unhappy. I don't know... from knowing him he has to be at least content on some level to go in this direction. There are two young children involved. I saw the universe working against this union now. I am trying to force my heart to "get it" like my head does. I look at the calendar and realize that it's been four months and yet I still feel like this.

    It's ok to send prayers their way right? Or is this keeping me hurting? I don't know what to think anymore.

    What are those not positive thoughts? I am curious.

    Love and light - even though some days it feels dark...


  • Bump for Twinsoul

  • hi carole

    i keep connecting to this situation of yours with immediate feeling of pain and remorse.

    Please always pray for others , it sends light to all people. sit back and watch the story unfold. They will be ok for a short while, i am not sure but that wedding might not take place. He is self destruct personified. why do you even like him. This guy is a real ship sinker. He is prone to addictive behavior, losing money and it is not beyond him to be a player. AGAIN why do you like him. please try and let go. winning is not the answer for you. your guides did you a favor by chasing him away.



  • Funny but I do not know him to be addictive at all. No drugs, smoking, heavy drinker, gambling... nothing at all. He and I have the same personality really to be completely honest - do whatever it takes to do the right thing. Work hard. Great parents putting the children first. Honestly... there was never a fight. But I could feel that he had difficulty moving forward. Like he was pulled in two directions. BUT... player... that I'm not sure of.

    Now, the feeling of pain and remorse. I do myself get GUILT, GUILT, GUILT... from him. Making a choice with the head and not the heart.

    It's definitely not a feeling of "winning" here. It's more like I met this person and immediately felt like I knew him forever. All was well... until the crazy ex wife came barging back manipulating him with the kids. And that's the honest from my heart truth. She's involved with this... church I guess. It's a "we have new ideas about Christianity" fundamentalist church that's 10 years old. There's alot of questionable stuff about them out there and I have always had a very bad feeling about this group.

    Why do I like him? We had a great relationship until crazy ex wife started applying her will... and then I tried just letting him go and he kept coming back. The rubber band is still intact, but I made a conscious decision to... "sit back and see what happens" here.

    Perhaps he's not as bad as you think. He was strong, happy, and focused when I met him. A year and a half later I wondered what happened to my strong boyfriend and why is he letting women (ex, sister) run his life? It was like he just got... drained? Felt stuck. Could see no other choice... then I don't know what happened to him.

  • Bump Twinsoul! You know, I was reading through earlier and you say and have said a couple times that there's this "good chance" that I will have Mike back. I look at my calendar and realize that it's been 4 and a half months since last we had contact and yet still he seems to be around me. I'm not bringing it on myself, he just pops in there. I miss him every single day and wonder how he missed all the signs around us. Anything?

  • BUMP Twinsoul -

    Surprisingly, I have received an email from Mike. It is typical for him, short and to the point. A nudge.

    It contains an apology. I feel that there is a change in his personal circumstances and perhaps in his thinking.

    Any comment?

    Love and light. Carole

  • carole

    sorry i was on vacation

    well you know what happened.... but what did you do about it

  • Hello Twinsoul... It's been forever. I just got back to forum and realized that I never saw your answer to me above from 8/11. I am looking at your statement but I do not understand it and don't know how to answer it. What did I do about what?

    Love and light... Carole

  • hi lady cdf

    bet you thought that you would never get an answer...i only answer when its guided. omgoodness. sometimes it takes forever. so michael and you have been on again off again for years. now hes married his ex wife, out of pure guilt. theyve prob split up again. so why all of the tumult. tell me why you break up so often. Drum roll please..did you say you get a tingleing in your head. Hmmmm. Are you aware of the word kundilini. Please look this word up if you dont know it already. So with assumption that you and michael are twin flames ( very very rare ), then it is also possible you feel him thinking about you. tell me about your spiritual self.

    blessings ts

  • Hello there. We were an item for a year and a half. Then he decided to try out the ex wife so it wasn't really on and off for years. There was on and off for about 6 months prior to him going back to that relationship but prior to that we were solid as a rock. That's why it was SOOOO devistating to watch him walk into the lion's den and away from me.

    They did NOT get married. Like I thought... he encountered a personal tragedy and he turned back to me. When he emailed me I knew something was wrong. He told me that his mother was in hospice dying and he said it gave him time to pause and think about what he was doing and what he did and he had to find me. After she passed on, he cancelled the engagement and we are now dating again. In fact, this Christmas he is taking me on a cruise to the Bahamas. What a difference a year makes.

    Yes, he regularly brain invades me with the tingling. We have discussed the phenomenon and yes... he gets it, too. He didn't know what it was before but now it makes sense to him. He is open and accepting of who and what we are to each other, and the gift that lies between us. In fact, the strangest thing happened... I was trying to figure out how exactly to broach the subject at first. (Side note: I have always had noise inside my head and could sense things and see things before they happen.) So, we were together and suddenly I had a very very loud noise inside my head, enough for it to hurt me inside my ear (it was not a sound in the atmosphere). I reacted to it and he turned his head and looked at me with wide eyes and said... "Did you hear that, too?" Then he proceeded to tell me that he hears these noises in his head. He made me giggle because he told me that he "didn't want me to think we were weird but some people can hear things that others can't" lol...That was my opening to start the discussion.

    I think that he had to go back in order to let go of his past so that he could move forward. I do believe 100% that we are twin flames especially now that I have confirmed that we tingle each other and that we can even hear the same things inside our heads. In fact, the other night we were together and again, strange... He was watching TV with his head on my chest and I was thinking about how nice this was and how thankful I am to have him back in my life, and inside my head I just thought, "Michael, I love you so much. Please just marry me." No word of a lie, right after I had that thought he very softly said, "m-hm" and it was so weird to me that the timing was so perfect. This kind of thing happens all the time where one of us is thinking about something and the other one brings up the subject.

    I do know about kundilini. I know that mine is activating and believe that his might be beginning as well now that he has cleared away the cobwebs of his past. I am very spiritual. I connect in regularly. I meditate and relax. In reality, the time I spent away from him allowd me to heal too, and to develop spiritually.

    Now that we are together again I feel so much more at peace. I also feel his peacefulness thank goodness because before I was on his rollercoaster and I thought it might kill me. I've learned to try to block as best I can but oh my he is a powerful force. I actually will tell him from time to time to "stop pulling on me" and he actually gets it. There are times that I need him to just stop thinking because I can't concentrate (lol).

    I really just want to spend my life with this man. It feels to me like that's the way it's going. Thoughts?

  • lady cdf

    well hello,

    i reread some of my writings to you, and we got confused with who the heck we were talking to. i so prefer live readings. sorry , it is not your man who is a bad guy. it is someone else's on the forum. omg we are so sorry. the post before last, was accurate. Mike what a teddybear he is. warm and kind. his ex is going to be a problem forever, so just ignore her. he is guilty about the kids , very natural ( he really cant stand her , though. )

    Enjoy the bahamas, enjoy the rest of your life with your twinsoul. how lovely. congrats. dont forget to holler if he gives you grief, just know its temporary. Men and guilt with their ex's and kids, a never ending drama, and when they throw the church in the mix, oh dear. when he gets crazy from this, especially when one of his kids breaks an appendage, be supportive and very present.

    love and blessings


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