Interpretation of this dream- All help is needed

  • I have been dating this guy for almost two years, I believe we are happy but we faced lots of obtacles. I have been axious about the outcome of this relationship. Three nights ago, I dreamt that he died. I was not invited to his funneral but went anyways. I met his family, I cried for him, the pain and suffering was great that I still feel it.

    What does this means?

  • Hi, Maybe you shouldn't dismiss this dream. Maybe that's the meaning behind it. Recently, a kitten appeared on my mother's front porch. It was very young--probably 3 wks. She bottle fed it for about a month. It grew and became strong. Would only climb trees when she was with it (it was afraid that it couldn't get down and would jump in her arms.) The whole time she had this kitten she felt like crying. One time while feeding it, she burst out in tears. Last week it became very sick--a fever of 105. It died of encephalitis--something it probably had from birth. Sometimes we get strong feelings and later we know why.

  • Dalia-

    At the beginning I thought he was going to die and that scared me, later I though, this probably means we will not have a future. It go alone with your theme.

  • It might just mean that you fear or feel that the relationship will end.

    A funeral is a goodbye. A strong goodbye. The real end. Perhaps you feel that the relationship will end completely. Not necessarily because he dies, just that you fear that he will leave you.

  • TheHangedWoman-

    I am willing to fight for him and jump throguh all the obtacles that we face, but my fear is that wont and cant and i am coming with that relazation so I will have to leave and that brings saddness to me.

    For me he's the hangmen self sacrificing him and me.

  • Mariame,

    I'm going to side with TheHangedWoman on this one, as I've had similar dreams and visions, sometimes months in advance, and they all ultimately meant the same thing.

    That you cried and met the family suggests to me you will feel a true grief for this relationship loss, and his friends will understand that grief. But a funeral is not often undone, and your subconscious appears to be telling you the path is already laid out before you.

    That said, nothing is final until it happens, so if you would jump through obstacles and fight for him, now is the time.



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