Negative energies

  • I have certain people in my life that I feel bring negative energy to my life. Just certain people who everytime i let them into certain aspects of my life things fall apart. Is this possible? Or is this just all in my mind. Can someone tell me if my feeling is true?

  • Jungle bunny I am sure that is correct. Its probably not on purpose but some poeple can throw us off balance especially if you are sensitive they can suck the dammed life out of you!

  • possible. I've had the same experience with people and a few times with places. these people probably are not aware of what they are exuding, so it is best for you to protect yourself at all times because you never know you might meet someone new that exudes this energy too. You can try visualize yourself surrounded by a shield of crystal lights everytime you go out, wherever you go. keep this visualization whenever you communicate with people or just happen to be around them.

    if you like wearing necklace, try get tourmaline or crystal quartz pendant. wear the necklace everytime you go out. these gems can reflect or purify negativity around you.

    you can get them as gems. energize the quartz under the sunlight about 2 hrs every day. the tourmaline I'm not sure if you need to, but most crystals can be energized this way. every day energize them and every night wash them with salt to keep them clear. keep them in your bag whenever you go out.

    If you are having difficult time due to negative energy, do the same routine every day and night. then at night, hold the gems and blow your breath on to every corner, this will allow them to work for you and then keep them close to your pillow. if you can hold them in your hands when you sleep, do so. I do this everytime my mind is troubled. the next morning, believe it or not. either my troubles are gone or I will gain help to solve it. as long as you are diligent with the routine, the crystals will work.

  • I mean every corner of the gems, not your room.

    just need to add 🙂

  • thanks just certain people in my life a cousin and two other relatives. I just find that if I keep things between my mom, sister and I things are fine and the go great, but once these other people become involved things fall apart and I am bothered by this. I always felt that by thinking this I was unfairly accusing them but as I have come to realize things get worse whenever they are around. In my last relationship my cousin would ask everyday how are you so lucky until it fell apart and now I dont hear from her at all. Also in other aspects as well. I think she is very envious and it breeds a lot of negative energy and how do I fix this how do I get her to stop?

  • You have to protect yourself like leoscorpion said. Jealousy is a powerful emotion and I can tell you I have had horribl ethings manifest from my life out of other peoples jealousy. i just didnt know it was the cause I went around thinkin there was something wrong with me. Its not your fault but you do need to steer clear of her. Dont tell her personal details anymore.

  • it took such a long time to realize this because she appears to mean well and I dont even think what she does is intentional.

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