Repost: Please validate a sit down reading I had

  • I had a sit down reading today and as I walked through the door she told me I came there with questions about matters of the heart. She says that my ex does miss me and think about me. She also said the recociliation with his ex wife will not work and that he will attempt to give his relationship with me another try, but this time I will be the one who walks away. She says he already has begun to feel regret. I remember someone else told me that the Karma is balanced and it is time to move on. She didn't say that to me. I am not sure now i am somewhat confused because the reading seemed so different between the one i had here. Is she accurate or just giving me false hope?

    I would also like to know because she is in my neighborhood. It would be amazing if I found someone accurate and reliable in my neighborhood and not someone trying to make a quick buck.

  • It sounds to me that both are right. Your karma with him may be done but that doesn't mean you won't give it another try. I am pretty terrible at letting go even though I know very clearly when things are done, its still so very hard. Does it feel "done"? You may be saving yourself more heartache by just cutting the cords and accepting that your time with him has come and gone rather then dragging it out and creating more pain for both you and him.

  • Honestly I do not feel the karma between us is balaned but that could just be me in denial. This is the first time I have ever had trouble letting go. I honestly feel like my world is ending he meant everything to me. I just have such a hard time understanding how he went from loving me and wanting to spend the rest of his life with me to not being there literally overnight. Its just incredibly painful and I don't know what to believe anymore.

  • Hi jungle bunny. Are you still pining over this guy? I'm the one who told you I had a similar love experience (re-united after 25 years remember?) .. and I do believe there is a 'karmic' connection ... not so much that it's completed between the two of you because if it was you wouldn't feel so emotional about him still. There's still a karmic connection. I also told you that him going back to his ex is not very smart, because they are 'ex's' for a reason. Things don't just go away and all is well. Of course he may be having second thoughts about returning to her and may even try sneaking back into your good graces. You honestly have to do what feels right to YOU. Psychics can only guide you .. but if you send your wishes out to the universe, of course, like a boomarang, they will return to you. The question is: Are you SURE it's what you want? Be careful what you ask for. It can be awfully different than what you had expected. I personally have no regrets following MY heart, even though times could be very hard. Good luck

  • its hard beause he still hold my heart in his hands. I feel that a lot of the advice i get comes from personal feelings of the person doing the reading and their own veiws on the situation. But even before we stopped speaking he said " I know I am making a mistake but I don't know this is where I am right now" so in general unlike past relationships I dont feel closure. I dont know

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