Freinds can they be psychics

  • HELLO have have this friend i only knew one year and she had to move away a few stargae things have been happen to me about this girl one time it was realy last at night i coulded sleep at all so i put on some music and was playing a game on the net then i saw her stading next to me i saw her face and all it was life she was there but she wasnt then just the last night icouldnt sleep at all so i was dancen in my living room and it was realy late again she lives now i n a differnt state it was 200 her time and 1200 my time she poped up on here messgaer and said to sleepy to boogie what are the odds of this happen all the time with me and this girl is she psychic too and know that i am psychic can a psychic tell if someone is a psychic i only do stuff like this to a few people i dont understand why

  • Can you just ask her? Sounds like you have a soul connection with her. Maybe the 2 of you were meant to do work together. The two of you together have a lot of power to change things for other people. Do you have clients that you could use help with? Ask her if she would be intrested in doing some meditation with you to help them.

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