I need help with a reading

  • So I am not sure how this should work. I have been around the tarot deck since I was teen, and am still learning and unlocking their meaning. I did this reading for myself today, and am stumped. It is a relationship question, and I would like to hear from somebody more experienced than me (Should be just about everyone on here)!

    1. Significator: Justice

    2. Crossing Card : King of Wands

    3. Foundation: Five of Wands

    4. Immediate Past: Upside down Hanged Man

    5. Crowning Card: Upside down Three of Wands

    6. Immediate Future: Upside down Seven of Cups

    7. The Questioner: Upside down Ten of Cups

    8. Environment: Upside down Judgment

    9. Hopes and Fears: Queen of Pentacles

    10. Final Outcome: King of Swords

    Thanks in advance!

  • I'm assuming this is celtic cross?

  • Sorry. It is a Celtic Cross Kushi.

  • Ok basically right

    Justice i think tells me a major change in this relationship was caused by you. In a way you caused this based on much consideration and also quite a bit of time.

    King of wands shows that you seem to be unable to capitalize on that choice, you took a step into it and stopped, in a way the drive you had when you made that choice disappeared when you executed it

    5 of wands shows conflict being the root of the decision made. From this i'm assuming you guys broke up? Probably you dont really see eye to eye and fights were pretty common.

    Hanged man tells me you tried to settle whatever problem you had but to no avail there was no progress in the relationship at all.

    3 of wands reversed Just repeats what i told you before, You are unable to step beyond those initial first steps of your decision but further development is not there.

    7 of cups reversed shows you seeing more clearly the things that you want and the things you deserve, probably you'll be able to make progress on this turn of events soon

    Ten of cups reversed shows your current emotional condition, you are confused, hurt and sad and nothing seems to be right.

    Judgment reversed shows the inability to move forward to the future of your life.

    Queen of pentacles i believe leans more on hopes as it shows comfort, that you will be able to leave your current state and find peace in yourself

    King of swords shows you recovering from this stage of your life and growing stronger out of it.

    If you look at it, its Wands then Cups then Pentacles then Swords. All elements are there to show balance and likewise Wands which is fire shifts to cups which is water, There's conflict in your near future but they will eventually ease up with the arrival of pentacles which is earth. From there i see one more inner conflict before transforming to Air.

    Personally I would suggest you not Rely on Celtic cross so much, it shows a very general answer to any question which is why its useful but there are spreads out there that are made for specific kinds of questions and some are also pretty easy to understand. If you look at things the reading i gave you gets redundant, i simply repeat most of the meanings i get in most aspects like say card 1 and 5. Try looking for other options or if you feel up to it, make your own spread and tackle aspects of the situation you WANT to know about. You will have more flexibility. But thats just my opinion, hope it helps

  • Thank you so much Kushi.

    A lot of this makes better sense than what I saw. I saw the repeating theme of justice and judgment and the King of Swords just really threw me off. I was thinking that I might need to be more decisive: Listen to the problems, and just say what should be done.

    I can see that perhaps, even though things here are good between us right now, this is the 3rd time we're trying this. The other 2 times didn't work and this might not be any different, even if we have both changed and want the same things.

    As far as other spreads, what do you recommend?

    Warmest regards and thanks.

  • I would recommend a Hexagram spread or the more basic 3 card spread. To be honest i only use these 2 fixed spreads as i create my own with each reading i do

  • Thanks! I'm still, and always will be the student.

  • we all are

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