Please help me validate & understand the readings I received

  • I have had a few "free" readings on a relationship matter. I am a Pisces married to a Scorpio but deeply in love with an Aquarius who is also in another relationship. We both care deeply for each other.

    The readings that I had told me that the Aquarius guy is my soulmate & we are meant to be together. However, there is a negative energy that is stopping us to be together. That there is a "woman" who is doing bad work to stop the Aquarius guy from being with me.

    The psycichs I spoke to all told me the same, they told me it can be fixed because this is the man I am meant to be. However, they are all asking for money to help get through this. Anywhere from $200 & more. I finally came across one and she asked for $50, so I thought this might be a good deal, & I sent her the money only to call me back asking for more. That I need to send her $500 to do the work, but will send the money back to me. She told me that is what the other woman spent on putting the negative energy to stop my happiness & stop the Aquarius guy to be with me.

    How could I tell if these psychics are honest and not just a scam for me to send money?

    I got the numbers on the internet.

    Thank you & God Bless.

    P.S. I can also be reached via email

  • The ones you are dealing with sound like scam artists. There are probably some than can help you but don't ever deal with someone who is dishonest.

  • Thank you virgogirl37, but how do I know who is honest and who is not? All the free readings I got gave me exact the same answers, which also makes me confuse, makes me think that these people know what they are talking about therefore they will help me.

    Is there a way I could check? I really need the help but I don't want to be sending money all over the place for people just to take advantage of me.

  • It's definitely a scam. Any psychic telling you they can make a situation "go away" in exchange for money is a scam. Psychics can't guarantee that something will happen. Also, the fact that the psychic is asking for more money is another red flag that it's a scam. 😞

  • Sometimes it's a lot easier to be told what's going on and what needs to happen rather than figuring it out for yourself. You have a lot more power in this than you are giving yourself credit for. The "psychics" you've been talking to sound like con artists preying on vulnerable and emotional people.

    It's seems clear that you aren't happy in your marriage any longer. Don't you think that you should discuss all of this with your husband? With or without having the Aquarius there for you, you need to sort out your marriage situation first.

    You don't have to sit around waiting for things to happen, assess the situation and listen to you inner voice. Often the deepest guidance comes from within us, it just gets hard to tune into it and listen. Good luck with everything.

  • I have to agree with everyone here. Anyone real and honest psychic will tell you that,while readings can give you insight, there is ALWAYS free will. We can't control the universe, no matter how much we pay. It can't be bought. Please don't trust these people. Those who are given real gifts know better than to do what these awful people are doing. You don't need anyone to tell you there is another woman in the way...he is in a relationship. There IS another woman in the picture. However, no psychic is going to make her suddenly disappear. If you are both committed and meant to be together, you will make it happen. But think clearly and deeply about what truly is the right course to take,

    Good luck.

    Light and Blessings

  • What I wrote here may be too hard for you to handle for people have made you believe that you and this man are meant to be together. Let me first describe to you in a general sense what a soulmate is. As the word says it, soul mate completes you. Remember the focus is on the soul or the essence, not on the physical. This means is that as the essence, it is not limited to time, shape and dimension etc. it can take any physical form, male female human animal of any kind it feels necessary in order to learn. Life on the physical is meant to learn and move forward. We all return to the physical world for this purpose, we will live one life time to another until all lessons are learned. How many life times should we have? Only we know that, for each of us learn at different speed and method that is individual to us. This said, not all of us return to the physical world at the same time. Unless we make a pact to do so, or the universe feels we have to, for there are things we need to learn together. What are these things that we can only learn together? It could be a lot of things.

    Let’s say my soul mate is B. when B and I first met, we were warriors fighting for different side. What we learn from this life time will be, well the arts and strategy of war or related to nationality. The universe may decide ‘well you two will learn something else next time’. So after we die, the universe returns us, this time maybe as politicians (because we have learnt about battle ground, but not politics) we would be born in a politician family or connected to one, and so we become politicians. This time, I and B are in the same country, but different party. So we then learn how to defend our political interest and yet prioritize our country, for we are then fellow countrymen. B might be corrupt and I might be not, so these are things that can happen and need to be learnt from, among many. The relationship between B and I in the physical world can be anything from total opposite (always fighting and hurting each other), total agreement (always supportive and agreement, respect each other even if we are defending different country per say) or in between (pretty much, if it’s beneficial I will stick with B, if not, well s crew B, I’ll do it my own way!) something like that. There are numerous different degrees to these relationships, and all that are meant to be learnt by experience. Now in terms of love, your soul mate, if he is in this life time as you are. He can be a total j erk, total honey, or in between. I will give you one example. My husband now was my second husband in the past. He was violent and abusive, physically and emotionally. My first husband has not reincarnated yet, but the abusive one and I met again in this life time and my marriage is a blissful supportive one.

    The universe is not out there to punish us for all our wrong doings, it has sent me and my husband to the same life time, so that we meet and marry, and he will learn a lesson of how to be a good husband while I learn that there is such a thing as a good man. Due to my past experience with men, in this life time, I had lost the faith in them. But with this marriage, my trust in them returns. It is kind of silly anyway, for we can’t generalize people by only gender, right? You can read any book about souls, it will tell you different relationships you might have with soul mates. All I’m saying is here is just generalities, what I am taught by mentors and spirits.

    Now let’s go back to your question about scammers. There are people out there scamming others for money. One way to find out, is to ask them questions before paying. Find out how much they know about soul mate (if that’s what you are looking for). If they say this man is your soul mate and you should be together, you know they are scammers. Why? Because a soul mate may complete you, but the lesson we have to learn differ from life time to another. If his lesson to learn is about staying faithful to his wife no matter what, and yours is to find true love, well you two can not be together. You will be together, however, if the universe means it so. This means the universe does send you two to this life time to meet and marry. But even if this is the case, you have to remember, that not all of us remember why we are here. This means you may feel that he is your soul mate, but he may not feel that way, whatever reason who knows. Many of us do not nurture our psyche, only care for the physical, and so many of us do not know how to receive guidance from the universe and so we do not know many things that we could’ve known if we do nurture the psyche. Questions such as who are we, who is my soul mate, is he for me, are we meant to be together etc

    Also, a soul mate does not have to complete you by marrying you. He can be your best friend, shoulder to cry on, not necessarily ‘you are mine I am yours’ sense of belonging is a physical thing, not saying it is bad but we consist of the physical and psyche so we can not emphasize only for the physical. You need to understand this. Live your life for the now and the future. Now, he is someone else’s husband. Maybe you are better than her, but if you are, then why does he stay with her up to now? You mentioned that his wife comes in between you two. Can you blame her? What if someone wants the person that you love? Wouldn’t you do anything to keep him? He is an adult, he should be able to make decision. If he really wants you, shouldn’t he do something, no matter how much he is blocked? What about your marriage? What made you marry this Scorp? Does he mean nothing for you now, then why haven’t you left him?

    Try to understand what I am saying. It’s brutal honest and definitely not taking your side. But I am not taking anyone’s side and not being judgemental. Take your time, set aside your desire for this man, and turn inward. What you get out of life is what you make of it. I am not saying that he is not your soul mate, and that you can not be together. I want you to open your eyes and get clarity of your situation first. The very same clarity that will also help you find honest psychic, if you still want one after reading my post. Again, live your life in the now and for the future. The past is only good to learn, including your past lives, where you two have probably met. Who you are now is not who you were. How you deal with the circumstances will determine the outcome. I can understand if this post angers you, but I will not tell you what scammers tell you. My purpose is to share what I am taught, I am not to lie in order to comfort others. One day you will know your life purpose and you will understand why you should serve this purpose. The universe deals with us individually and so this post is meant for you. how he deals with his life is his choice. in fact if you do get clarity, you can actually teach him how. it all boils down to one thing: all cases of all times for every one in the universe, if it's meant to be, then it will be. take care now. tired typing.

  • whoops sorry

    "You mentioned that his wife comes in between you two. Can you blame her?"

    I mean woman, may not be his wife. I was just thinking it is his wife but can be anyone. not me, for sure 🙂

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