Uneasiness about a former boyfriend- what does this means?

  • Over the last week I have been thinking about Lapop[op[. He and I dated two years ago and left with no word. He came back again last summer and dissappeared again. ..I thought I had moved on, .But now he keeps coming back to my mind. I continue to think about all those pressious moments we had. I do miss him often. I am in a new mess in love with two guys.

    Can any one tell me assist me what does it all means?

  • Hi, mariame...:)

    there is two things you can so: be brave, give him a call (if you have a number) and ask him directly..what do you want from me? (it takes lots of currage, but it works!)..and by the answer you will exactly know where you stand..if he is immature, dishonest, and irresponsible, he will start mummbling and giving stupid answers..or lime excuses (sorry, I am in hurry, talk to you latter, or similar..) and if you want somebody to share your life with, he is definetly not what you want...by my experience, this types of persons are, in most cases, something called energy sucking vampires..they are feeding themselves on your life energy (emotionaly)...if you care for them, you have to change their diet..it is sometimes very hard(depends of how many love is left inside of them, and you can spot it by careful opservation of their reactions..put them on the test, and you will see), but if they are not completely on the dark side, you can do it, in time, with lots of love and patience...secondly..do your best NOT TO REACT on him as much as you possibly can..stay in neutral, yet empathic state (DO NOT LET HIM PROVOKE ANY NEGATIVE REACTION FROM YOU), and say, if you need to say something, like, in casual way, hi..you ok?

    In if he starts to charm you...it is not love..just way to get his portion of energy..stay neutral...by answering like..oh,yes..no..in calm tone of voice...and then you will feel what he really wants, especially when he starts to be pushy, or rude, or try to covince you to do or say something agressively...if you (or enybodyelse) want to know more, let me know, ill do my best to help you 🙂 love and bliss:)))

  • Thanks for the advice, however, I dont know where he is. I dont have a way to contact him.

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