• You have the power within yourself to get or create whatever you want! Believe and have patience, here is an affirmation channeled from Arch Angel Uriel.

    As masters of the third dimension you have dominion over its energies of form and creation. You can, through your thoughts and voice, say what you wish and it is done. While you may not be able to see the energies moving or have doubt that your voice has been heard, the movement is created as soon as you begin the process. It is your doubts and fears that create blocks in the energy flow so claim your manifestation as being done, completed, final and in your reality as soon as you desire it.

    There is no waiting in the Universe, as the energy is never blocked or stuck. That is part of human thinking. When you step into the energy flow, which is miracle creation, it is done in the heavens and then begins to manifest on earth. If you claim it, you ground the energy on earth. If not, you are expressing your lack of faith and doubt, the tests you create for yourself, that delay its movement. The energy serves you, it works in a co-creative partnership with you. Its function is to fulfill your earthly creations. You have forgotten your partnership with the energy that serves you and instead of using your free will to assist creation, you use it to delay and confuse. You have forgotten your ability to claim creation through your thoughts and words.

    Your desire moves the energy and your intention sets its form. Without intention, desire is simply a heart-felt wish that creates an awareness of your dreams without the belief that they can manifest. When you set your intention for their manifestation, the Universal energy has the form it requires to begin fulfillment of what you have asked for. But without focus and belief, even intention has no power to create because it is with your belief in your own power that you move the energy. When you see everything as done and claim it as so, you remove doubt and stand firmly in your power as co-creator of everything around you.

    Every occurrence of unfulfilled dreams reflects your free will's belief that you are powerless and is an example of separation. With connection there is no pause in the movement from desire to manifestation, from the movement of energy from one place to the next. The Universe remembers you in spirit, as powerful and it responds to you in all ways. Claim your creation, dominion, abundance and joy because they are yours by divine right. Being patient is your acknowledgment of the powerful transformation that is occurring in heaven and on earth because you made it so. Claim all as done and ground your intention with conviction, faith and trust that all is well and in divine order. Claim all as done and so it is.

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  • Beautiful....

    OK I want...desire and intend to get my physical body back it's strength and physical health..pain free!

    Cheers Pfree

  • Wow, now it's really time to get serious. Focus. Intention. All things are possible. Cool!

  • Great inspiration! Thank you for sharing!

  • So glad you shared this!

    This is very valuable, Im here too personally

    add.. All my wishes have come true just not

    on time; In the spirtual world thier is no such thing

    as time, So time is the thing that always confuses

    us, Which is where having faith must appear,

    that everything will happen, with time, in time, and on time.

    having faith blessings with manifest, and not letting

    doubt over ride our doubts.

    blessings to all.

  • Yes, timing is important. We get what we need WHEN we are ready for it.

    It may be that at the present time it is more vital for you to be 'empty' so as to less distracted from hearing messages from God and the guides and angels. Receiving material things is never as important as receiving spiritual gifts.

  • "Faith is a bird that feels dawn breaking and sings while it is still dark."

    Rabindranath Tagore

    Pfree- We will pray for your healing, try going into the pond there is spiritual healing there. Pray to Arch Angel Raphael for healing too.

    Thanks Aunt Buck, blessed be.

    Addicted to riches & Captain, you both are right, due season, sow now. Addicted I'm so happy for you, my dreams are coming true too, this has been one of the best years I have ever had as far as manfesting my dreams. I believe God looks at our heart and intentions, so I always say for the "Greater" Good of all. As we are Blessed we have to bless others.

    Believe! RC and Zephire we are on this quest together along with all like minded folks. May all of our dreams be realized in the name of the Holy Father. 🙂

  • Pfree- Try the link for The Enchanted Ponds, lots of prayers there. 🙂

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  • What great possibilities I envision. You have said numerous times on various threads put it in the present tense and I must admit my mind has a hard time working that way. I want to say I will, soon, someday but you are right and I know I have say now, today and trust that it will happen. I'm not sure I'm quite there yet but I'll try.

    Zep I have made it a point of saying my things I'm thankful for each night before bed and you know what the list gets longer each night and I wake up feeling much better. What a great way to end and start every day. Congrats on the win by the way.

    I will admit though I worry if wanting some of the same for myself and family may be part of what is holding back my progress. The dream of the big lottery win has long kept us afloat in times of great fear. Mind you we don't spend any great fortune but the brothers and I have always said if one of us wins the whole family gets taken care of..... Some days I wonder if I restrict myself by hoping for that. I'm guessing the answer is believe it to achieve it. Could it be that simple?

    Poetic as always you have me thinking, more to ponder I suppose.

  • RC, remember that saying "What the mind can conceive, the heart will achieve." Your dreams are not to big for God! The possibilities are Infinite! You cannot limit his power, he wants to bless you and your whole family. Doubt holds you back, just believe in the possibilities of it for the greater good of all! Remember Sara in the Bible wanted a baby and was an old woman before she had a baby, but she had it. It may not come the way you imagine, expect daily blessings, "My Lord Daily Loads me with benefits." It's not about greed but about need, and bless someone else when you are blessed, which is a continual blessing circle. ITS COMING!

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  • Beautiful again, seems like it's talking to me. I'm going to copy that Zephire. Beautiful. I used to write poetry but haven 't in years. Think I will start again. Everyone needs a helping hand somtimes and that is the truth girl!

  • be back in a minute.

  • Yes Poetic so true, think big, not enough and always remember to pay it forward to another. You're helping my mind set for today and I appreciate that very much. The poems are fantastic Zephire. Poetry must be another common factor for us, I used to write poetry almost daily but have gotten away from that many years ago. Perhaps it is time to revisit it again. For now I leave it up to you to share.

    Must admit though Poetic that question of What do you really want? Is still very hard for me to answer. It's tough to overcome the desire to put others first, never in my life did I suspect that would be an issue. Crazy.

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  • I always put others first and neglect myself, but I'm getting better.:)

  • I can be selfish with my time though, I like to be alone. Weird.

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