Am I Cursed

  • Am I cursed regarding luck happiness and money.

  • What makes you think you are cursed? Maybe you could try getting a green adventurine stone and carrying it around in your pocket. It is said to help with financial luck.

  • HI virgogirl137 The reason I think I am cursed is that I have had nothing but bad luck ever since I left my marriage 10 years ago and there were some people who resent me for leaving. But anyway I delt with all my bad luck along the way and just hope that things will get better in teh near future. Thanks for the input I will get a stone and see if it brings me luck in money, health, and my career .

  • No one is really cursed when a long series of bad luck occurs people tend to be down, negative about things.I was told if you are pessimistic, the world views you as pessimistic and negative things keep coming your way. What you have to do is break this by not saying what you don't have but tell yourself over and over what you will have.

    For example if its money thats bothering you, say "I have money and I'm rich" and when you get a chance chant it in your head, the more positive things you repeat to yourself the better.Your luck will start changing I can promise you, but never say your cursed. The problem with curses is when more people believe them, it actually brings a life to it.

  • Curses in my opinion are only in the mind of the cursed. If you feel you are cursed and continue to think this way, then you will be.

    Believe me, I am one that has gone through a lot too and got sick and tired of people telling me that if you think positive and if you love yourself then good will come.

    I am NOT telling you that.

    It MIGHT work for some, but I have honestly believed in that in my past and it didn't work for me. I DO KNOW that when I look at something, an event, a situation, etc, I CAN find negative things to focus on, OR I can look and see the good things in it.

    For instance, if being delayed for work by an accident is seen as bad luck, then look at the fact that if you had left for work early... you could have been in that accident. Also, if you had gotten to work on time, then maybe that person you can't stand would have run into you in the hallway, said something horrid to you and made you feel sad all day.

    Do you see what I mean?

    Right now I am still going through horrid times, but I understand that it is not bad luck or a curse. I have been without love, relationship love, my entire life, and at 46 I was led to believe I finally was loved. It was not true.

    I KNOW that whatever I go through in this life is because I need to learn something from it.

    Hard times are the best teachers. We learn more from adversity than we do from good times.

    For some reason, when in heaven or the other side, whatever you call it, I decided to have a life here on earth devoid of love. I am a very sensitive giving person and this has been extremely painful for me. Whatever the reason, I do know that I chose it and I must deal with it. I will get all the love I need when I can go home to the other side.

  • I feel that this is a false belief and that it is possible for you to find love in this life, but for that to happen you must believe that this is possible, which it is. Open yourself to love, when you release this negative karma you will find love coming to you. Believe that you are deserving of love, which you are.

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