What The Tarot cards mean to Me

  • First I am new at this so if you think I am wrong in saying something then please let me know then anyone looking for answers can find them.

    Ok lets start with saying that I use the Simply Tarot Wealth Love Destiny deck which is a clone copy of the Rider Waite deck. This came from a set that has a CD, book and the cards and the writer was Amanda Hall. The pack which is the CD, book and cards were Published by Hinkler books © copyright 2005 and the ISBN is 1-7415-7535-4. That is so you can get a copy yourself.

    Now to helping on what I think the cards are saying, but I am learning myself so please do let me know of anything that may be missing or wrong.

    The Fool Card 0

    The fool card is the beginning of a new adventure as he or she is a free spirit with a lust for life and know how being taken in each day. The fool has little fear of taking risks and he or she will always have an open mind as we start off with an empty vessel that needs to be filled with the new know how, new experiences and challenges that you and I get from learning within our life. A fool will not sit around and wait for things to come to him or her as we must take the first step. Once we have made that first step we start to learn and enjoy life’s ups and downs. There may be someone stepping into your life that is male or female and we must try to make decisions that are right for us. The fool card is saying that there are new beginnings to come and we should take the right road to get there.

    The Magician Card 1

    The Magician is a very powerful card and if we look at it what it’s trying to say to us then we can see that it’s saying we need to learn and help each other. Why do I say that? Well the magician has a sword, a pentacle, a wand and a cup. Now the sword can be used to help to cut apples down from the trees. Then we can eat the apples or sell them to other people and make money from them and help people them to make things with apples. If the magician had someone hurt then he could heal the person with his sword. How he does this is to cut anything out that should not been there like we know doctors can. The pentacle is saying if you are in a business then learn to make money and look after your staff. But if you are not in business then you may be able to share a skill like cutting the apples down for the business or helping the business man to pack his apples for him to sell and make money yourself. Now the wand helps us to see in the dark as when we carry it around with us we can see things as it will light up for us. The cup allows us to get water from the lake to drink or if someone is not happy offer them a chat and the water we have. Therefor we can learn to help people and to give them things like water and apples then others may help us. If we help others then sometimes we can learn something from someone and have a skill that will come into use when we need it. If we try to learn from others then we can know more and this learning is the power the magician knows off.

    The High Priestess Card 2

    We need meet a lady dress in blue and a white hat in white with some horns coming out of her hat. She has a cross on the top of her dress and near to her face. There is a moon where her legs would be as we don't know if she has any legs as we can't see them. There is what looks as a small area on the floor to be what may be her dress or some water round her. She has white lines coming off her dress where her legs would be. On her head board of her chair she has some sand cover with red Flowers. Within the background I can see water and each side of her two towers. One tower is black and the other one is white.

    What the Card means.

    The black tower is dark and is black for bad things. The white tower is white for the good things. The water behide her shows there is something we must find out about. The moon at her foot is saying look for new information in the new light of the day. This person helps me know to know that there are secrets to be learned. It could be that some infomation is needed and you come up with it. Thats what the water is there saying the information or secret is there. Also I don't not put it into the top area but she does have some rolled up paper with the letters Tora. Now she is saying wait for this new information or here is some inforation that will help you find what you need. So this card is telling you that there is information or secrets that will come to you.

    The Empress Card 3

    The clouds in the sky are making a delay to the sun bring able to get though and what that means is there may be delays for us. There are green trees and some water coming down into a lake or river but we can’t see the river or lake. The water is saying that we must try to love people around us like are mothers, fathers, brothers and any sisters we have. But it may be also saying that people may be unhappy and if you can help others do so. The main lady sitting down has a white dress with red flowers over it. This means that she is a caring lady and gives time to other people. But she is carrying a stick with a ball on it and this is saying that she may be a mother of love as she can have children or give love to her children or any children near to her.

    So for any boys or girls that are using this then its going to mean that someone older may be about to have a baby in the family. Or it may be that you need to start to love someone like a brother or sister in the family as they may be unhappy. Now for any men and women it could mean you are about to start a family or there may be things going wrong somewhere in your married, work life or with your friends or family. If there is something going wrong in your life and then this is for the boys, girls and the men plus the women you must try to sort them out as if you don’t then you will find delays ahead of you. But once you get things sorted out then the delays will end and the love, care and happy times will follow.

    The Emperor Card 4

    When I look at this card I see a man with a ball in the one hand and a metal stick in the other hand. He wears metal knight’s boots and a dark red top that comes down to his metal boots. The man is looking at us as if he’s in control. He looks to be a father of the family as the ball is showing me that and he may have children. He would have control of his young ones and be there to talk to them. If he’s a business man he would set the direction of his business and anyone working for him. He may follow what his boss would like him to ask of others within a business as that is what the stick with circle on it is saying to me. He shows and sets very good standards for the family, in business or in his work place. He applies the rules, guidelines and laws in his land as that’s what the knights boots are showing me. He’s very good at talking to his family, in his business or in his working life. He makes good plans and is very organized. He brings to his family, business, or work mates the security that he will be with them and he takes the right direction in life. He will protect has family and love them to the full.

  • The Lovers Card 6

    The lovers cards means more then one thing so lets go though them and let me first start with the picture on the card. First I can see some brown land with a triangle in the centre at the bottom of the card. There are two small trees one with flowers on it and the other one with some roses in the top part of the tree with green leaves. There is a woman on the left next to the tree with the green leaves and the man is not to the tree with what looks to be the pink flowers. Just behind them and in the middle between them is a white cloud and sitting on top of the clone in a male angel. This male angel has a purple top that covers over his chest and down his arms to show his hands. He his a crown made of flowers and on his back he has angel wings.

    Now what this card means is that you may find a new friend though work, play or though going to college. If you are under the age of 16 then it just means you may become friends with someone new and that may be with a male or female friend. It may also mean that for anyone that they begin to go out with a new friend that is male or female. But if you are over the age of 18 you may meet someone when you are out enjoying yourself and make friends. Then again it could be that someone in your family cares and loves you and is trying to show it to you. But it may mean that you must start to try to relate to others in order for some type of love to come into your life. But it still may mean that there is someone that is trying to get closer to you or trying to make a connection with you. Someone may be trying to open up to you to say they are in love with you. But then you may be with a boyfriend or girlfriend and then may want a sexual relationship. At the same time if you are married then you man or woman may want a sexual relationship to feel good or to have baby’s. But it may be saying to you to figure out what you want within your relationship and to talk to each other. Maybe one of you is trying to find out what person you care for before moving on. So its hard to say what this card will mean.

  • The Chariot Card 7

    We can see behind the chariot a town that the chariot may of passes though. I say that as how it he in control of the chariot. But we do see a man inside the chariot and he is wearing a part of the knight’s suit and is wearing blue with two moons on each side near to his head. He his one black stone dog and a white stone dog. The black dog is saying to me that there is something wrong but your white dog is saying you will make the victory over any thing that is going wrong. The man inside the chariot represents the positive aspects with in us all. He his reach his goal and he is a winner as he his been successful in what he has done. All along he was determined to succeed by letting nothing distract him. He has also showed has authority and was not anger and he looks out for other people. He knows what he wants and well know how to get help if he needs it. It also tells us that we all get annoyed at someone who does listen or maybe does not understand us and we must take that into account. But we do turn to other good people to lead us through difficult moments. We know he or she will listen to us and well let us have good information on things we may not know. This card is showing us that we may need to travel in order to do something like work or play. Plus it shows that we can make something good at home, work or play.

  • The Strength Card 8

    In this card I can see grass and some hills in the background. There is a male lion living down with his face towards us. But there is a lady in white that has been hands on the top of the lions head. The lion has a lot of strength and this is what the card is all about. We have the strength in us all to help each other from the heart. But the lady in white his the courage in her and knows the lion will not hurt her. Some people like the fire and police service use there courage to work with others to help people in need. The Police help to catch the bad people and help the good people as well. Strength can be the feeling of working with others to sort out what went wrong and putting it right. But we must also sometime face up to people and have the courage to say we need help or to say sorry. Sometimes by walking away from a fight you win as you are going to sort out the person with help from someone else. So next time you are being asked something you don’t like and you feel you need to hurt someone then ask someone else to help you to get whatever it is across to the other person. Then they learn and you don’t get hurt and they don’t.

  • The Hermit Card 9

    The hermit is an old but wise man with a light in his right hand and a stick in his left hand. He is looking down at the ground as if to be unhappy. On the ground we can see snow as its cold there. He may be in the opening of a cliff as there is no background in this picture. This picture is saying the man may be alone as he has no friends or he may be alone to do some thinking in order to look at something within his life. He may just want some time alone to look for answers or he is in need to understand and he is seeking understanding. The hermit may be looking for something or someone or wanting the truth at all costs, he may be trying to find a new direction or he is trying to receive or give guidance. The Hermit is good at talking to others as well as accepting or offering wise things. He is good at learning from or being a trusted teacher, he may be a good at helping others. But we all need to be alone from time to and we need to look at what we are doing.

    So what it means is that the wise old man may be unhappy and is trying to find a way of getting someone new or to find a person he knows of to talk to him. He may have helped or is helping others or may wise to find something new to do in his life. He may now be alone with no where to go or is just taking some time alone to think some thing out He may have been a teacher or he is a teacher and he is trying too hard. He may be missing his job that he did like and he may be trying to find something to do that is new. He may be trying to learn something and is trying to hard and not asking for help with the work. So we all must find ways of helping each other and if we need help at school, work or with a sport then ask for that help. If we don’t ask for help then how do we learn or get though the day at work, college or school. Learn to like all people what ever colour skin someone else has. If a person has brown skin he is as good or as bad as anyone else.

  • Wheel of Fortune 10

    Well what I can see on this card is a girl wearing white on top of a white cloud with her right leg coming down as if she was sitting in a chair. She also has angel wings on her back. On the right side of the card I can see there is a bird and I think it is the eagle as eagles are very powerful birds. Between the eagle and the girl there is a monkey with a sword in its little hand. The monkey is on a big wheel at the top. To the left side of the wheel is a snake that is coming down to the bottom of the card. At the bottom of the card I can see what I think is a cow with two devils sticks coming out of its head. On the right side of this card is a lion and both have wings. There is a fox that is at the bottom of the wheel and he is moving round to the right side of it. There is one thing that the girl, eagle, cow and lion have with each other and that is there are looking at a book.

    Well this card is a very good card as it means that its time to have some luck for a change. But don’t go spending money you can’t spend as it may not be that it is saying to you. It could be opening up luck for you to get a new job, better money, finding an old friend or finding someone to marry you. It may mean that you can turn something around in life, or move in a different direction so you are happy in life. There may be some luck that you may find something you need or what in your life or if you are thinking of helping anyone then let you help out. So if you have been struggling for some time watch out as things are going to change.

  • Hello, I enjoyed reading your interpretation of the cards, I think they are very accurate according to the cards I read . I will continnue to check back for a reference at times, Also follow your intuition while you are reading them.

  • Hello David,

    Like you are doing, it is good to start out with studying the appearance of the cards, and what each card seems to be telling you. A lot about interpreting the cards is about what you see, and about psychic interpretations or messages. Then you can start delving into the deeper meaning of each card.

    Here's something that you may find beneficial as well. There is somewhat of a life's progression, or order in the Major Arcana cards. In sequence they sort of tell a story about a person's progression through life, or through one particular path (or event) anyway.

    The Fool (0) is the first card. This is a person just starting out on a new journey. The path is ahead of them, but they are starting with an entirely 'clean slate'. They have no prior knowledge, pre-conceived notions, or wisdom gained from past experiences to guide them. They are like the new-born baby, fresh into the world, with that sense of wonderment about to embark on the adventure of life.

    Though the High Priestess is the third card (2), I've always considered this card to be the second in the progression. The High Priestess represents wisdom, and divinity. She is akin to a female Pope. The High Priestess is the Fool's first teacher. She is the one that feeds him the knowledge and wisdom necessary in order for the Fool to develop his natural abilities and talents, such that he can be converted into the Magician (1).

    Once the Fool has leaned enough wisdom from the High Priestess, he is then ready to become the Magician (1). The Magician represents the skills and talents that each person possesses and in how these abilities can be utilized in the world.

    Next comes the Empress (3). She also represents wisdom, but more so she is the mother and the nurturer. The person who will give of herself and help or enable a person to grow, and to develop their sense of spirituality and divinity.

    The Emperor (4) is the matured body of knowledge and wisdom. He is the all knowing and the final word. The mediator of disputes, the issuer of judgement and of consequences.

    ...and it goes on from there. I have to study it more myself. There is a lot of good information about this on this site (more so if you pay for the various readings though) or on other Web sites. (And of course in a many numerous books as well.)

    When you get into the Minor Arcana cards. It is very useful to study up on the Tree of Life to learn about the Numerology meaning of the numbers from 1 through 10. They also coincide with the Numerology 9 Personal Year Cycles (except the 9 and 10 from the ToL are pretty much combined on the PYC's. You can get a lot of good free information about Numerology on this site (and others).

  • Well the first thing I am doing is to get the information off the web sites. Then I look at what information I have and then take some deep breaths to let my mind go. Now I take a look at my card and just make a story from it and write that down. At first its a lot of words that are now on my computer and I just keep looking at the card. Now if I don't get much I leave it for a bit and come back to it. But once I do it the 2nd time I can then look at the words again and then get a good picture. Also when you get to do reading for yourself or others then try to think of what the card is telling you with the other cards. But try to think of something the fits just like in life. Put it all together and you are there.

    Now I think that to have as much information in the card helps as its no good just saying the fool is a new started in life. Like Dreamernorth said "A lot about interpreting the cards is about what you see, and about psychic interpretations or messages. Then you can start delving into the deeper meaning of each card." He is right as there is a lot a card can mean and I'm trying to fit it into life, that is anyones life. So just to say that the Magician has power is this wrong or right. To me we all have the power to help, to make money, to share with others and to learn from others. But with Tarot we can open up what is going to happen before it does and do something about it. So thats why I like to put as much as I can within a card. But its up to you what you put in and leave out when you do your reading, but again try to say as much as you can as it will help you and the person you are helping. Also thanks for letting me know what you think. Take care and happly readings of the cards? David.

  • Justice Card 11

    On the justice card I can see two pillars on each side of a woman. The woman is in the centre of the card. The woman wears a red dress with some sliver lines coming from the middle of her neck to where the arms bend. At the neck of her red dress she has a yellow square with a circle cut into it as you can see the red dress though it. The dress covers her legs and you can see her right foot which is in a white shoe. She is wearing a crown on her head and is holding a sword in her right hand and some scales in her left hand.

    What this card means as in the sword first. Well I feel the sword is telling me if you have not been fair with other people now is the time to change. Also if you have made errors in the past it may be better to forgive and to forget. Sometimes battles just make things go the wrong way and you can do better by talking or finding someone else to help. We all hurt people by mistake or we may not know we have done it. But listen to others and maybe learn.

    Now what the scales mean to me is that we must always try to act on what we know to be right so sometimes to make justice work is to say you need help. If you like drinking beer but you drive a car then you may see a police office pull you up. Now justice is saying that change is needed and the scales are saying think of what you have done. Then change what is wrong to a right. So if you like drinking got a taxi home. If you hurt someone by mistake say sorry and got over it. It can also mean you should try to be fair with other people in work, home or play that are not as good as you by helping them. Then again it may be saying if you don’t tell the truth you may get into bigger things. The scales are trying to say its time to think of what is wrong and make a new course in life to make it a more better and a happier life. But not forgetting it refers to legal matters and may mean that some type of justice is going to happen for you.

  • Hanged Man Card 12

    Well on the hanged man card I can see that a man has his right foot inside some rope and is hanging from it. His back is resting on the wood coming down to make the bottom of the T. At the bottom of the card is the man’s head and his hair is looks like gold. He is wearing a blue top and red trousers and a set of gold boots. The clouds behide him are showing as a gray and white in colour.

    What it mean, this card is the most different for me as the picture does not say much but after just setting and looking at it and taking a few deep breaths I had this come up.

    The hang man is trying to find an answer to something, but what is it? Well we will not know the answer to that question. The clouds behide him are gray and white and we see that when it’s going to rain. But for this card it’s saying to me that there is an emotional release from something or someone. He may be trying to end something in his life to get something new. He may have had to surrender to someone like the police or to someone that has given him a job. He may be trying to turn something round in his world like trying to get someone or something back, like a wife or job. He may be accepting what is happening and can’t do anything about it, like losing a job or losing one of his friends as they don’t want to know him. But he may be thinking of what he his done wrong so he can see how to make a wrong into a right. But he may be waiting for the best opportunity to take control of someone trying to take his wife or children. He may have changed his mind and would now like to work for someone or go back with someone. But if he does go back is he going to like it or not. Sometimes we feel as if we are taking two steps forward but then one step backwards. So sometimes we need to put others first and allow change to happen. We may need to change the actions we use to take better control of own life. So if we fight then sometimes by walking away we put others first and also win the day. We have more power sometimes if we walk away then if we hurt someone. The card is say this and is also saying we need to move forward and forgot what happen sometimes. Plus some problems are not always easy to find until you take a good look at yourself and don’t force others to do things. We must think before we act on something how ever big or small.

  • Death Card 13

    Well first the death card can say to you as the reader of the cards that someone is going to die. But I must point out that this is rare and I like to look at death a bit more and show you how death works in tarot. Well as we all know we are born and we learn to do things at school, work and in play. So what is death if we look at life itself? Well when we were all children we never had any idea of what was right or wrong. But your mother and father would tell you off and I hope send you to bed without any food. Now we learn the lesson of life and we carry on. So we made a error and the death is the error and we have move on and we don’t do it again as we know it’s wrong. Let’s put you in a room with a three year old child and its going to eat a power cable. Now you see it and you must stop that child eating that power cable as the mother is cooking in the kitchen. So do you let the child eat the cable or not? Well if you go to the mother it may be too late. If you stop the child then you save its live by just saying NO you don’t eat power cables. Then you would hope the mother has heard it and she comes out to see her son or daughter and then say to it you don’t play with the cables its dangerous and takes it to its room with no food. So it learns and moves on, the death part is if it had time to eat the cable its death would have been there and then. But someone sees it happening and move in on it and death was changed to keeping them alive. Lesson has been learned.

    The death card means that something is going to end, so if you were at school learning then when we get to 16 we leave school as it ends. But we carry on into a new area of life by getting a new job and making money. So one thing is new and the other has gone for good.

    Some people get married and they start a new life with someone else. But sometime it does not work out and there leave to meet someone else. Again the death or ending of married life with someone else. People have jobs for 2 to 3 or more years and its ends. Death of the job.

    We also have in business a project that ends or if we are looking for work the death card will mean the end of being on Jobseekers allowance and things can change to the way they should be. Plus if you are going to college to learn better math’s and English that ends one day so we can use it in life in a better job.

    The death card is a very good card sometimes as it helps as to know that the old things are going out and new things coming in.

  • Would the editor of this Form please put card 5 that has somehow got lost in between 5 and 7 for me. Thanks David.

    The Heirophant Card 5

    Where in this card there is more then one meaning to it and I will go though them all.

    First I see two Pillars each side of a man and a gray white background behind a man.

    He may be a priest as he is wearing what looks like a red priest top with three crosses on it. He also may be a teacher as he is holding two fingers up in the air and he may be teaching the two men in front of him something they can take away and use. He wears three hats as he could be a lawyer that helps in court, doing a job as a judge or with his crown he may be some other government person.

    The two keys are saying that to sometimes unlock the door or doors in life we must go for help. This could mean that if we feel bad we see a doctor, if we are a person that goes to church and we are not sure we are doing the right they we can see the priest for help. If we have been speeding or done other things wrong in law then we should talk to a lawyer. But it may be that it’s warning us that we are going to see a judge or just some other government person. We should see it as a way of putting two heads together and trying to sort out what is or his gone wrong within are life.

  • TEMPERANCE Card 14

    Well with this card we can see a lady with her right foot near to the water and her left foot on land. There are two yellow flowers to her left in some green leaves. We can see a gold road as well as some green glass. The lady has a white dress and is a angle as she has red angle wings on her back. In the back ground we can see there are some hills and a sun coming up. There is also a sun at the back of the angles head. The angle has two cups that she is letting the water out of one cup into another cup.

    This is trying to say to me that there is some type of recovered going on as she is not happy. So she may be seeing a doctor and that’s what the water is doing to her body is to make her better. Then again she may be unhappy about something in his or her life and may need to cry and this water be showing that. She may have just recovered over losing something she had, like children, a job, or losing a man in married. She may be testing the waters to find out if something is going to work for her and is now able to see that she has the right things. She may have not have a lot of money and is unhappy, but is hoping for better money to arrive.

  • The Devil Card 15

    The devil card shows as a black picture with a black box at the bottom centre of the card. There is a big man with bird’s foot and legs. He has a man’s chest with arms and fingers he has two wings going the wrong way and his part of a lions face with horns at the top and a star in between them. There is a man and a woman that is between the black box with some chains over there heads and on there shoulders. There are two other ropes coming from them and the man’s rope is on fire.

    Sometime we start to look at thing’s the wrong way and we start to feel as if everything is going wrong. We start to spend more money that we have not got or we feel we are being tied down with unwanted things. If only we could see that the things we do sometimes make us feel unhappy then we could change what we do or say. If you are feeling unhappy then you are going to have to sort out why and then the chains can be broken and you can find ways to do better. If you are seeing people that make you feel unhappy then its time to break away from them and find new one’s. Also you may be jealousy of someone and again you must try to broke away from them.

    We all allow others sometimes to make us feel unhappy and we must sort this out with the person themselves. We must see if we can come up with better things for us and them to allow are friendship to carry on. If there is trouble around then we must sort it and learn from it. This way you can broke the chains and come up with something that is good.

    The tower card 16

    Well the tower card is a black picture with a tower in the centre of it. The tower is made of stone and there was a crown on it but this is coming off. There is also fire within the tower as a lightening bolt has hit it. There is a man and woman coming down from within this tower and bits of fire coming out of the tower.

    You are about to go though a sudden change in your life or you find that your plans are about to change. You may be surprised with something or you may be undergoing a crisis or that some of your routines are shake up. You may find that you get a emotional outburst or get anger or you let go of everything. You may have a down turn or you are letting everything go as you are now finding it hard. You may find some truth that comes to you or you get a answer that you don’t know or may need to broke free.

  • The Star Card 17

    Well here we see a small area of water with lets of grass and some red flowers coming out of the grass. We can also see a woman wearing a white dress with gold hair and she is poring water into this small area of water and onto the land. There is a white bird on top of a tree. There are stars in the night sky and one star is gold.

    This lady is telling me that she is offering her water to us as well as the ground. I see that she is holding nothing back and feels relax doing it. She is creating something nice as the flowers get some water and it makes it nice for her to know she’s done something in herself. The card shows me hope as the water is the hope that we can get something like a job. This is a very positive card and tells me we need to think that way. If we can believe we can do it then its better for us in the end. Then like if we are learning to drive and we pass we look forward to passing that test. But we may need to find a way forward in life and once we find that way forward we then see the way is clear for us. If we are waiting for a job offer to come then receiving the answer may make are day and make us happy. Some people are married and they can give there love ones nice things to keep or just open there heart up to them. But it does mean that things are looking good and you should be very happy about that. One good way of looking at this card is that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

    The moon card 18

    In the moon card we can see a crab coming out of some water and we see a gold path and grass each side of this path. We can see black and a sort of gold colour dog on the left side and a gray colour dog on the right side of the path. Away from this we have two towers and a big moon at the top in the centre.

    This is saying to me to have some courage in your life as some times we have a false picture of things as we are not looking at things right. The dog on the left in the card is standing there and the dog on the right is making some type of nose. This gives me the feeling that he may be deceiving himself or having unrealistic ideas. He may be in a dream or fantasy or his thoughts may be somewhere else. His thinking may not be clear or he is confused about something in his life.

  • The Sun Card 19

    Well this looks a very happy card as I can see a wall with sun flowers growing out of the top. In front of the wall in a horse and on that horse is a girl. The girl on the horse is wearing a white dress which ends at her knees. She has a black pole in her left hand with some red material coming from it. She looks very happy and in the sky is a face of a sun with a happy face on it.

    Well first the sun is bright which is telling me that there are or you are now in a happy or going into a more happy life. Maybe you are looking for someone new like a friend that you will soon find. It may mean that you begin a better job that is more enjoying and has lots of things you like. You may be happy as you are going to meet up with someone new to share your life with or a new friend to share ideas with. You may have got something going at work and someone makes you feel happy. If it’s your birthday then you get something off someone that you really like and it makes you happy. The girl is happy as she may have passed some exams and she can get a good job with her college work now done. I feel this girl has worked hard and will go somewhere. So like with us all we can make things happen and sometimes with just a talk, or phone call can make us happy.

    So I feel this card is saying that you will soon become happier if you are sad. If you are already happy then you may meet a new friend. If you are a boyfriend or girlfriend then there may be a marriage on the cards. So look out for some good things to come your way.

    Judgement Card 20

    On the judgement card I can see that there are men and women that are standing inside holes. There hands are out in front of them or above there heads. There is a angle playing a horn or something anyway. The angle has a white flag with a red cross in the centre of it and on the back of the angle it has red wings.

    This card is telling me though the people standing in the holes that the time has come to make a judgment in your life. This card is letting me know that you must use you day to make a judgment if something is right or wrong. You need to think hard if the job, married or friendship is giving you what you what. If it’s not then a fresh start or something new is now needed to carry on in life. But if you are in work you may see something in a difference way or you feel that something new will be needed. But it’s also saying to forgive someone and forget what happen to make things better for everyone.

  • The World Card 21

    We have the world in the centre of the card with a man’s face in the top left corner of the card, a bird on the top right, a lion on the bottom right and horn animal at the bottom left of the card. There is a yellow colour going round it and towards each corner.

    Well the last of the main cards and here is what it means.

    The world is saying to have a joining together in family or your friends or to make some new friends. You can see that a dream of singing, acting or just being able to do some work is about to come alive. It may be saying that you may like to give some of your time to other people by joining something you like to do. So you may make or give a new service to others. So be happy as something is happing and you have tools to move ahead. So give yourself to others that need you and all will be all right in your life.

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