Gemini man who left libra female cause he felt no love... will he come back?

  • My boyfriend and I (libra female) had been together for 4.5 years. We broke up about 5 days ago when he suggested separation because he thinks "there's no love in the relationship". He said that he is unable to look into people's eyes and tell them that he truly loves me if anyone asks. Our relationship had been a very fulfilling one, I have grown and become a better person with his ever questioning nature and strive for personal development. We were very close, shared a lot and both loyal to the relationship. And according to him, I have helped him deal with emotions better than before.

    We care for each other and still talks. My emotions have been going up and down these few days. I thought that I have given up hope because I know that he does not change his mind easily. But then again, I do still feel something. I know that at least for the next 4-5 years we would not get back together, but is there any chance of getting back after a prolonged period of time?

    I always thought that the break up was hard for me, cause i was the one who got "dumped" (not really though cause we didn't quarrel or what). But then i realised that i do have a lot of friends and family support which he doesn't. I don't want to end our friendship and stop talking because I want to be there for him. But i don't know if it is the best thing to do? I believed that I was one of his best friend over the time we were together.

    Any insights or experience or advice is much appreciated. Many thanks.

  • Did he tell you he wants to stay friends? If so, by all means do. But on the other hand, he DID break up with you. I t could be he felt jealous that you have friends and family who are there for you, and was turning a bit bitter. If he truly wants to stay friends, he will reach out to you. In a few years, he will likely realize how great he had it when he was with you, and may come crawling back to you. But I wouldn't count on it being anytime soon, so in the meantime I suggest spending more time with your other friends. I wouldn't be surprised if you found another even better guy, as a caring and ladylike Libra, in the time it takes him to come to his senses. Good luck, whatever you choose.

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