Meaning of an erupting volcano in my dream?!?

  • Here's my dream that I would love helping interpreting:

    I was up camping on a mountain I have climbed in real life (climbed it with my boyfriend who I broke up with last night). I had set up my tent on the snow next to a large rock overhanging and next to a bunch of boulders. I set it up next to one of my oldest female friends' tent. Shortly after setting it up a bunch of cougars came wandering around. We were worried about them attacking us, so we moved our tent to the other side of the flat/snowy rocky area, away from the boulders. Suddenly my female friend was gone and I set up my tent next to one of my close guy friends. Now I was joining him on a climb of this mountain. I told him that we should set up our rope and ice axes and he said not to worry that there would be a guide and 5 other people on the rope. I was aghast (you never have more than 4 on a rope) plus I knew my way around this mountain since I had already climbed it and did not need a guide. I went over to talk with the leader of the climbing group to explain that I've already climbed this mountain and that there was no way I was climbing this mountain with a 6 man rope team. Suddenly the mountain erupted, spewing red, molten lava everywhere (in real life it's a long dormant pyroclastic volcano not a red spewing lava volcano). In a matter of seconds it had destroyed one whole half snowy/rocky area where we were camping, then the lava seeped over and started covering up the groups tents. We ran for this road/path that was snow covered. My friend was waiting right next to it with our packs packed. We all ran down the wide path, it turned to the left, following a river and there was a very nice town along the river. I turned to my friend thinking he had both of our packs. He only had mine and it was only half full. "I only had time to grab a few things for us he said." So I had lost most of my climbing gear. The lava was close behind us. It was bright red, hot and destroying everything in it's path. We ran into the town (none of this is actually on the mountain in real life), ran into a building and I woke up.

    So there's the dream. I would love people's take on what it means!!! Thanks so much!

  • Hi, What I feel from reading this is that you are fed up with things as they are or were. You are hung up on the details and this dream is telling you to forget about the details. I guess the change is coming, is already here. I can't really pinpoint why the girl in this dream is so insignificant or disappears so early on. Were you never able to accomplish some goal in your waking life (could be w/ or without boyfriend.) I sense this too. So, what has remained unsaid or undone. Or am I totally off.

  • Most of your dream concerns your unexpressed feelings about your girlfriend that came bubbling to the surface and overflowed the way lava does. The pack that was half empty shows that your life is missing what you need. Actually, the dream is about how you miss her. She completed your life.

    You should contact her and tell her about those feelings you are trying to suppress. It the long run, buried feelings have a way of erupting when least expected.

  • 9luv,

    Your dream suggests to me that the breakup was somewhat unexpected in its ferocity, and that you were deeply troubled by it, as well as the reasons behind it. I'm going to speculate that (1) your friends haven't been coming through for you as completely as you had hoped in this time of need, and (2) that the breakup originated from, how shall I put it, coital misconduct?

    The camping on mountains you have climbed before represents an element of both exposure and comfort - you're confident you could handle this relationship and the challenges (it is a mountain, after all), because you'd 'been there before'. But things got a little tricky when folks started doing things that were not normal - putting six people on a rope - and these things alarmed you. However, before you could react, the world as you knew it fell apart (or exploded, really).

    The lava suggests intense emotion. Emotion is usually depicted by water in dreams, but volcanoes can represent, among other things, explosive anger. This makes it unclear as to on whose part the misconduct was, although if I were to really go out on a limb, I'd wonder if it was you. There's no judgement tied to that, but seeing as in the dream the lava was heading towards you, and the mountain you climbed exploded in anger, the sense I get is that your ex was quite upset over something you did.

    There also seems to be a lot of overt sexual symbolism - cougars (did you suspect your ex of being involved with older women?), pitching your tent next to a large 'rock' and 'bolders' (change a letter of the first word, and use a synonym for the second), and even the spewing volcano itself doubles as an eruption/release.

    So you and your 'friend' (which could be your masculine self) head for this 'nice town' (a state of being for your mind) on the 'river' (the regular flow of emotions), and it seems to show that you will achieve some measure of reprieve or shelter from the onslaught of this destructive lava. Perhaps in the house, or perhaps even in the river itself. But not without some significant loss, since you have lost all your friend's gear, and half of your own.

    I think this dream is a chance for you to really examine what led to the breakup, and ultimately what its effects on you are/were. The mountain you climbed (perhaps your ex was a conquest?)is no more, and in your mind, is only half of what it once was.

    Hope that helps some.



  • I think an erupting vulcano means suppressed anger or frustration that finally comes out and washes away things that have been blocking you, as in frustrating you, for a long time. It suggest it might be your own subconsious that is expressing your frustration over something.

  • Correction: I was supposed to write "I suggest" in the last sentence, not It "suggest". Sorry about that.

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