Does anyone else have the sense...

  • ...that things are speeding up, that change is happening more rapidly? My whole week has moved into the fast lane with so much going on that it takes my breath away.

  • Things seem to go and get faster for me instead of slower, all the time.

  • We need to be very adaptable right now but it's tough!

  • YES! we have been in the middle of a planetary tug of war! And now the full moon. Really it's a call to release and clean house.....let the past go even when we thought we had done that. Many of us are getting our buttons pushed. If we tend to put ourselves last we are finding ourselves swamped with outside calls for help. Thank God......THIS TOO SHALL PASS! Amen.

  • I can understand that, but it isn't easy to let go, I like to take advice of others on board but it csn be challenging to hear something being said some times. I am not always good at understanding things, but this forum has helped me alot in the past ans still does, I just find it difficult to trust.

  • Ouch, today was rough - lots of fights in my household!

  • Hey Captain,

    There's a full moon and eclipse taking place today. Many of my family "blow outs" have occurred on full moons and eclipses and today we have both! I read this earlier today regarding the full moon/eclipse:

    ...wild mood swings may be affecting many people during this time. You may also notice greater relationship instability, giving you a sense of being on an emotional seesaw.

    ...people will be more aware of their public persona and how they are perceived by others...

    ...we will be driven to seek attention and we may act out because of this need, many of whom will be coming across as insecure, needy, and seeking validation for their public or audience...

    ...we should seek to focus on healing inner issues of self-worth and insecurities and emotional blocks so that the self is valued and not dependent on the opinions of others because often they let us down by not living up to our expectations when we feel we need them most.

  • WOW! ! MY Boyfriend just went off on me!!!

    Threaten to kill my Exboyfriend Jeff! !

  • Yikes! How long have you been seeing him?

  • Loved the full moon! Always takes my breath away! So much is happening so fast, not sure what to do but just ride it out! You all have a wonderful day! Namaste!!

  • Oh boy, glad things are settling down now. That eclipse was HARD!

  • YES....a Taurus moon takes love love! Boy that was a crazy ride for awhile.

  • Gotta love a Taurus! 🙂

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