Please Help me interpret these cards?!

  • I did an online reading through It was the "Balancing Act", under the love/relationship section. Could some kind soul please help me interpret these cards? I read what they meant in their positions, but I'm just still really confused. Any additional insight would be very appreciated. I'm in a a relationship predicament and have a choice to make, but I'm torn about which way to go. I could really use some professional (psychic) advice!

    Also...why are almost all my cards in the reversed position?

    My question was,

    How can my boyfriend and I better communicate?

    The Ten of Torches (reversed)

    The Four of Stones (reversed)

    The King of Torches (reversed)

    The Ace of Waves (reversed)

    The Five of Clouds

    The Eight of Waves (reversed)

    The Ten of Clouds

    The Queen of Waves (reversed)

    Thanks in advance to anyone who can assist me!


  • Btw.. I am a leo and so is my boyfriend... 8/2/1970 and 8/21/1977 respectively!

  • I'm not familiar with this deck of cards or what "clouds" are except in relation to air signs. Torches would be fire signs, waves are water signs and stones are earth signs.

    I use the stricter doctrine of cups (water), wands (fire), swords (air) and pentacles (earth).

    From the first glance of your reading it looks like there is another woman involved and the outcome depends on her actions. This is normally a reading that requires clarifying, laying down the result card as the significator and then doing a 10 card Celtic cross.

    If you need help, just yell.

  • Hi Sacogirl,

    Kinda hard to interpert when you don't know what the position of the cards are supposed to represent, but I'm not seeing a lot of "Cups" or "Swords" ...I can't figure what "Waves" represents.

    Torches is "Wands"

    Stones is "Pentacles"

    Clouds is "Swords"

    Waves is "Cups"

    I think.

    You need to be more clear!

    But the fact you have a lot of reversed cards means that you are making things more complicated then they should be, things are definately not good between are constantly at conflict with each other.

    You say you are both LEOS, so you both want to be "King". well there is only room for one King in any realm, or so you beleive!

    Your egos are interfering with your love for each other, that is why you are having problems have to step down, and be humble. Because you are male/female Lions, it is up to you to take the first step, allow him to be "King".Once you that, he will gladly treat you like his "Queen". The trick is for both of you to regnonize when it is the time to let the other rule, decide who will rule which "fiefdom" in your combined lives...LOL it can be done if you really love each other, again I think its up to you to make the first move, for you are the female and ultimately more powerful...but here's a poem for both of you to read:

    Give makes Give...

    Greed makes Greed.

    Flower makes Flower...

    And Weed makes Weed.

    Clean makes Clean...

    Dust makes Dust.

    Doubting makes Doubting...

    And Trust makes Trust.

    -Linda Goodman


  • Hi Brigidaire!

    Thank you for your help. Sorry I wasn't more clear. I am adding the card positions, so maybe this will help more....

    Perceptions - The Ten of Torches (reversed)

    Labels - The Four of Stones (reversed)

    Others -The King of Torches (reversed)

    Reality Check - The Ace of Waves (reversed)

    What If? - The Five of Clouds

    On the one Hand - The Eight of Waves (reversed)

    On the other Hand - The Ten of Clouds

    Connection - The Queen of Waves (reversed)

    I'm going to try to add a pic of the layout, and maybe this will help too!

    Thanks Brigidaire! I hope this might give you a little more to work with 🙂


  • Ok...hopefully this pic will

  • One more

  • Firefly01.. My thanks to you to!! Didn't mean to leave you out...If you have any thoughts on the info I added, I 'd be pleased to hear what you have to say!

    Have a great day!


  • Hey there Brigidaire and Firefly01! Where'd you two go off to? lol If your around and want to take another look at these cards for me, I'd be grateful!

    If anyone else wants to take a stab at it, go for it! It would be much appreciated!!



  • Good evening everyone 🙂

    I am still hoping that someone could interpret the card spread I have described and photograhed above.

    Please feel free to jump in at any time, if you feel at all inclined!

    Thank you in advance,


  • This post is deleted!

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