Question about dreams??

  • For years andd years I have been having dreams only to have them play out in real life almost exactly like it happened in my dreams. What does that mean. Is this coincidence or does it mean something more. It usually plays out where the conversation, location, and person all happen almost exactly like it did in my dreams. I was just curious as to what you guys here thinks this means?

  • Hi, I have had something similar in regards to work--dreams about work. If your dreaming about the same type scenario, maybe your trying to work through something that your going through in your waking hours. It seems that whatever is being played out is something your going through that needs to be worked-out? If you can remember the details maybe you can figure out how it relates to you. Once you figure it out, will probably quit having them?

  • G'day again Ms Bunny

    You are having what's called "prophetic dreams" which are not dreams in the classic sense of symbolism, etc, but rather they are predicting events in the future. I would jot these dreams down if you aren't already (in a diary or journal). Google dream experts and see if you can find someone near you who can further clarify what the purpose of you receiving these dreams could be. I feel you just may be experiencing what Alison Dubois (Medium) does, though I get that the dreams you're having at the moment are more about every day events as such as a sort of "training" phase.

    Take notice of them, and read up on dream interpretation, etc, to further educate yourself. Note colours, any symbols you may see in them also - although as they're prophetic there may not be much or any symbolism in them. Remember too that quite a lot of people - including children - had prophetic dreams or visions about the planes flying into the Trade Centre well before it happened.

    Most importantly, don't question why they're coming to you or be afraid of them. When you first wake from a prophetic dream, note the first feeling you experience and go with that. If any of them do frighten you, look up dream interpretation to put your mind at ease. If that doesn't work, write it down as I said and close the book if you don't wish to follow up on it any further. Sometimes over-analysing dreams can make them bigger and scarier than they are.

    I've had some "small scale" prophetic dreams myself in the past and some total doozy nightmare ones which have left me feeling pretty darned weird to say the least. BUT I consult my dream dictionaries, jot the dream/s down and consult them every now and then.

    Hope this helps and you got the answer you were after this time!! xoxoxoxoxoxxoxo

  • Junglebunny,

    Cris is right. This is a gift that you need to nurture. Use a dream journal to jot down all of the details that you remember upon awakening.

    Remember, Allison Dubois only got her "visions" through dreams and was highlighted on Lifetime in a show called "Medium."

    Most of us on this forum have different types of gifts that we use to help others understand their gifts and help them make progress.

  • Thank you,

    I usually wake up thinking wtf was that? I think about it and wonder why would i have this dream. One of the most recent ones I had was of me sitting on the train looking out the window watching trees go by on the way home from my ex boyfriends house and my sister calls and says, hey I want to tell you something but I can't and I say you are pregnant and she says yes. It was so scary because when it finally happened in real life about 3 weeks after the dream it was exactly like it was in my dreams. I had one two nights ago but I am not yet sure if its going to happen or just a wishful delusion but when I have these dreams the feeling is so different. Because the dreams are so vivid and so clear and my other dreams are usually a muddled mess. So I have actually gotten to a point where I can tell the difference. I actually dont even have to write them down because they stick in my memory unlike other dreams. I never thought of keeping a dream journal in the future I will take note of colors and things like that . Thanks guys

  • Glad to help 🙂

  • My dear you ahve been blessed with prophetic dreams.

    When you are stressed does it seem to be more pronounced? If so, that is your subconscious mind showing you how to deal with the situation.

    Be glad you have this becasue it will come in handy soon. There will be a situation that you will not know how to handle when it happens but your dreasm will give you a preview of what may happen if you act cool headed.

    Sometimes these things can be a curse or a saving grace. It all depends on how you look at it. 🙂

  • They are definitely more pronounced when I am stressed. My ex and I just broke up and I have had a couple of dreams since then and its basically the same dream but I never paid a whole lot of attention to it but now I will definitely pay more attention to it

  • and its weird because these dreams are like watching TV on a 72" HDTV after watching tv on a fuzzy old black and white TV for years. I don't know when I have them they are so vivid the seem almost tangible. I wake up and it feels more like I traveled somewhere than I was actually asleep and just dreaming. Its pretty crazy

  • Jungle...look into astral projection....just a feeling^^ 🙂 Tell me what you find.

  • I am not sure. Some of it makes sense but it doesnt answer why when I have the dreams I have why the events take place a couple of weeks later.

  • the fact that they take place a few weeks later just means your lucky to have ths gift. You see things before they happen. That's really all that is.

    As far as astral projection..that would be the feeling of projecting yourself into th future and that feeling of 'leaving' your body while you sleep^^

    That is probably how you are doing this. You are allowing your astral body to contect with the future and therefor seeing very cool things 🙂 Kinda creepy but cool things lol

  • if this were the case that would be crazy. I will read more on it. thank you

  • No prob..there is all kinda wonky stuff out there to look into 🙂

  • oh my god have to come in on this i have the same dreams. there always on my mind because they tend not to hold any symbolism. i always wake up thinking right that dream was so straight forward it must come true but then i debate how can it because there are some things that just don't seem possible and low and behold they end up being exactly the same. but wow yours come true in a matter of weeks mine are usually a matter of months. a

    i'm always some what taken aback by the moment, although i've had so many deja vous's this week it's incredible. i've noticed this since i was a young teenager, but further more i notice that if you go to bed and take time to focus on a particular subject or question, your dreams will answer you, i've asked myself questions hoping to find out how things will pan out in the future, and low and behold i've gotten my answers. i think you will be able to train your dreams in a matter of speaking and it won't only occur when your stressed. but saying that my dreams have answered me it only occurs to me when i'm living the moment.

  • Mine usually manifest in a day to a week. Sometimes I can't rmeember them..bah! lol I just get glimpses of what they were. I try to write them down to make sense but some are just weird. I think it's cause of what I ate the night before lol. Subway makes veryh interesting dreams to say the least. O.o

  • i reckon it's the cheese that can be the key ingredient there.

  • Oh I so agree! maybe the pepperoni too..spicy stuff makes for spicey dreams 😃 lol

  • its very weird I have been having these sort of dreams more often lately. I have had 4 in the last 3 weeks. Does the increase in frequency mean something. They have also changed somewhat in the sense that they are no longer about me. One was a conversation with my ex. The other two were fights between my ex and his ex. In the past they have been just directly related to my interaction with another person. Also in the last dream I could FEEL emotions not just see and hear. Do you guys think these changes mean anything significant?

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