No longer an Aquarian

  • Hello to everyone. I have some major problems I have no idea how to correct. I was born Feb. 2/54 & have no idea what my rising sign or anything else that should be connected to my birthdate.

    I am no longer an Aquarian & havent been for at least 10 yrs that I am aware of. I dont have a clue what I've become except that it is very undesireable to myself & to those around me. Each of my last 3 relationships in the last 10 yrs have taken away a piece of me & replaced it with very negative traits.

    I've lost my compassion. I used to cry at commercials. I have been & should be a humantarian. I now dislike humans particularily men. ALL men. I dont even want one as a friend. I used to be tolerant & patient. An Aquarian is always ahead of their time. They are the one who goes gaga over the latest gagets & technology. I despise it. You couldnt pay me to own a cell phone. Computers? They should be a good thing, but from what I've experienced it's the devil in disguise enticing the weak to be drawn into the world of infidelity & pornography creating an outlet to bizarre fetishes (i.e. child porn) The New Millineum Misstress as it has been defined by councellers. I've read in these forums about BF keeping their dating site profiles.... I rest my case. (I've had bad experiences with these issues by men) Live & let live. Now, are you kidding? I have always been opinionated but the last 10 yrs has become unbudgeable. I will NOT allow even the slightest of slights to interfere with my obsession for honesty, integrity, principals and values. Big big problem there. I found that as the years go by there is less & less of these most important traits availble in men. I've turned into an angry, contolling freak who has decided that I will much rather spend my life totally alone than to be subjected to any more untrustworthyness. I used to be generous. Now I'm resentful. In short I'm not even close to who I used to be. By the sounds of it I've ended up with all the worst traits of all the signs.

  • Hi i'm new here. But I seen this and I feel exactly the same way. I have been in a relationship with a guy for some years now. I feel like he is the reason I am what I am today. It seems like I lost all of my traits too and people have noticed. I would love to talk more 🙂

  • Who says that you have to be exactly how people portray your Zodiac sign? It's a general look, that's it. You've had hard times in your life, things that have been stolen (or have been given away). Honesty, Integrity, Prinicles, etc. and havng an obession over them IS NOT a bad thing. You're right, though, rarely do you cross someone who has these traits. The world we live in is messed up.

    How do you return? Forgive. You have to make the decision to forgive those who hurt you. That does not mean that you cannot hurt, or be mad at them. Step-by-step, not day-by-day. Hate the sin, love the sinner.

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