Cancer man confusing me-Im a scorpio

  • I'm a scorpio girl who met a cancer male and its dynamite when we are together. Our first date we went to the movies and then he walked over 60 blocks with me to my apartment. He walked inside we sat down had a conversation then I told him it was getting late and he needed to go. We then stood outside my apartment by the door talking, eventually he started kissing me, we were there for 4 hours until the sun came up and he both had heckies all over necks, I told him he could sleep over but nothing can happen, which nothing did. Complete gentlemen. The next day he stand in my apartment until 11pm. I was so happy, after he left I text him how I enjoyed our time and will miss the kisses, I never got a reply. The next day he came over to play WII, nothing happened until he left 7 hours later and gave me a good night kiss. I crossed it all out as he was not that into me,,,,he then remembers little things I said and randomly sent me text msgs, but nothing romantic or whether to go out. still I'm wondering, why is he texting me? Then I mention I want to watch prince of persia and he said he wanted to too, it was a friday, so I said we could go on sunday if he wanted, again no response. Then on Sunday he texts me something random, I asked if he watched the movie, he said no because he knew I wanted to, so I asked when he wanted to go. We then decide to go to the movies last night, came back and had a beautiful night making out and fooling around. He was so tender and sweet, kept gazing into me eyes and was attentive in every way. We still had not did it...I'm still wary. He stayed over and then left in the morning after making my bed. I said it would be nice to get together later in the week and he said "sure" nothing else. Again the idiot I am I send him a text again saying I hoped he had a great day with a kiss :*, no response. Is he interested or playing around? please help

  • Youve been sucked in... Im in a similar situation... but after ten months... You need to proceed with care. DOnt get to far into this guy...he will continue to do ao disappearing act. Just common sense here... dont contact him and see what happens...If he's interested... you know the rest. Good for you for not sleeping with him... thats how you get emotionally pinched! Continue to do the things that you did before you met him... because you will find yourself doing them anyway with the way a crab maneuvers.

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