How do I know if was taken as a fool-advicepls

  • I dated this guy Larry for 4 months then he dissappeared, I did not hear from him again until last year and he told me this story and I belived him. Now I wonder if j he ust played with my feelings and I meant nothing to him or whether is married.

  • without knowing a sign I would assume he is a cancer with the disapperaing act and if you dont mind me asking what was his story that he told you after not being in contact for so long?

  • He is scorpio. He said he was deployed to Iran.

  • Scorpios do their own fair share of disappearing into the depths of deep water. Sometimes, their emotions are so complex that they feel more in control when they run away. He would not have wanted you to worry about him, and this is the primary reason he left without letting you know. He did not wish to burden you if something should happen to him.

  • He disappeared again, that makes me wonder if lie to me and was married and never had the guts to tell me

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