What is wrong with me?

  • I am new to this forum but I decided to jump on to get some insight. As a young child well up into my adulthood, I've always have had the gift of foresight as well as being able to see things, persons, etc. of the spiritual world. Lately, it seems as if my gift is fading or leaving me because I have not had the usual amount of activity. I admit, I have been under a tremendous amount of stress. Does anyone have any suggestions as to why this is happening? Please someone give me a suggestion on what to do.

  • Hi Leann, Remember all gifts come from God. Mother Teresa actually heard the voice of Jesus instructing her what she was to do. She yearned most of her life to hear his voice again. Because she did not she referred to this as the "dark night of the soul." I don't, of course, know the meaning of your gift in regards to your life. Only God knows His purpose for you. I am a visionary. I don't make mention of this very often because it is not understood by a lot of people. What you really need, as well as me, a support group of visionaries also. My visions have not stopped. What I see other people can also, after I point it out. A lot are in my home or around my home. About a year ago I put a glass by the bathroom faucet. The light shining through the glass formed a perfect horse's head. At different times it has the battle armour on it. I have seen many things.

    Although you will be criticised for your gift, continue to tell people about it. Acknowledge the Source of your gift. What good is a gift if you cannot share it--right! My gift started in childhood also. Do not hide your gift. Love and best wishes.

  • Hi Leann,

    I would suggest that if you feel your gift has gone into hiding it may be because you are in transition with it, or have not been giving it your attention. Do you meditate, simply sit in the silence listening for messages from Spirit?

    All too often the pace of our lives takes us 'out of our gifts'. I use mine daily, however, there have been many times that it has receded. Now, after a very long time, my gift is with me every day, all day, and there is no better way to live than through Spirit. There is no true separation between our lives and Spirit, no such thing as duality.

    What I mean by possibly being in transition with it, is sometimes it will be in a process of increase, a period of time when even more beautiful gifts make themselves known. Your stresses, difficulties right now, may benefit from you using your gift, rather than letting it sit by the side of the road! : )

    I suggest that you spend time with your gift; smile when it comes to you. Be its friend. And when you discuss it, do so at the start with people you trust and love the most.

    You also have a switch in your light body that will allow you to 'dim' what you receive at will. Ask the Archangel URIEL to assist you with finding it and learning to use it. You are allowed to moderate it when you feel it is necessary.

    Many blessings,


  • Thanks for the advice and encouragement..

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