I need help with a friend

  • On april 1st 2010 me and my girlfriend split up because she moved away I gave her my number to call me and talk to me she said she will and on may 3rd 2010 she messaged me on barackobama.com asking if it was me on the profile and I haven't heard from her since. Will we ever get back together?

    My birthdate




  • Is your friend born 3rd November or 11th March?

  • 11th march

  • This is generally more easy for a short term affair than anything long term like marriage.You are two very persuasive emotional people who usually get your way with others but not with each other. It may not be easy for the pair of you ever to reach an agreement on anything. Other people will believe anything you two say. Thus you must never betray the trust of those who follow you.

    Your love affair may probably be more soulful than romantic. An element of sorrow or pain may invade this relationship, for you both carry an awareness of life's difficulties. Happiness here has a slightly bittersweet quality, being filled with the belief that although life is not a bed of roses, things most often turn out for the best. You two probably prefer to keep to yourselves than play a strongly social role. The pain and regret you cause each other probably outweigh the benefits of the relationship.

  • So no I don't see you getting back together.

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