Being distant with gemini man driving him CRAZY!

  • I ALWAYS fall for gemini men and they ALWAYS hurt me. they're hot and cold.. two personalities.. and I'm always after the chase so of course I fall for these guys who never seem to get emotionally invested. Well, I've been best friends with this one Gemini guy for a long time, and I've recently realized I'm completely in love with him. He seems pretty possessive over me which seems a little abnormal for a Gemini (maybe he's Scorpio rising.. who knows?) but I've noticed that if I'm not as friendly, touchy feely, or open with him.. it drives him CRAZY and he HAS to know if something's wrong. is this the way to winning over a Gemini? It's nice to drive them nuts for a change. Ugh.

    P.S. I'm Virgo, Aries rising 🙂

  • Honey, if you're only 22 keep up the chase & stay away from the possessive types. Explore the world outside of yourself & beyond your love life.


  • Hello,

    Maybe I can offer some insight, I'm a taurus female with a gemini male, I'm in my 20's just as you are 🙂 I agree with (littlelioness), you are young and you have plenty of time to figure out what you want in a man. It took me a divorce, and a few broken engagements for me to affirm and come to grips with what I really wanted and what I deserve. It's often said in the charts that gemini men are difficult to deal with (if per se you are "still" looking into being with a gemini), but what I have experienced in my current relationship is a sometimes moody man, that has loved me unconditionally. While I have had some horrible experiences with males from other signs, this is truly the first time I can say that I am truly loved. I have learned that loving a gemini isn't difficult at all it just has to be the "right" gemini man. Don't waste your time or love on any jerk that mistreats you (regardless of his sign). If someone appreciates you for who you are take the time to get to know them. I talked to my bf for an entire year before we concluded that we wanted to be together, take your time, be patient, choose your battles wisely and love will come.


    BTW my mom is a virgo you all are wonderful people and very sensitive hearts, create a clear path for what you want and I know it will of luck 🙂

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