Captain, Life/Love reading please

  • May I have a reading? I'm going through a difficult break up... would like to know more about my future? When I am going to move on? Will we ever get back together? Or when will I find/ have I found the right one for me in my past?

    Me: Oct 1, 1986 10:57 pm

    Him: May 23 1980 (time unknown)

    I'm interested in hearing about the relationship but more focused on my outlook generally.

  • When you move on is entirely up to you - you move on when you are ready to do so.

    Your former relationship was more like a competition than a love affair. It was stimulating and playful and you both tried to outwit each other. It oriented itself around matters of the mind. An explosive streak threatened, like a summer storm with its sudden intensity and heat lightning. Outbursts such as this act as a warning however and rarely materialise into full-blown physical conflict. Should you two have failed to discuss all the quick conclusions you jumped to and not engaged in a cooling-off period before addressing your issues, it would well have proved disastrous for your affair. If thoughts and feelings were suppressed, anxiety, fear and jealousy may have been sunblimated into competitive drives. This relationship was never very trusting or stable. Often one partner will take the role of teacher and the other of student here. The relationship can be based on a will to overcome with its attendant power struggles, friendly or not. There was an undeniable sexual attraction but love affairs in this combination don't normally last long and are not the most healthiest of matchups. Once the affair ends, it rarely ever re-ignites.

    You, Libraire, are here to learn to relate to others more intimately. You require a mate with a worldly mind like your own. The problem is that any life partner might take a dim view of your many close work relationships or your long periods spent devoted to your goals. You must be prepared to give your partner at least equal time. Resisting the temptation to do everything yourself or to strike out on your own in search of a more perfect world will feature prominently in your lifepath. You must take care to avoid histrionics and an overly exacting attitude towards others because they can interfere with your ability to draw others into your vision of what is possible. Indecision or insecurity regarding your need to venture into uncharted waters (which can lead to retreat into frustration or rigid thought patterns) are something you must overcome. You are capable of achieving your goals, romantic or otherwise, and if you can let go of your overly strict adherance to your rules and your self-critical attitudes, you can expect great success. Don't look back to past failures - go forward with new clarity and renewed hope. And remember to devote more time to your partners and intimacy in the future.

  • Thank you very much

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