Pisces man walked out on Virgo lady???

  • I have known my fiance (Louie) for approximately 30 years or so, engaged for 1 1/2 years. He left me because of my oldest son and others disrespecting me. How does one speak to her son JR (Taures) without it getting out of hand??? I have tried to tell him not to bring anyone to our home not to mention smoking weed with my youngest son (Luis 14yrs his brother). JR has a daughter (Trinity 8 yrs) what kind of message does he think that sends to her as being responsible to supporting her??? Even though we do not see Trinity as much as we would like too the times we do are short. I want the best for my family but I deserve to be happy too.

    Louie and I have a problem with communication and understanding eachothers opinion. Lord knows that without him in our lives life would be impossible to live.

    Can anyone give me some advise please???!!!!!!!!!!! God bless everyone in their walk in life

  • It is really important for you to understand why Louie is gone. He is drawing a line, or boundry that he will not let anyone penatrate. It does not mean he does not love you, it means he loves himself more. What he has done is one of the hardest things in anyone's life to do. He walked away from love because he could not pay the price it cost to love you.

    Very simply, you do not have any backbone when it comes to your children. You ask in your post how does anyone have a talk with their children without is getting out of hand, I can't beleive your are asking that. They are in your home they should be following your rules. If they don't then they should not be allowed back into the home until they prove they will follow the house rules. If I had a child that was being provided weed to their 14 yr old sibling I would have called the police a long time ago and nipped that problem so it would not happen again. Yes, you read it right, I would call the police. I have a feeling your thinking, CALL THE POLICE, is this women out of her mind!!! The answer is, no I am not. I am a realist and realistically by allowing these destructive behaviours to continue to happen on your watch is inexcusable. Your 14 and 8 year old children need you to protect them.

    My advice, don't waste a minute, have a family meeting and introduce your house rules. Start with 10, here are some examples:

    1. Absolutely no drugs in the house ever!!!

    2. No cursing or bad mouthing you, your finance, or each other.

    3. You are in charge, before any decision is made regarding your two younger children the

    idea must be run by you before any action is taken.

    4. Clean up after yourself, you are not their maid and have no intention of constantly

    cleaning up after anyone else.

    5. No one is aloud to just come into your home, if your eldest son wants to bring someone

    into YOUR home he must let you know and ask you if it's okay ahead of time.

    These are just a few examples. Next there has to be consequences if your rules are not followed. Anyway, I am not a phsychologist or anything, these ideas are just ways to control your environment and protect your younger children.

    I garantee you if you really use this method and successfully follow through on all of your consequenses, Louie will come back permanently.

    I hope this helps...

  • Go for it I know you can do it...

  • Keep me posted on your progress

  • I keep posting because I am trying to get rid of those stupid selling posts.

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