Aries Woman and Libra Man could someone help please with maybe a reading?

  • I was just wondering if someone could help me a little? I have a little intuition of my own, but it seems it's so much harder to use on your own life. My husband lies to me all the time! I mean it's even down to the smallest detail like what he ate for breakfast. Anyways, he has lied to me about some emails to an old friend. I knew he wrote her, but when asked about it he said no. He told me I was crazy. So, I have bided my time and well what do you know he was sending emails about how they should get together and have sex! He even asked her to send him nude pictures. He lied up until the minute I shown him proof that I knew, as in I wrote her and had her send me the emails and checked his cell phone records to times that matched phone calls. So even after paper evidence he says I'm crazy. It was just nothing, he was just messing with her head cause he knows I do not like this woman at all. He says he has never cheated on me and he doesn't see Emotional affairs as cheating! Oh and says that I'm stupid and weak if I cry and no one has died?

    But I'm a sucker cause I love him he smiles at me and I'm gone! I just fall right into those baby blues! We have 2 young children, who love him dearly. But he is so self absorbed that sometimes I wonder if he even knows they are there. But he has that same effect on our little girls as me. It must be a Libra thing. He blames all of his problems on me though that I'm boring. Of course I pay attention to my children he doesn't. I also make sure though that he gets everything he wants in the sex dept. Just to keep him happy.

    sorry I didn't know how much background info is needed. I just would like to know if it's time to worry more about fixing what has been broken in me and let this man go. He still says he loves me and then turns around and tells me about how I'm not his ideal 50's era wife! I just feel like I'm suffocating my nature.

    Thanks anyone who helps

  • You have just gave yourself the answer now its up to you what you will do with it he is using you and he knows he can get by with it if it was love he would not do them things to you or you children i would demand he get counseling and you to if not then i would tell he by.Delbert C

  • Yuo answered your own question fellow aries. You're in a marriage, this isnt a manyou're just dating or getting to know, sounds like he takes joy in mentally abusingyou. Gemini men are funny... in a weird way... too many different personalites. I've dealt with 2, and I'd rather deal with a Capricorn. That's how strongly I feel about Geminis now. Not sure what else to tell you... but I'd be damned if any man belittles me, calling me stupid fire A true Arian would never take such words lightly!! But I wish you luck & blessings iny our marriage.

  • Thank you both for your replies. I am just unsure if I was giving up because of my nature or if it is the thing to do. It drains me, I know that. Believe me I don not take criticism lightly. He makes me angry because after he says stuff like that he then wants to walk away and me to be quiet! lol I don't see it that way.:D Why is it so hard though to leave someone that is bad for you? Why is it easier to leave a good person I wonder? But as you can tell I've been thinking about leaving him. I just have no financial security to leave.

  • I'm a Libra woman so my perspective may be skewed a bit. Maybe his Venus sign will be a better indicator of his behavior in relationships. I can say as a Libra sun though, I do maintain what one may call emotional relationships with men from my past, but if I am presently in love and in a relationship that distinction is clear. I sometimes lie about simple things for my own sheer amusement or to make like or a conversation more interesting. I think his behavior is awful toward you though and his flaw may be in his character rather than his sign.

    I will say though I value romantic relationships, but I certainly can get bored. Maybe the thought of actually losing you would strike some action in him. Human nature is to take as long as someone is willing to give. So for the sake of your children I definitely say work it out... but not at the expense of your happiness and self esteem. I agree with the counseling suggestion.

  • He is a cheater. sorry to be so blunt, but you gave yourself an answer, and clearly you are unhappy. you think he will just change because you wish he would. honey, stop being his doormat, and give him a taste of his own medicine.

    If you continue on this way he will just continue on with what he's been doing. he is a cheater, and not an honest man.

    now time for you to deal with that. it is what it is.


  • Hm, I need to add some info to this too. He is also a recovering addict. Who lost almost all of his high school friends because he wanted to stop using narcotics. He also lost the support of his mother in this too. So I have been trying to be his support, because he's ashamed of it. To him it shows that he was weak. And his old friends contact hm still but they want nothing to do with him unless they can get him to use. So he feels like he's lost the love of his friends and his mother. If I put in our DOBs could someone give me a reading as to whether we'll overcome his addiction? Mine is april, 13th 1984 His is october, 4th 1984

  • He IS weak. He has a lot of work cut out for him and you are his enabler. You need to go to Al- Anon for yourself because you are oblivious to his manipulation.

    Unless you understand YOUR role in this relationship, he will never change. stop enabling him. He is using your kindness and you don't see it because you are so caught up in it...

    He is not going to change... it's you that has to change first before he will see that you mean business, and only then, and I mean only when you put your foot down, will he even begin to feel remorse for the s h i t he puts on you and everybody else.

    the story about his Mother is Bull. why would his mother want him to use again? makes no sense at all. you would think she would be thrilled withdrawing from drug use.

    Fiery One, once you have changed, then everything and everyone around you will begin to change. change has to start with you.

    You are in a dead end. it's up to you to find your way out.

  • I believe you are focusing more on astrology than common sense. I believe you are doing this because you are in denial. This relationship is not good for you or your children. You have an obligation to protect them physically, emotionally, and spiritually. You are being selfish by staying in this co- dependent relationship. Aries and Libras can be in a loving relationship ( my husband and I have been married for 16 yrs.) but you must be clear about boundaries and expectations. If either partner is not willing to work then the relationship won't work. I know this because the father of my first child was also a Libra born on the 4th. He lied, cheated, and thought I should be his mother. That relationship lasted until I became fed up and put him out when my child was 4 mo. old. I deserved more and so did she. Stop making excuses for him and yourself. Either you will accept his behavior or you won't.

  • Thanks everyone I know I've been enabling him. I also have already told him that I will not deal with it anymore. His mother is addicted too, that's why she pushes it back. More for her because he will share with her. She was the one to give him his first narcotics when he was 15 yrs old. I've been in denial for years about it. It was more comfortable to pretend everything is fine than to think we have problems, I know that.I've been in the process of moving back home to help take care of my Father, and also you could say him to take care of me with emotional support. I need to resume counseling as well, because I myself have my own faults. Issues that are the usual, abandonment from childhood. That is not an excuse. I know what I've been responsible for in this relationship. I thought I could deal with everything by being numb, but that doesn't work. Time to try something that does. I also plan to get counseling for my children. He will not get it so nothing I can do for him since he doesn't want to help himself. I've been thinking it over though for a few months. Just wanted to get a second opinion. Thanks again everyone

  • Fiery1984

    Just a quick look at DOB

    You have a strong tendency of being too hard on yourself. This self critical attitude can cause you unnecessary guilt and makes you take on responsibilities that are not yours.

    That’s why you continued with the relationship, even when you knew how he was and how his mother was. Well they still are addicts now, aren’t they ? Maybe he played this trick on you, or maybe he didn’t – it doesn’t matter now. There are 2 in relationship, both have to give and take. If you give and you can’t take, then there is no relationship. He has to give as much as he takes, just like you do.

    Your north node in Gemini shows that you need to develop communication and social skills. You probably didn’t listen much to other people’s advices before, but from now on you will need to. You do have a bit of problem communicating. Either you talk too much it gets out of tangent, or you keep to yourself too much that when you are given chance to say your piece, you blow it. This is common when Mercury retro on your natal chart. So focus to develop and improve these Gemini skills. Your ruler Mars in Scorpio makes you a tireless fighter. But learn to pace yourself from time to time, or Mars aggression can get the best out of you.

    About your husband, his moon in Aqua is not much of excitement in romance that you crave for. He probably loves you, but freedom can be a big thing for someone with this placement. North node in Taurus, his purpose in this life time is to develop his self worth. he has a distorted sense of self worth, and so he keeps looking for perfection. This is why he cheats. Because his self esteem so low, he can’t bare to see imperfection in others. There is ALWAYS something wrong with people around him, including you. So he tries to find someone else, hoping that he will find this imaginary perfect woman someday. This can be anything from physically perfect to intellectually perfect and so on. Sun conjunct Mercury in Libra, he is a fast thinker, but changes his mind too often he may appear indecisive or even unstable to others.

    Neptune in Sag, only works well if he is in the right path of higher learning. If he is not, then he is prone to be victim of manipulation and false beliefs. Because he believes in illusion, this is why he can’t overcome his addiction. He believes what his mother set as an example, that drugs can save him. I don’t know when he will overcome this addiction, because even if cosmic influence pushes him to overcome it, he has to make the decision himself. All I can say is, He will have to make the right decision during Saturn return (or preferably before) or it is going to be a very rough ride for him.

    hope this helps

  • Thank You Leoscorpion for taking the time out of your day for me. That was so right on, it gave me chills. May I ask when or what is Saturn return?

  • Saturn return is a period when Saturn returns to the same position it occupied in someone’s natal chart. Saturn returns when someone reaches 28 – 30 years old of age. It is one of five life altering events in someone’s life. Saturn is often referred to as Lord of Karma, because it rules maturity and responsibility among other things. He is a Task master. He gave us tasks and responsibility to fulfill, and then he went on ‘holiday’. When he returns, he will review our accomplishments so far.

    Saturn is the opposite of Jupiter. While Jupiter expands, Saturn limits. This means, even if we have fulfilled our responsibilities, Saturn will not bestow us reward generously like Jupiter. It will bestow us reward, but accompanied with more responsibilities and expectations. Then he will go on vacation again until the next ‘review’. These are the steps Saturn takes to mature us as we get older.

    If we haven’t been ‘responsible’, Saturn will exercise restriction. It will place us in a locked room. We have no where to go, we can’t run from reality of our own doing, and the people who used to help us – will somehow be unavailable. The only way out of this room, is to admit what we have done wrong and make steps to fix it. Denial in this case, can cause serious problems in the area where we haven’t been ‘responsible’.

    This is how Saturn return affect each person differently. We may be responsible with money but not with health, or we are responsible and loyal in marriage but careless at work etc. Since we all make mistakes one way or the other, none of us is really free of Saturn return’s affect. You and he were born in the same year, you will experience Saturn return at about the same period as he does, which is between 2012 to 2013. Do your best to focus on your purpose in this life time. Tie up loose ends and improve as many areas in your life as you can. Overcome that unnecessary guilt you impose on yourself. If you do wrong someone, apologize and fix it. Then move on. You don't want to be unprepared or in denial during Saturn return.

    About your husband, I guess you have to leave it to his decision.

  • Well it has been so far so good. hopefully he has the will to overcome his addiction. For right now at least it seems he will. fingers crossed. He's been sober since the last time I posted.

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