Help W/ Celtic Cross Tarot card READING! PLEASE

  • Question was in regard to my husband who received his lump sum of $, What are his plans with the many or what do you see the out come or of the use of it?

    Higher Power::::::::::::::::::::::::: 8 Of Swords

    Long Term Potential::::::::::::: 10 Of Coins

    Self::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Queen of Cups

    Situation:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: 10 Of Wands

    Recent Past::::::::::::::::::::::::::: 3 Of Swords

    Foundation::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: 5 Of Swords

    Challenges/Opportunity::::::: 4 Of Cups

    Near Future:::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Knight Of Swords

    Blocks & Inhibitions:::::::::::::: 10 Of Swords

    Allies:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: 6 Of Coins

    Advice:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: 7 Of Coins

    LongTerm Potential::::::::::::: 10 Of Coins

    Hope this was helpful, and I thank any one taking their time out to help me and I truely appreciate it!

    Live,Love,Laugh Often Life is too short not too>>>>>>>

  • Dear Devine,

    First of all, there are too many cards for a Celtic cross. Do not count the significator.

    There should only be 10 cards. The first card covers the significator. The second card crosses the first and shows the helping or opposing forces. The 3rd is placed below the first 2 cards and is read as the foundation of the matter. The 4th card is placed behind the first 2 cards and represents what is passing now. The 5th card is placed above the first 2 cards and shows the result or reason why the 4th card (foundation) came about. The 6th card is placed in front of the first 2 cards, creating the cross, and represents an upcoming future event.

    The next four cards are placed vertically to the right of the 6th card. The 7th card represents your secret fears, the 8th card (an important position) shows how the public or friends and family "sees" the situation (which can be contradictory). The 9th card shows an event which must pass before the outcome of the 10th card takes place.

    Overall, the cards in your spread show you want part of the money and it is deeply distressing to you that you have no say in how it is spent. However, the rest of the cards show your husband using the money wisely for the benefit of the family.

  • Yes, I agree. Here is a link to the card that you got as the long term potential:

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