Reading please, finding center of maze

  • Hi,

    Recently I've felt like my hope to meet a new man in my life will come true very son. Only catch is that it feels like he's in the middle of a maze & I can't get to the middle. Any suggestions for my next move?

  • Try sending him love. Start visualizing him finding his way to you. Maybe hes dealing with a situation that he feels stuck and is shut off from having a new love come into his life. Visualize him feeling your gentle vibrations pulling him away from what ever issue is preventing him from accepting new love. The last thing you want is him to pull you into his "lostness". This isnt going to happen overnight really start putting some energy into this maybe just a few minutes a day. I know you pisces are dreamers this shouldnt be to difficult for you.

  • Hi Lovinmylife,

    That seems like a great idea & yes, not hard for me.

    Thanks 🙂

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