Love reading please anyone

  • Namaste Sekjst.

    You have been gifted with a power so amazing you cannot even see it. We share this wonderful gift, Sekjst; G-d calls it one thing, the world calls it another. I call it THE BULLS**T METER!

    This incredible gift has been present throughout your entire life. It is in your face now because the lessons you received in the past seemed to be "not enough" to get you to come to the gift of your own accord. This is yet another undiscovered strength -- ENDURANCE, and G-d definitely needs beings on His team who have it. Namaste!

    So, you're tired of feeling this way, yes? Now you are saying, ENOUGH! to "abandonment". It is all to the Good.

    You have the ability to see what others miss; the gift is to be undeceived by external appearances and to discover the Truth beneath them. To not assume that all is well underneath, but to rely on your potent intuition to reveal that which must be revealed. To shed light on that which is camoflaged, to illuminate duplicity or pretense, that is a gift.

    Being stuck in the content of you own life, being oblivious to the fact that perhaps you are wandering aimlessly through life, is exactly what you are being asked to shine a light on. This promises a time of lucidity so that clarity can be retrieved and stability salvaged. Determine how you have been affected or influenced by your view of the world. Here is a hint: there is no such thing as abandonment.

    This shadow space feels safe; it is familiar, despite its negative pitfalls. Most people aren't aware of how to turn darkness to Light, and so revert to the familiar because they arent' equipped with a clear understanding of how to find sacredness in the horrors that haunt them. However, the horrors hold the keys to realizing one's personal power and purpose. Consider that you are dwelling on the events of the past and using them as an excuse to linger in the darkeness. Despite good reason, you may be blaming the events for your lack of healing and growth.

    You are being primed to leap into the future without regret, and with a healthy respect for your grief. Find the purpose behind the events and thus the sacred reason for what you experienced. This is vital. When you know the reason, you will be able to share it with others to aid in their healing.



  • Hi Ahiliyah, This is Worthyme and the Gemini has always kept in touch. As a matter of fact we have just spkoe with each other on 9/30. and the conversation went well. Just want to know rather or not there is a chance between us. He does not have a special person in hsi lfe. The times that we have not seen ecah other was not all on me. I believe that he came into my life for a reason. This person has showed me and taught me about patienrt and self-control. Those were the 2 things I was lacking. Hw is such a good person. I have meet other people and tried to give them a chance,but they just don't do it for me. They cannot hold my attention. Gemini does not have to do much, we have always,always had an attrction toward ecah other and still do. I told him that I want us to be best friend and my lover, and give us another chance. His response we will talk later.

  • Hi Worthy. Thanks for writing back.

    Is there a chance for you to be together?



  • Thank you. I will try and let the repeated patterns be the illumination of things I need to see and change.

  • Ahilyah, would love to get your honest answer. I don't tell people much of my business because I am a private person. This is the best way for me to get answers. Thanks

  • Hi Worthy, you received the message I received on your behalf. It is now your message; you are at liberty to keep it, contemplate it, or throw it out. I honor your emotional risk as a private person; that does not mean I am able to further speak to your question, Will I be with this person?

    I am guided to offer you the following:

    You are being asked to translate an infatuated mindset into sensible and realistic preparations for the future. Your future. What do you have to present to another? What wisdom, love and qualities have you gathered over a lifetime that now are ripe to share with another? Begin gathering all that you need to have that productive future. Build your nest, add to it further study, savings, self worth, spiritual development, or something else.

    When you are readying for a change of any kind the information and resources required to ensure an abundant future will be available.

    You are readying for a change.

    Look to the future as one of unlimited possibility, and gently ground that with a down-to-earth mindset. This will serve you.



  • Thanks Ahiliyah. Will keep in touch.

  • I would be grateful if anyone could do me a reading for me and my ex partner. I am a capricorn and he is a libran. We recently broke up and I am very confused about what to do next, whether to move on or try to get him back. We were very very close but something became very unbalanced in our relationship where something had to give but I didn't think it would bring about the end of our relationship. I really need some clarity about it all. x

  • HI Ahliyah, I was woundering if you could do a reading for me. my B-Day 3-2-1959 Could you tell me what is ahead for me?I have been going down hill for about 7 years now, When will things get better for me ?Thanks

  • Namaste Stepon. I felt certain I had responded to you already, but as there is no post from me here, let's start over. : )

    You are being asked to perform a life review, and this one is a doozy. It is as though you have stopped breathing, are holding your breath in life, in mingled fear and hope of what is around the corner. It is no surprise that the messages I am guided to offer you contain water water and more water. You are symbolically under water, holding your breath -- which then affects your actual life -- remembering anxiety, stress, and numerous blockages that relate to your mother, and as far back as your time in the womb. A literal and a symbolic "rebirth" are now necessary. Do you have a way of finding out what life was like for your mother and you during her pregnancy?

    The time spent in the womb is sacred; it shapes our view of the world before and after we are born. Being able to find this information about her pregnancy will help you understand why you act and react the way that you do in life. And why your view of yourself has developed the way it has.

    Our sense of security, our confidence, our relationships, even our job choices are all influenced by this sacred time with mother. Sit in silence and think back to all the memories you can locate that stand out to you; birthdays; trips or vacations; issues with school; relationships with siblings, if you have any. Take this time to ferret out what seems out of place, unusual, or even "wrong". Therein you'll begin to receive the answers you truly need to complete the search for Truth, as to why you are the way you are now.

    These things are "about" you, they are NOT you, so keep this in mind. We can fill a thousand books that are brimming with information ABOUT ourselves, but this is not who we are.

    Your journey begins here, now, and you have the strength to begin it, once and for all.

    Things were kept from you along the way; this is common, as we don't always know the exact details of our parents' experience. However, shedding some light on their experiences will give you more than enough to crack through your own denial about what is real and true for you, and what is merely a by-product of your parents' experiences.

    Sound, as the sound vibrations that the whales make (see, more water...) are very important to your knowledge, wisdom, and healing. Encoded in the rhythms emitted by whale song is the vibratory opportunity to reconnect with the Universal heartbeat, which is reminiscent of the double heartbeat we heard in the womb. You are being guided back to the truth and wisdom of the Universal Mother, which will help you remember your personal truth. I highly recommend you buy a cd of whale song.

    You must rebirth your emotional body and revive yourself. In doing this you will remember the sacred bond you share with all things, and you'll be able to heal yourself and perhaps as a side benefit, your family as well.

    This heralds a time of lucidity, new beginnings, and promise.

    Hope this helps.


    in love and light,


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