Love reading please anyone

  • my name is kathy my b-day is 6/2/1972 . ive been married for 21 years since i was 15 his b-day is 10/13/1969 . ive put up with alot from this man i love him but i tried i dont know if i can do anymore. hes trying to change but wonder if its too little too late? what does the future hold for us? i would be happy for any insight. thank yoy

  • Namaste, Kathy.

    I am being guided to offer you the following message:

    For a moment, forget everything you know about the entire relationship. You may like to close your eyes, and put an image of the marriage itself into a bubble, then gently float the bubble to one side in your vision.

    From this 'outside' perspective, answer the question, how does it feel to be me Right Now? Don't hold back. If you feel "used", write down, "used". If you feel exhausted, write it down. When you're done writing down everything about how you feel right now, turn to a fresh page.

    You've clarified some of your feelings for the relationship. Great! Now take a moment to delve into What Kathy Desires.

    This is the most important thing you can do for your Self; to shift your focus to your own precious needs. Your spouse will not fill those needs. Only you can do this. So, in keeping with that focus, what inspires you? what would you like to have more of in your life? what personal goals may have fallen by the wayside over time that you'd like to pursue now?

    When you shift your focus from the problem itself, you allow a huge space to open. This is the space that only Kathy inhabits. There, you can begin to see clearly what would make a difference in YOUR life. Imagine yourself being and doing the things you yearn for. Do you feel a little spark of excitement growing?

    Taking the focus off the marital issues is one way of coming into closer contact with your self. What results from that close contact is your own empowerment; clarity about your goals and dreams; and the ability to be more of the person you truly are, regardless of your spouse.

    Getting a better sense of What Kathy Desires may well help clarify important marital issues. Ultimately it results in you making the best choices you can, for direction, release of what is unimportant, and may help you start seeing your partner in a different light.

    Give this your best effort. Allow yourself to put your self first, if only for a little while. I think you'll be surprised and pleased by what you discover. And I think you'll gain the clarity you need to make important choices.

    Many blessings of peace, love, and BLISS!


  • ahliyah thank you from the bottom of my heart this will help me

  • You're very welcome, Kathy.



  • Hi, Ahliyah,

    My name is Barbara. My birth date is 5/21/51. I have had a very difficult life, and overcome an incredible amount of adversity, and beyond ordinary life circumstances. I have been tested on so many levels, and survived. But I recently have had some really dificult circumstances, and I fear that I am not going to survive this. I believe I have met my soul mate, but again, a lot of obstacles in our way. His birth date is 1/07/52. On top of all, I have lost my job. I have to find a new career path. Can you give me some guidance?

  • Hi Ahliyah,

    My birth date is 01/19/74. I have had a lot a bad luck in life and I was wondering if you have any word for me. I also have this guy in my life his birth date is 09/15/72 and I was wondering about him. Thank you for taking time out to help me. I really appreciate any word you might have.

    Thanks again

  • Namaste Barbara!

    What you described sounds a bit like 'dark night of the soul'. There are many understandings of what this is, but I think the simplest understanding is a point we reach when the ego, or simply call it the personality, cannot handle the events or accumulated suffering we experienced in our lives. It was never meant to be who we are, though we grow up thinking it is. The ego is but a little bridge TO our true selves. So, we hit a proverbial 'wall'. The miraculous thing about DNoTS is upon hitting that wall we recognize that this tiny part of us really is incapable of being or giving us what we truly need. That recognition leads us into a regenerative purging of what must be addressed and let go. We hit the wall, but there is something beautiful there to catch us during the fall. And the truth is, we don't actually 'fall' per se; we BOUNCE, and we bounce right into the arms our deepest self -- G-d, Spirit, however you'd like to term it. This is the YOU that is capable of all things and knows the way. It is benign, loving, and utterly commited to showing you the way.

    This part of us calls to us at exactly the right time in our lives. It is always there, broadcasting to us, but it relies on us to seek it. So the part of you that THOUGHT you could handle everything by covering it up, dealing with the sorrow in tiny bits and then ignoring the healing, is cracking. You are being cradled, held up, nurtured now by the only thing that can truly help you, and you must trust it implicitly.

    All your worry, pain and anxiety will not help you. It won't help you get work, build a relationship, or prepare you for the bright future that is your birthright. You need the calm, peaceful energy of your soul to bring you through, starting now.

    I always recommend that people who are experiencing the flood of deep pain from unresolved issues seek out talk therapy. There you have the opportunity in a safe neutral space to purge the blockages to really knowing who you are. Once you have a foothold in what is ABOUT you, (but is not you) you can then regain the perspective that is needed to go deeper into the true you.

    You are being reborn. It happens at stages throughout life, and typically occurs around this age. The illusions about our selves that are picked up in childhood seem so real that we accept them as our reality. As we mature these ways contradict our self discovered principles and we learn to adapt them accordingly. Depending on how deeply these beliefs are ingrained, sometimes we can't shake them in order to make way for our own. We find ourselves in turmoil -- by trying to follow our own truth!

    Break through your self endorsed limitations. Look at yourself and acknowledge the illusions that were put into place as a form of self protection. Ask yourself if the illusions you're seeing are really you.

    If you need a paycheck, get a paycheck. In the meantime, take out a sheet of paper and on one side write down EVERY experience you had that caused you suffering. Title it, What I have Suffered.

    No cheating; you must write every item you can think of. And I recommend a box of Kleenex while you do it. : )

    Once you have finished writing out all the muck, flip the paper over, and write out what it gave you or taught you. Title this, I CAME TO UNDERSTAND THAT...

    It may have given you a very precious perspective, skill, talent, or may be covering up a soul gift that you are bound to share with the world. You will start to see patterns emerging. The exercise is about discovery.

    Example: I suffered the tragic loss of loved ones and pets.

    I came to learn that I am self reliant; being self reliant does not diminish my love for those who died.

    The terror of the 9-11 attacks.

    I came to understand that I don't have to live in fear. The world is full of good, wonderful people. I was protected on 9-11 for a purpose. I can forgive myself for holding a victim perspective for seven years; I can forgive the terrorists. I can - and deserve!- to live in love and peace. This experience does not make me who I Am.

    When you are all done, look objectively at what you wrote. Ask yourself, from all this, I wonder what I can give to the world that is valuable & necessary, and which I am capable of giving.

    Love is all there is. We are all one, and share the same experiences collectively. We are all Divine. We create our personal world.

    You are finding your way. The fear that you will give up and not make it, is a source of motivation. Let that be okay with you. Know that our emotions lie to us all the time. They aren't real, because they are transient. They do not last and cannot be sustained. States of being emanate from within. Love. Joy. Peace. Put your focus there. You are not what you suffered; you are your Self.

    May great PEACE be your guiding light.


  • Namaste CC.

    Somewhere along the way it seems that you disconnected from the source of all life, your connection with your personal truth, with Nature, and Mother Earth. Perhaps from Life itself. You decided that you are alone. This isolating perspective went deep into your psyche, and for all intents and purposes, you forgot it was there . So now it is hidden from view, and you look around wondering at the cause of dissatisfaction in your life.

    There is no bad luck. Only the belief that we are inherently deficient in some way, and thus we attract to us whatever deficient energies are available. The Universe will send us unlimited amounts of anything we focus on, even what is un-conscious. Its very design is to show you that you are in no way deficient, but that if you choose to believe it, so Be it. The Universe is impersonal and neutral and so are all the experiences you have enjoyed up til now.

    Making your way back to 'being a part of' in your mind and heart will take a bit of time. That's okay, because in the interim, you are about to experience a profound change in the form of healing, revelation, inspiration. You are being prepared to be reconnected to the creative force of life to receive all the inherent wisdom that needs to be imparted. You are emerging into the light to be reminded that we are all connected. You have never been "apart", yet always A Part Of.

    You are earth, your man is fire. Seems a bit off, doesn't it?

    He is calm, not lethargic. He approaches life at a pace that suits and doesn't rush into making decisions that may appear rash. Taking slow purposeful steps is one way of ensuring a long and bountiful trip. It engenders an optimistic view of life's journey, with a clear view of the destination. Whether this is closer to you or farther from you matters not. One way or another, you will have an experience.

    Make a distinction between laziness and carefulness, and adopt this view in your own life. No one else will do it for you; and who better than you?

    You have more in common than you may know at this time. His fire is well-contained, but in this way it can be focused. Focused = Good

    Renew yourself in Mother Earth; bring his fire to your earth in creative ways. Sit in a park with some wine and bread. Plan an activity outdoors. (do you live in an area with a corn maze?)

    Let him bring his own brand of fire to you; let him make the next step toward bringing you into his fire.

    When you take the necessary steps for your self, you will begin to see issues and situations start to be less important, and seem to work themselves out with a bit less effort on your part. Give it a try.

    Again, you are being asked to reconnect to Spirit in deepening ways. Find the way the works for you.

    Brightest blessings of Peace and JOY!


  • Hi Ahilyah

    Thanks for the reading. I need to know how can reconnect and I don't quite understand how to do that. I haven't been myself for a lifetime. Can you shed some light. Thanks again.

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  • My b-day is 06-05-74 the ex husband's b-day is 10-16-59 I am still happy I got away. He was a total energy financial drain and finding out he was cheating was IT! my life has improved since i droped him, duno if yours is bad as mine but best wishes

  • Question are you interested in someone elese? I got happy cards, that you are an attractive person with other options.... curious....

    O the cards are empress, 3 of wands, and page of wands. Now is the time to strike out. Is there someone eles?

    If not you will see a change for the better

  • Hi my b'day is 1/23 and his birthday is 5/27. Can you please give me some love insight. I have known him for a long time, but has not seen him for about a year. Can you give me some insight? Thanks

  • read me next please 6/1/61 11:10 am

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  • sun signs match!

  • Namaste Worthy,

    If you haven't seen this person for a year, and have not been in contact, you are having a relationship with a memory. I am guided to offer you the following:

    You are being asked to translate an infatuated mindset into sensible and realistic preparations for the future. Your future. What do you have to present to another? What wisdom, love and qualities have you gathered over a lifetime that now are ripe to share with another? Begin gathering all that you need to have that productive future. Build your nest, add to it further study, savings, self worth, spiritual development, or something else.

    When you are readying for a change of any kind the information and resources required to ensure an abundant future will be available.

    You are readying for a change.

    Look to the future as one of unlimited possibility, and gently ground that with a down-to-earth mindset. This will serve you.



  • Namaste EW&F.

    How are you right now? I can see the road has been a bit bumpy. : )

    Did you feel somewhere inside you that the bumps would only continue? Know there is an end in sight.

    You have been a bit too concerned about what isn't, rather than what is. The ability to communicate your needs to Spirit by sitting in silence will reconnect you with the Universal Energies you are starving for. Prayer offers us the chance to call to Spirit and ask for help. Honor your ability to create by participating in prayer, with reverent appreciation of Spirit, and in gratitude for everything you have been given since birth. Ask for the best way for you to honor the ways of Spirit, and to seek blessings for those who are close to your heart.

    You will begin to better understand the wisdom that is being broadcast to you from your Highest Self if you take the time to sit quietly and listen. This is an opportunity for you to further cultivate the inner peace that will lead to a balancing of your self, and hence, your "external" life. You'll strengthen your self perception when you open your heart to all that is. You have everything you need right now to make something -- whatever that something is.


    in love and light


  • My B-day is Sept 7th. I have had a decent life with the exception of one huge over-riding repeated curse of abandonment. Father, Mother, Grandparents, children (slightly), relatives of all sorts, "friends", and the most hurtfull of all husbands and lovers. I don't even have to choose; they pick me! I draw them to me as a magnet would. EVERYTIME I lay open my heart here comes the pain sooner or later. Everyone needs to feel needed, wanted, and loved. Not just for a moment in time. In the past I have had reprives long enough to rest in the illusion of safely opening my heart. But for the last few years no rest has come to me. PLEASE HELP ME break this cycle. The lonelyness of the past few years has me so down I have to reach up to touch bottom.

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