Help Please

  • I have not had any luck with men...they just do not seem to like me. I am very much interested in a guy, but I am not sure if he is interested in me back...being more than a friend. Please some one, help me.

    My name is Jan

    His name is Serge

  • I think he is taking his time figuring out how he feels about you. Do you work together? have you tried flirting a little? Like looking in his eyes while smiling for just a few seconds...anything longer is creepy. Or brushing his hand with yours? I think maybe you do not have luck because you are uncomfortable with men. They intimidate you. Am I right? have you had conversations with him about his personal life? Does he find excuses to talk to you? Are you closed off from love because of bad experiences? If so you need to find ways to get over that so you are more open when love does come. How do the two of you relate to each other? What is his situation? Come on Jan talk to me. lol I need a little more detail to get the whole picture.

  • We do work together somewhat. I do not feel intimidated by guys...I almost think that I intimidate them. I have flirted alot with him, and he does stare at me. We tease each other, and we do talk about personal things. He could also just be, being nice. I just do not want to waste my time, if there is no possibility...that may sound rude...but I am 34, and time is ticking.

  • I just don't want to make a fool of myself, as I have done before. He is nice to my daughter, and he always talks to her when he sees her. When I think of him, I smile...I just don't know how he feels back.

    P.S...thank-you for replying to me.

  • You are very welcome. I am a total insomniac and cant sleep right now so I am spending my sleepless nights trying to solve other peoples problems. lol So maybe you are coming on too strong? Try backing off a little and see if he comes after you more. Men dont like to be chased. You are the gazelle and hes the buck. Let him come after you. be kind and polite but hold back just a little and see if he shows more intrest. 34 is not that old either. I have a friend that is 65 and still looking. You dont want to add pressure to the situation by putting time limits on it. Love doesnt work that way it takes time to grow. First with friendship. Another friend of mine married a wonderful man after she turned 40. This guy really took his time too. She was shocked when she found out he was intrested in her. They went to the same church and he was silently "watching" her and learning about her for a whole year befor ehe even asked her out on a date. Keep the friendship going and give it a little time. Men are usually slower about relationships anyways. They dont want to feel pushed. I think before long he will be showing more interest in you if you can maintain a little mystery.

  • Thank-you again...hope you can fall asleep soon. I will back off (I am not in his face or anything, but I will with hold the flirting). I guess what is meant to be, will be...I am just not a very patient

    Thank-you and nite!

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