Oh My Now I'm REALLY Confused!! Three ?? What to do...

  • Hello,

    I'm just plain confused about who I should pursue at this point. I am in love with John 5-21-66, but we are separated and wonder if I am supposed to get back with him?

    I am seeing another, Vince 2-7-73, but don't feel a permanence there.

    I was approached by a man from my past where I used to work. We were not close then, but he has always had a crush/obsession about me that I never knew existed. His name is Lyle 1-14-82. He has been after me for awhile to meet him. I hesitate because of the age difference, but he is really attractive to me. Believe me I noticed him when we worked together, but I was married at the time and he was sooo young, and I have a strict rule about co-worker relationships: a no fly zone!

    So, if you have any advice to relate, I am all ears here!

    Love and Light,


  • lol well 3s not bad, n summer is in.listen 2 u're heart--don't think I am much help sorry tho

  • Who do you feel the most attracted to? Thats the one you should LET pursue you. Why not date them until you get a better feel for who they are? Why do you have to make a choice now?

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