Hans Wolfgang...........Again.

  • Dear fairyjaye,

    reiki can be very helpful. But it should help you to help yourself, not just to fulfill all your wishes, as many people think. In your case it worked, it helped you on a higher plane of being, so go on with it. You experienced a state many experience when having meditated. So it was like meditation for you. Try to meditate yourself so that you can be more often in this state of being.

    Start with bliss. The blissful person is contented. And one who is not blissful, his contentment is bogus. So start by being blissful.

  • happy holidays hans...merry christmas and wishing you a blessed day with loved ones..love, peace, happiness & light...

  • Merry Christmas to you also Sapphirediamond.

  • Merry Christmas hanswolfgang!

    Thank you for your help in getting myself more direction and insight. I am really trying to get things straightened at home and otherwise so I can progress forward.

    Thank you for your help and guidance. Happy Holidays.

  • Thank you sapphirediamond,

    talk to your inner lover, and say: Why such rush?

  • Thank you sunshine7959

    Life is a balance between rest and movement.

  • i really laughed out loud..hans..about that hmm..yeah I don't know...then there are days when I just don't think about it...just go on with my life...I had one one of those deja vu moments again on xmas eve...but the ending wasn't right..sometimes its not as clear..as everything that comes before it? I know what each person will say and how the events will unfold..but sometimes the ending I know..doesn't happen ...do you know why or suggestions about why that happens..someone once said that I had the ability to visit the future...and another said I could go back n forth between worlds...sometimes I forget about it too..then something happens to remind me..about it..again...

    Thx pilot..hope u had a great holiday with family n loved ones..too...

  • Hi Hans!!

    I thank you so much for offering your help time after time. I am trying to absorb each word! Bless you!


  • sapphirediamond,

    yes, as everything that comes before it.

    do I know why that happens? You are too much dominated by the mind of a man.

    suggestions about why that happens: because you love equality between the sexes.

    And it is not madness; it is a higher kind of sanity that is going to happen to you. It is not the average kind that´s true; it is a higher kind of sanity. It looks mad... because you compare it with the ordinary, average mind; then it looks mad.

    Meditation means participation in the celebration of existence. Don’t be just a spectator; participate in the mystery of life. Dance it, sing it, feel it, be it.

  • Hi amy,

    the universe is not a chaos, that much is certain. Whether there is a God or not is irrelevant, the universe is not a chaos. That's why we call it a universe. It has a certain unity, hence 'universe,' otherwise we would have called it a 'multiverse.' It is not a chaos, there is an order running inside it, a thread which joins everything together. Even the smallest grass blade is joined to the biggest star. Nothing is separate, and yet everything is unique and individual. This is the tremendous beauty of existence: it loves and respects the individual, it nourishes the individual.

    But don´t confuse that with your personality. You cry it is false. You laugh it is false. Your whole personality is phoney. Don´t let this false personality be a part of your individuality.

  • Hello Hans,

    I have been reading through some of your responses to others and appreciate your insights.

    I am hoping you could give me your thoughts about me at this time. I feel I am on the verge of something very big...good/bad...I don't know because I feel like I am being held back by something I am supposed to change or do and I just can't see through the fog to know if this is true or if I am just imagining this or fearful of it or any of these.

    Any thoughts are greatly appreciated. I am Sag born 12/14/54.

    Take care and thank you for sharing yourself.

  • sal1412,

    you are on the verge of something very big being held back by something. You are supposed to change just imagining this.

    You have considerable emotional power, charm and personal magnetism. This power could be used to bring you success in any activities that deal with groups of people such as acting or sales work. It is also an indicator of having healing energy, a 'spiritual force' gathering in you, a force you can use to better your life in many ways. This power is available to use at your discretion.

    This will give you the power to get your way with people, both personally and professionally. It can bring you more social fun, better intimate relationships or more success in your business.

    You should be happy.

  • Thank you Hans!

    Your comments have giving me a great feeling of encouragement that I am on the road I should be on.

    I wish you good fortune, good health and much happiness in the new year.

  • ^given (I'm a stickler for spelling!!)

  • Thank you!

    The moon in the sky is one thing and the moon reflected in the silent lake is totally another. One exists, the other is only a reflection. If you jump into the silent lake you will not be able to catch hold of the moon; on the contrary, you may even disturb the reflection because the lake will be disturbed.

  • hans can you do a reading for me too please? 8-25-63 love, career, finances, future and I soo worry about my children making the right decisions and growing up with out their father for about 10 years now? will I find another field that pays more? Thank you.

  • You will find another field that pays more.

    love: you are acting according to expectations.

    career: you will have to choose your path. Decide according to your heart.

    finances: be against absolute solutions.

    future: you will celebrate with two friends.

    worry about your children making the right decisions and growing up with out their father for about 10 years now: you are a good mother. Act completely free from vanities and it will be completely unproblematic.

    You need not ask for help, just be ready to receive it; it is already available.

  • Happy New Year Hans! I have the Book of Secrets now and am following it. I have awoken to the inner guide inside hon. Wow! Wanted to share that with you!

    Love & Light

  • Hanswolfgang

    Can you do a reading for me my birthday 07/16/60 I have nothing but negativity from my family. I have been struggling the past 10 years and I try to stay positive when they put me down.

  • Thank you Cindy,

    it is going to happen.

    And everyone should buy your soaps, they are marvellous.

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