Hans Wolfgang...........Again.

  • dearest hanswolfgang,

    How do i become grounded in my own being? The spiritual change that is coming? Expression of my feelings is hard for me i guess if i don't understand them then that would be a very good explanation as to why it is hard to express them! Thank you once again! Bless you!


  • Hans Wolfgang,

    I appreciate the additional insight you have given me as to my direction. I will keep everything you have told me close in order to remind myself of where I was and where I want to go.

    I will pop in here periodically and let you know what your reading has helped me accomplish.

    Many Blessings to you, love and light follow you.

  • cathylee,

    reading means thinking and meditation means no- thinking. It is a totally different dimension of consciousness—where thoughts have to be dropped and one has to attain to a pure, silent space—the zero space, where no object is. One is simply conscious but not conscious of anything. .. pure subjectivity—as if a lamp is burning in total emptiness. Light is there but nothing is lighted by it. It is not falling on anything... there is nothing. In that state of consciousness you will start experiencing something. And only experience is going to give you truth—not logic, not argument, not reading. Reading can give you philosophy, but meditation can give you truth.

  • Hi sapphirediamond,

    this speed mania has to be stopped. There is no need. Each step has to be enjoyed and celebrated. Speed is unspiritual. The very idea of speed is unspiritual. Why not enjoy each moment of life? Then each moment becomes a goal itself.

  • KittyCathy

    where then to take this relationship: Relocate or make a journey, maybe with him.

    Should you let him go, forget him, move on within your own life that you have? No.

    The man who respects himself is authentic. He cannot compromise: he would prefer to die but stick to his truth. And that is the price God asks for. Risk all that you have -- because you don´t have anything, you only think you have. In reality, you are a nothingness.

    Unless you love life you will not be able to love God either. If he is the creator you have to love his creation to love him. To hate his creation and to show love to the creator is absurd. To condemn the creation and to praise the creator is utterly stupid, illogical, unintelligent. If you love the music, only then do you love the musician, or vice versa. And this existence is so beautiful!

  • Dear amy,

    How do you become grounded in your own being? Move, follow your will, let yourself be moved by your impulses.

    The spiritual change that is coming? Remain calm and collected for that. Meditate.

    Everyone is unique, utterly unique. There has been no person like you before, and there will never be a person like you again. God has taken this form for the first time and the last time, so there is no need to try to become special, you already are. If you are trying to be special you will become ordinary. Your very effort is rooted in misunderstanding. It will create confusion, because when you try to become special you have taken one thing for granted—that you are not special. You have become ordinary already. You have missed the point.

    Love is death, but the one who dies in love has never existed really. It is the unreal self, the ideal of an ego, that dies.

  • hello hans...thank you for the insightful info...ok I will enjoy each and every moment...savor it....it just feels like time is moving too fast for me..like if I don't do this then..I won't have time for it tomorrow etc etc..like I have to live this right now? make any sense or sometimes I feel like the only person who understands is me? I feel like I am doing things I normally wouldn't do..because of this or that...I tried so hard and now that everything seems out of control...

  • sunshine7959,

    hence Buddha says: Do not turn away what is given you. Because if you turn away you will miss the opportunity, and it may not knock on your door again for a long time. One never knows when the moment will come again. So whenever something happens to you in meditation, open up your heart. Even if you are afraid of the unknown, still go into the unknown.

    You have again to become a child.

  • hello sapphirediamond,

    the only person who understands is you.

    Spontaneity simply means now there is nothing to hinder your self-nature from expressing itself. All the rocks have been removed, all the doors have been opened. Now your self-nature can sing its song, it can dance its dance..

    Create a shrine of gratitude inside and soon you will find a light has come into it. The shrine is not dark, and this light doesn´t belong to this world. It comes from the Eternal.

  • thanks again..hans..you are such a blessing do you know that??? I am sure that you do...sending you lots of light/love/blessings..I will...I just didn't really know...how to do this...enjoy myself in the light..oh you don't know how much this means to me..it means a whole light..happiness..pure unimbellished joy..yes..finally...

  • I just try to pass on some of the many blessings I was fortunate enough to be blessed with.

    And if it falls on such fertile ground as with you, I am the one who has to be thankful.

  • good morning hans...I don't want to bother you but I thought this was important..and I don't know if it will make any sense...here goes: last night we were talking about sags..and I mentioned to my daughter that her grandma(from her dad's side) was a sag...we fell asleep..the cell kept ringing but I didn't ans..somewhere between there..I felt something on the bed..you know how a cat jumps on your bed..there's 3 cats in the house..the one doesn't always use a pottybox when in our room so I kicked it off..but I didn't hear anything on the floor so I sat up and looked around but I didn't see any movement at all...she woke up too..I was tired so I fell asleep..again...I had all of these weird jumbled dreams..now I can't even recall what it was all about...well she woke up this morning..and said that she dreamed of her grandma and she was in a coffin but she kept peeking out or she would change herself in to different things...so she taped and shut but she looked in there and there was nobody in there..my brother said he heard some noises last night too...we do pray..and cleanse...I just have this ugly gut feeling the last couple of days but I don't know what it is??? at work here in the early mornings theres movement but it doesn't really bother me...soooo...can you see what this means...is it coming from her dad's side..or why do they do that??? It should scare me alot but then again I believe in our prayers and that keeps me going.

  • I burned some sage earlier before I posted? then I went to go walk on the treadmill? about halfways through I felt this coldness..mostly on my right side..it was like cold air..nothing on my left..it just felt like someone or something was there...but I just kept walking....I will check back later..

  • What is it? A sudden and unexpected change is coming.

    what this means? They are celebrating with you this coming change for good.

    It is not coming from her dad's side.

    why do they do that? Once before you did not hear, now they are trying harder.

    To be aware of this, that one is eternal, is to be aware that one is God or part of God. That’s their whole work here: to make you aware that you are gods, goddesses, that you are eternal beings. With the experience of eternity bliss arises, fear disappears; love arises, hate disappears; light arises, darkness disappears!

    They are feeling now, what you will feel later.

  • thank u hans...i feel like i didnt get any rest at all last nite..do i know them? so we should pay attention to the messages? wow..i felt them before were they the same ones..will they keep my children from harm? can i communicate w/them...or??

  • You do not know them. You should not pay attention to the messages. They were not the same ones. They will not keep your children from harm. You can communicate w/them.

    or?? Approach them with love and an open heart.

    Respond, but he react. Reactions come from the past, response is spontaneous; it is in the present. The slave reacts, the Master responds. The unconscious mind reacts, the conscious man responds. He has no readymade answers. He encounters the situation, he reflects the situation. He accepts the challenge of the situation and he acts accordingly. His action is born out of the present.

    Your life is rather changed since you´ve been here. But there is something going wrong, because you are not at all interested in relationship, because you´ve never really been in touch with the in-things, so perhaps you´re avoiding something.

  • so I dream of the ex..and he has this little girl..I am talking to someone who is telling me how their husband or significant other is acting..and I tell her..yeah this one used to do that but hopefully he is not going to anymore..and he doesn't say a word..just keeps holding the little girl..umm don't know what that dream is all about.. I try not to remember dreams about him..too much..I know he is there but don't dwell on it....

  • Is the last part of your post pertaining to him???

  • what that dream is all about: You just know only lies and you accuse.

    Is the last part of my post pertaining to him??? No.

    The more you think, the more you are creating waves and ripples in the mind. The real thing for the blind man to do is not to think about light but to heal his eyes, for the deaf man, not to reflect on music but to go through some alchemical processes which can make him hear.

    One who wants to know the truth -- the truth that is beyond all polarities: man/woman, East/West, good/bad, heaven/hell, summer/winter -- one who is interested in knowing, in enquiring into the truth which is beyond all dualities, has to drop all his prejudices. If he still carries his prejudice, that prejudice will colour his mind. To know truth you need not be a Hindu, you need not be a Mohammedan, you need not be a Christian, you need not be a Jew -- to know truth you have to drop all this rubbish, you have to be just yourself. You need not be Indian, you need not be American, you need not be English, you need not be Japanese, Chinese. To know truth you have just to be immense, huge, vital, alive, loving, enquiring, meditative...but with no prejudice, with no scripture, with no concepts, with no philosophy. When you become completely nude of all that has been taught to you, when all the conditionings have dropped, then suddenly there is the highest truth -- and that highest truth is a synthesis unto itself, you need not synthesise. It is an organic unity. And from that altitude you can laugh at all the nonsense that goes on in the name of religion, in the name of tolerance, in the name of love, in the name of churches and temples and mosques.

  • Dear Hans,

    I had a reiki healing session the other night. I felt the day after and since that I have a choice in the decisions I make. I went out early in the morning and felt the wind on my face and it was like it touched me for the first time. Strange to me. My senses seem to be sharper too. Hearing tasting, no so much my sight but I just feel like I am making decisions with more than my emotions now. What do you think about reiki?

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