Hans Wolfgang...........Again.

  • fairyjaye

    more about the spiritual potential I were referring to: Change is coming soon and unexpected, then you will know more.

    Be creative. To be creative means to be in love with life. You can be creative only if you love life enough that you want to enhance its beauty, you want to bring a little more music to it, a little more poetry to it, a little more dance to it.

  • Dear hans

    HUGS!!!Have a good weekend!

  • suramya

    that day will come the total and absolute, unconditional, irrevocable recognition. Before that it is not possible.

  • hello Hans

    I have asked you before about my son and you were very helpful there so I was wondering what you might see ahead for myself. Will I stay with my currant job for a long time to come and will I remain in this area for a long time? I really would like to move to someplace warmer but family keeps me here. Thanks for your time,

  • hanswolfgang,

    first i love your advice on creativity!!! That certainly gives me a completely different approach to creativity and to life. I always want to be more creative but can never pull my thoughts together to create. I do not always love life. Now I need to know, How is it that you love life? Is it possibly connected to reaching the spiritual potential you refferred to? I think so. Are you referring to relegion or my spirit or beliefs when you say spiritual?

    sorry for all the questions but i cannot understand something unless i understand every element of it. lol. I imagine that is why i stay confused!!

  • cathylee,

    you will not stay with your current job for a long time to come, but you will remain in this area for a long time.

    Be responsible. But to be responsible means to be alert, conscious. To be responsible means to be mindful. Act with as much awareness as you can find possible. Even small things— walking on the street, eating your food, taking your bath— should not be done mechanically. Do them with full awareness.

    Stand and let the waters settle on their own.

  • fairyjaye,

    how is it that I love life? It so surprising because every moment can happen something new and unexpected. It is connected to reaching the spiritual potential.

    When I say spiritual I am referring to your religion and beliefs.

    Expression is life; repression is suicide.

  • Repression is certainly suicide! what a true statement that is! expression is life...

    expression of your feelings is a way of making your life an impression ??

  • Can you tell what job I may change to? Will it be with the same company just a different capacity? My company is going through a merger with another and things are very up in the air right now. I thinl my job is pretty secure but would love to something else in the company.

    Thanks Hans

  • Hi Hans Wolfgang,

    I spent a few days mulling over the reading you gave me a few days ago, and you are correct....I am not living up to where I should be. Can you possibly give me some insight on the direction my life needs? I seem to have resigned myself to where I am and sometimes feel too overwhelmed to take a firm direction. YOu have given me much to think about, and I thank you. My dob is 7/09/59.

  • fairyjaye,

    the language of feeling is not direct. And that has become a big problem today -- because you cannot understand the language of feeling, because you don´t know your own feelings. You are not grounded in your own being. You can understand only words, you cannot understand feelings. Feelings have their own way of expression, and they are more basic, more real.

  • cathylee

    you may change to a job, which needs struggle. It will be with the same company just a different capacity.

  • Hi sunshine7959

    some insight on the direction your life needs: in moments of deepest despair you hear your inner voice. It is the shadow of truth which is your very potential which you are feeling then still.

    There is mastery of your environment and yourself. You can bet that you will experience good fortune and results, especially good for legal matters and business but also success in any area of life. It is truly success in all things but brings the most blessings if you are ready and willing to take responsibility for your life and work and if you can take a leadership position in your work.

    Be prepared to take a leadership role and to live by your own wisdom. Success is yours for the taking, but you have to stand up and claim it.

    But something in you is triggered, something in you starts growing.

    And this is going to help you to know yourself.

  • Hello again Hans,

    You've recently helped me with questions about my son. Now I would ask your help in understand what J means to my life. his dob 9/9/69. Is there something I am supposed to learn from him and why I can't let go of him. do you see this relationship ending. I am at a loss here with this guy and why he is in my life. thanks for all you do. It means so much to a lot of us.

  • what J means to your life: He is offering you his heart, his love.

    There is something you are supposed to learn from him.

    You can't let go of him, because he is sincere, following his guts, trusting life.

    I do not see this relationship ending.

    Why he is in your life: because he seeks someone like his realistic dominating mother.

    J has an innate intuition that, if followed, will always lead him to success in all his dealings. Inherent in this intuition is a high set of values and often a "mission" in life, a mission that always involves partners and "others". There is a certain amount of ambition, usually for money, that keeps him motivated. This is good because he can get into ruts at times - especially in his closest relationships. If he taps into his inner guidance he will find a path awaiting him that is fascinating and rewarding. He does best by establishing himself in one business and sticking with it. He should be careful that his social obligations do not tax his health and well being. He could make large sums of money in real estate in his later years and maintain good health throughout his life. He loves to mix and mingle and to do "deals" with others. Once he has discovered his special mission, he will find more success.

    His speed mania has to be stopped. There is no need. Each step has to be enjoyed and celebrated. Speed is unspiritual. The very idea of speed is unspiritual. Why not enjoy each moment of life? Then each moment becomes a goal itself.

    Belief is a system of hypnosis.

  • Hans

    Wow! I am speechless! He is currently a real estate agent. Who does pretty good. So I am glad he is in that profession as it seems to be a good thing for him.

    I do love this man. we have a few things standing in our way. Do you see that we will ever be "loving and living together" And will he tell me that he believes in our love. Maybe it is I am supposed to learn love from him? the true meaning? I do not know his mother so am not sure if she is domineering or not. I do know that he spends a lot time helping her out and dinner on fridays is kept for her. Which is not a bad thing at all. I find it special really. ok, let me know how you see things working out for us please. Thanks again Hans, you are awesome! blessings to you

  • Thanks Hans Bless you

  • I do not see that you will ever be "loving and living together" And he will not tell you that he believes in your love. It is not supposed to learn love from him? the true meaning? No.

    In the beginning all is going well, but then you are suffering what you had expected from you for that matter. Your hopes are destroying you.

    To be conscious means to take the whole responsibility on your own shoulders. To be responsible is the beginning of awakening.

    It was good that you passed through the chaos. You have become stronger. Only the future will show it, that it was good. According to taoism, anything that happens ultimately turns out in favor ot the good.

  • Hi..hans I feel like I am missing your points...but thanks...just going back n forth it seems like I mean there are time I do and then I don't...if that makes any sense..I don't feel that connection with anybody..usually they are not available anyways...I did meet one last march but he wasn't available and there were others who probably were interested but I seem to not notice til later...I am surprised by J though...I thought he shared the same feelings..hmmm..maybe not...

  • Hans

    Many blessings you to! I thank you so much for the insight into my life! I am not sure where then to take this relationship. Should I let him go, forget him, move on within my own life that I have?

    Thanks again for all your insights! you really do make a big difference and I take all you say to heart!

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