Hans Wolfgang...........Again.

  • dear hans,

    thank you so much. i appreciate your honesty and simplicity.

    peace and light,


  • Dear Hans

    Thanks for your wise words.I guess I will wait for the answers/experience truth some day.Meanwhile I have accepted the pain in my heart.Can you recommend something to read/know about Tao..Ive noticed you mention this often.And thanks again...you take the trouble to write back everytime...much appreciated.Peace and love...

  • cyw39

    you are so right,

    But science goes on insisting on this foolishness: that the external is true and the internal is false. It believes in matter, but it does not believe in consciousness. It says matter has validity, and science asks for objective validity. Of course the world of subjectivity cannot have an objective validity—it is so obvious. The very asking is wrong. The inner cannot come and manifest itself as the outer, but science is blind about it. And those who believe in science say that consciousness is illusory.

    Very few poeple make any effort to transform their potential into reality. The reason is they think that this is what life is all about. They take it for granted that birth is the beginning of an opportunity in which life is possible but this is only possible if you work for it, if you make efforts towards if, if you dig deep into your being.

  • dear k.,

    you don’t understand the complexity of the human mind, the mechanism of it. Relaxation is a state. You cannot force it. You simply drop the negativities, the hindrances, and it comes, it bubbles up by itself.

    Do not become special. Laugh, enjoy, be ordinary.

  • Good morning to you hanswolfgang! Bless you for your generous heart! I wonder if you could tell me why im not a nurturing person?(8-12-79 birth) thank you so very much for sharing your gift and your time!


  • Dear suramya

    I can recommend you something to read/know about Tao:



    This is reality: dropping the question why, dropping philosophical attitudes towards life, dropping the longing for meaning, then you attain to reality.

    Then you become a wise woman. In English there is no good word for wise woman. Somehow the word has become very much associated with wrong things -- witch. A witch really means a wise woman. Be a wise woman, not a witch in the western sense of the word. So become a witch!

  • Thank you hans..but I have to ask this why the secrecy of everything? I asked my son and he said he didn't know where we were...I told him numerous times where we were he could've called but he choose not to...then he tells me not to tell my son..its been like this with him..don't tell I know this but don't tell...it gets frustrating...they seem to thrive on secrecacy..I don't think they will welcome the invitation from me..either...there are so much deceit in their lives...etc..

  • Good night amy,

    why your are not a nurturing person? It depends. You are too concerned finding your way reflecting and contemplating about it, never at home, always on the move.

    You will be challenged to rise to higher levels of thinking, speaking and acting. Your challenges will manifest mainly in the areas of work and health, areas where you are likely to be holding some negative patterns that need to be changed. If you are willing to take responsibility for your condition and practice positivity in spite of circumstances, you can realize your powerful spiritual potential and attain new heights. In its highest form, this is trust in life.

    Never believe anything unless you have experienced it.

  • sapphirediamond

    why the secrecy of everything? It is because of disappointment, they are so disappointed.

    Remember the difference between childlike and childish : To be childlike is to be a sage, to be childish is not to be a sage. To be childish means to be immature; it needs much improvement, growth, maturity.

  • Thanks once again...sigh..well I am just sooo tired of trying...I am done with that now..though.

  • Dear hans


  • sapphirediamond,

    only if one is ready to gamble, if one is ready to risk without holding anything back, if one is ready to be totally committed, then only is some transformation possible. But it brings infinite grace, it brings celebration to your life. Flowers start showering on you, the whole existence rejoices in your joy.

  • Dear suramya,

    finding the tao is finding the way.

  • dear hans,

    you are a very wise man. i want to thank you again for your advice. you're right, i have been negative lately...i am hurt with someone, but i haven't said anything to that person. instead, i have kept it in. i just keep trying to get past it, and i do know that i am learning lessons from this. and yet, i never did anything to this person, so i'm not sure what my lesson is yet. i think i have been very forgiving and loving, and that's who i am. so, that's why i am frustrated. but, i really am trying to look at things from a positive point of view. it just depends on the day. somedays, i just get sad about it, and other days i appreciate the time we had.

  • hello hans...interesting...but I don't think I am up for commitment or taking risks right now...unless he is..highly doubt that though...but wish him the best in whatever is gonna work right for him..

  • toledo51,

    be a presence; not a doer. Much happens through non-doing. That is the paradox of the existence.

    Remember, a problem solved by someone else is not going to give you more maturity. A problem solved by someone else may give HIM some maturity but it cannot give you maturity. You may become more immature. Then whenever there is a problem, you will need some expert advice, some professional advice. And I do not think that even psychoanalysts grow mature through your problems because they go for psychoanalysis to other psychoanalysts. They have their own problems. They solve your problems but they cannot solve their problems. Again the question of distance, of distance to the own ego.

  • sapphirediamond,

    it is only the beginning, not the end. And beginnings can not be very great, remember; they are bound to be childish.

  • hello hans..beginnings are scary though...well there are others out there...I wonder about this person J..and there are others but he is the top of the L...? lol..I think I just went thru changes and well I am hoping the meet someone who shares my ideals but also has their own life and can be independent...

  • Hanswolfgang- Thank you for you time and generosity. Can you tell me more about the spiritual potential you were refering to?

  • sapphirediamond

    he is the top of the L...? Just a delusion of your desires.

    We go on missing the point and we go on thinking of something else which was not the case; this is how the foolish mind functions. Enjoy the moment, and whatsoever the moment makes available to you, be enriched by.

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