Hans Wolfgang...........Again.

  • HansWolfGang.

    Thanks so much for your insight into my problems. Do you have a timeframe for my son to overcome his problems. It seems to be going on for so long. I have tried to help him. Even offered for rehab, consenling. Is this how he will over come them? I think I already knew that my husband would not overcome his anger issues. Do you see him getting worse tho? Also what do you mean when you say... I see you not staying in this nor will you walk away to better things.

    and yes work is going real good. Health wise..not so good. Back issues and stress.

    thanks again for everything you do for all of us here! Bright blessings to you!!

  • Hello,

    I appreciate your responses. You encourage and guide many people. You are doing wonderful work and I hope you continue. May you be blessed. I hope we all reach our truth and potential. I will continue to try be my best, although far from perfect.:).

    Thank you

  • Dear Hans,

    Thank you for the insight, I will take everything you have said to heart and will certainly read the book you recommended. I however, have not grasped what you meant by the last sentence about do not strike someone my mistake. I am confused and would like clarification for, I am not understanding? Thanks very much.

  • Dear Hans

    I have tried to follow what you said to me on a previous thread,"love the honour of man".And also what you said about finding balance.Im trying but right now I feel lost.Do you see any change in my awareness/consciousness happening?Why am i so unable to take the right decision?Help please...

  • good morning hans...what is going on with my children's father and his family? why do they keep doing what they are doing? will it ever stop? are they controlling him? how can we protect ourselves from them?

  • Dear Hans,

    Could you please do a reading for me?

    Love...I am mending a broken heart. He is not speaking to me, and I am frustrated trying to find closer. He is very closed, so I don't know how to feel without knowing what happened.

    Also, will I find true love again with a good man?

    Career...I am unhappy with my job, but I am confused as to what to do next. Should I stay or find a new path?

    Thanks so much...

  • Thefishes,

    thank you and a hugging 😉

    Let everything come and pass, and you simply be a mirror. If you are a mirror you cannot carry the past with you, and if you don’t carry the past you will remain fresh, you will remain you, you will remain in a continuous process of birth. Each moment you will be born anew.


  • KittyCathy,

    Do I have a timeframe for your son to overcome his problems? 6th of march.

    Is this how he will over come them? No.

    Do I see your husband getting worse tho? No.

    Also what do I mean when I say... I see you not staying in this nor will you walk away to better things? You are projecting your father on your husband, who dominated you with his mind.

    Your consciousness is flowing outward.

  • Hello cyw39

    care for receptivity. Receptivity simply means dropping the garbage that you go on carrying in your head. And much garbage is there, utterly useless. The mind means the past. Now the past is no more of any use; it has happened, and it is never going to happen again, because in reality nothing ever repeats...

    This one is for you:

    Mulla Nasruddin and his friend Rahimtullah are standing on a street corner insulting one another. The one calls the other stupid, a cheat, a thief. The other says, "You are a coward, a miser, a hypocrite." Finally they begin insulting each other's families.

    Mulla Nasruddin looks Rahimtullah straight in the eye and says, "Your sister is a stinking old whore; for twenty-five cent she will let a one-eyed leper crawl over her."

    Rahimtullah stands there, speechless. A bystander is amazed. He goes over to him and says, "For God's sake, man, how can you just stand there and let the Mulla insult your sister like that?"

    Rahimtullah says, "I don't have a sister, I never had a sister, and now that my parents are both dead I never will have a sister."

    So the bystander turns to Mulla Nasruddin and says, "Mulla, there is no point your insulting him like that, he does not have a sister."

    "Sure," says the Mulla. "Of course not. I know it and he knows it, and now even you know it. But I ask you, how many of the people who had their windows open and were listening to our every word -- how many of them also know it?"

  • Dear sunshine7959,

    what was meant by the last sentence about do not strike someone my mistake?

    It takes posession of you, but your thirst will never be quenched, because you do not live your true greatness.

    Become receptive, become a child again.

    Playing with soap bubbles be like a child: innocent.

  • Dear suramya,

    do I see any change in your awareness/consciousness happening? No.

    Why are you so unable to take the right decision? You are clinging to the poisons of society waiting for impulses from the outside. You are overwhelmed by your thougts. But the right decision has to come from your heart.

    Truth cannot be defined, although it can certainly be experienced. But experience is not a definition. A definition is made by the mind, experience comes through participating. If somebody asks, 'What is a dance?' how can you define it? But you can dance and you can know the inner feel of it. Tao is the ultimate dance.

  • Hanswolfgang.

    Again thanks for your insight. you said the 6th of march for my son to overcome his problems, will there be something that triggers him. Or will it come from within to finally get help? can you eleborate a little more please? 🙂

    also my father was nothing like my husband, More of my mom was the domanting one in the family. so I can see the comparrison between them better. both are passed on now may they rest in peace!

    thanks again Hanswolfgang. Blessings to you

  • Dear hans,

    Thank you for the insight. I need to get the garbage out of my head. I have not figured out how to do that yet.:) The story is a wonderfful lesson. I am thankful. I wonder about the past repeating itself. I seem to make bad choices in romantic relationships. I feel I should be able to do more with my life, but often feel restrained. I am grateful for my life and find joy in living. I am unsure if I should change jobs and this causing some stress. I quess, I think too much, instead of just doing. You truly have a gift.

    Thank you much for sharing

  • good night sapphirediamond,

    what is going on with your children's father and his family? These loving people have to choose the right way following their heart.

    Why do they keep doing what they are doing? Because they are completely turning away themselves of their potential trying to assimilate with forced calmness the structure and the laws of society.

    Will it ever stop? Yes.

    Are they controlling him? No.

    How can you protect yourselves from them? By inviting and welcoming them.

    That is the tendency of the negative mind. Even in paradise you will find so many wrong things that the paradise will not be a paradise with the negative mind; it will become a hell. Psychologically speaking, the negative mind is hell and the positive mind is heaven.

  • Dear toledo51,

    how to feel without knowing what happened? Let the past be dead and live now, in the moment.

    Also, will you find true love again with a good man? Yes.

    Career..: You should stay.

    What to do next? Study and inform yourself. Follow your interests.

  • Dear Hans,

    Earlier you said I should let my yang side come out, in regard to love. What does that mean?

  • KittyCathy

    will there be something that triggers him? Yes.

    Or will it come from within to finally get help? No.

    Can I elaborate a little more please? 🙂 A motherfigure will trigger something.

    Thank you for the clarification about your parents. I see, so you are still identified with your father suffering under the domination of your husband as he suffered under the domination of his wife.

    Never choose, remain choicelessly aware and accept life as it is. Don’t impose any choice of your own. The absolute is there, the relative is there. Your mind is relative, but your consciousness is absolute. Your body changes, your mind changes are like a wheel—but your witnessing consciousness is like an axle; it remains always the same, never changing. It is on that axle that the mind-and-the-body wheel moves. And they are not against each other; they are supporting each other, they are complementary to each other.

    This one is for you:

    In a certain village a man opened a fish shop with a big sign: "Fresh Fish Sold Here."

    The very first day a man came into the shop and read, "Fresh Fish Sold Here". He laughed. "Fresh Fish'? Are stale fish sold anywhere? What is the point of writingfresh' fish?"

    The shopkeeper decided he was right; besides, "fresh" gave the idea of "stale" to the customers. He deleted "fresh" from the signboard. The board now read, "Fish Sold Here."

    An old lady, visiting the shop the next day, read aloud, "`Fish Sold Here'? Do you also sell fish somewhere else?"

    "Here" was erased. Now the board read, "Fish Sold."

    The third day yet another customer came to the shop and said "`Fish Sold'? Does anybody give fish for free?"

    The word "Sold" was deleted. Only "Fish" was left now.

    An aged man came and said to the shopkeeper, "`Fish'? A blind man, even at a distance, could tell from the smell that fish are sold here."

    "Fish" was removed. The board was now blank.

    A passer-by asked, "Why a blank board?"

    The board was also removed.

    Nothing remained after the process of elimination; every word had been removed, one by one. And what was left behind was nothing, an emptiness.

    Love can only be born out of emptiness.

  • Dear cyw39,

    you should not change jobs.

  • Dear cyw39,

    earlier I said you should let your yang side come out, in regard to love. What does that mean?

    Be in a love affair with existence.

    The question is to bring about a fundamental change in you. If you are not ready to open your eyes, then blindness is bound to exist.

  • Thank you

    Your kindness is greatly appreciated. Your words quide us to better ourselves and our lives. We need help along the way. Many times we do not listen to our inner guides and keep striving in ways that lead us to fulfillment. The way may be in front of us, but like you say if we don't open our eyes we are blind. Again thank you,and may you be blessed.

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