Hans Wolfgang...........Again.

  • Hello i was wondering if you could tell me if my love life will get any better...and if it is possible will i find work soon. THANK YOU



  • VelveteenRabbit

    you will not be in Bellewood again soon.

    Thoughts are figures, consciousness is the background. Mind consists of figures and no-mind is the background. Just start looking into the gaps. Fall in love with the intervals! Go deeper into them, search more into them—they have real secrets in them. The mystery is hidden there. It is not in the words that pass in your mind; those words are trivia, impressions from the outside. But see on what they pass, those ripples; look into that consciousness. And it is infinite. It is your being. That consciousness is called no-mind.

    Mind laughs at others, but when somebody finds his very source of life, he has a good laugh: "I was unnecessarily standing on my head, distorting my body doing yoga exercises, fasting, going on holy pilgrimages, torturing myself in the mountains, in the deserts -- and all the time I was carrying my truth within myself." Whenever somebody finds it, can you think he will not laugh -- laugh at himself?


    your love life will get better...

    and you will find work soon.

    Your being is not a static thing waiting to be discovered by you. The being has to be created moment to moment. That is the only way to discover it.

  • Hey HansWolfgang! I was wondering if you can tell me about my love life, and career (mine dob 6JUN80).

    Love life, Will me and my ex-boyfriend (dob 18JUN85) rekindle soon? Is he the one that I have waiting in my heart for, mended by faith?

    Career- If I'm getting promote early?

    Thank you for sharing your gift with me.

  • Hans, i thank you ahead of time for helping me, but i was wondering if you could tell me what 2010 holds for me?

    my 2010 forecast here on tarot said that it is my year of harvest, what ever that means, i have had trouble finding a job, and also wanted to know if any relationship will form this year, and also about my Health, im trying to lose weight but will this year be when it actually happens? thanks so much hans for all your help, i only wish there was some way we could repay you for what you do for so many people. take care, oh and my birthday is, 12/11/1987 or Dec 11th 1987

  • Hey SluBear

    about your love life, and career: there is emotional coldness and no togetherness, while you are acting like a beggar forgetful of your inner richness.

    Love life, Will you and your ex-boyfriend rekindle soon? No.

    Is he the one that you have waiting in your heart for, mended by faith? No.

    He is after activities involving large numbers of people that he has a love connection with. He will deal more with family, circles of friends, or with the audiences of musicians, artists and other performers. It brings much success with the public and groups of people.

    He should plan his advertising and promotional campaign. At the very least, there will come a social occasion such as a party where he will well received and has a wonderful time. It can also be a marriage or other large family gathering.

    Career- If you're getting promote early? Yes. certainly.

    Man is very complex -- there are as many human natures as there are human beings.

  • Thank you chevelleman71,

    what 2010 holds for you? The way is blocked.

    my 2010 forecast here on tarot said that it is my year of harvest, what ever that means. I agree, but you seem to harvest blockades. So no relationship will form this year.

    and also about your Health, you are trying to lose weight but will this year be when it actually happens? Yes, this is the good news. The way is blocked for gaining weight.

    There can be loss and disappointment. However, your true nature reveals that 2010 does not have to be a disaster. In actuality, 2010 represents making a completion of some importance. Whether this is the end of a certain occupation, way of life, or way of being with your health and body will depend upon the circumstances in your life at the time. But rest assured that some important aspect of your life is coming to an end in 2010.

    There will be a death in your life of some kind. You go through many mini-deaths in the course of your lifetime and just like the snake shedding its skin, arrive at a new and better place each time you do so. Therefore this year is not to be feared but instead to be welcomed. It always has the ability to clear away all the unwanted and useless debris in your life and put you back on a new course where you are much more enlivened and satisfied.

    But you become defensive, you rationalize. If you go on rationalizing your errors... and all errors can be rationalized, remember it. There exists not a single error which cannot b rationalized. You can rationalize everything. But then you would be bound to become more and more unconscious, more and more deeply unaware, as sure as the streams run into the ocean which becomes ever deeper and wider.

  • Thanks Hanswolfgang. I thought what you said about the rock often over the weekend, but Im not sure what it means. Rocks dont usually give a feeling. I'm a really affectionate person and looking for same. Does what you were saying about the rock mean I will go through life and meet only unaffectionate males? Or males who may act affectionate, but are only playing with my mind?

  • thanks hans, but the last part got me a bit confused, cause i can tell you that right now, that i am very defensive at this point and i am beginning to rationalize everything, but that way you said it, it sounds like a bad thing, which i feel it is also, this is all mainly because of that Libra girl that i very much like and she says she's interested but she doesnt act like it at all, and seems to avoid me, so right now i am being defensive, because i feel like i tried everything to get her to be closer to me but no cigar, no right now i have stopped all contact until whenever, is this smart? my mind says yes i should stay away, but my heart says no. thanks again

  • Thanks Hans! But you lost me when you started talking about "He is after..." is this the ex or someone new that will come into my life?

  • Oshie,

    does what I were saying about the rock mean you will go through life and meet only unaffectionate males? No.

    Or males who may act affectionate, but are only playing with my mind? No.

    It meant non-attachment.

  • chevelleman71

    is this smart? No.

    There is a rhythm: sometimes enjoy relationship, sometimes enjoy aloneness. Enjoying both again and again, one day you will come to the understanding that there is no need to be in a relationship and there is no need to be alone. You can be in relationship and alone and you can be alone and in relationship. Then you have become wise.

    The heart says eternity and the mind interprets permanency. That´s where you are missing the point. Mind lives in the past, in the future. For the mind, present is non-existential. From the past to the future mind goes on moving. The present seems to be only a passage from the past to the future.

  • SluBear

    this is the ex.

    Sometimes the more you try, the more impossible it becomes, particularly when you are intimately related with people.

  • Ok, thanks for letting me know, hanswolfgang. That cleared up my confusion.

  • Live gives you three-dimensional opportunities -- of the body, of the mind, of the soul. This three-dimensional school of life is the greatest possibility to know, to understand, to be.

  • Hans, you were right. Do you see me able to provide a place for my son and his pet that is optimum, a place where their needs will be met and they will be safe and comfortable? If so, will it be soon? Thanks

  • hello hans,

    I am thinking about starting my own business selling wholesale. Right now I have a steady job. But I want to do the wholesale as parttime first , to see how things are going before I quit my steady job. Do you see that's everything is going to be all right this year with my business? Or should I wait? Also am I going to meet a new man this year and when?

    My DOB december 9 1962

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