Hans Wolfgang...........Again.

  • Hans, What could you say to me pertaining to my past present and future?

  • Act, now the time has come to act out what you feel as strong impulse arising in yourself.

    But you need responsibility. To be responsible means to be alert, conscious. To be responsible means to be mindful. Act with as much awareness as you can find possible. Even small things— walking on the street, eating your food, taking your bath— should not be done mechanically. Do them with full awareness.

    Do not start looking for that which is missing -- it was not anything valuable, it was not your friend. That which you have lost, that something that you feel has gone, was your enemy. Say goodbye to it, and allow this new state to become more and more deep. There are depths beyond depths. There is not end to growth; there is no end to the mysteries of existence. Doors after doors go on opening. This is the infinity of the miracle of the universe. You should not be bothered about rationalizing your experiences, just drink them, and dance and sing and rejoice. And thank existence that it has been your fortune.

  • I'm a gifted psychic and read through meditation and auras. I have been having a troubled time through my own losses personally. I enjoy your input as it helps so much. Drained from the inside out!!! I found this site when I was sitting back not long ago and your very good at doing what I do for others. Very uplifting I should add!! What could you add about my personal future?

  • Thanks gypsy23, for your feedback.

    Your personal future will bring you again enough energy, you will experience your male side arising out of the unconscious. You will not only see and read with your female receptivity, you will act more, using your potential to help yourself and others and to get more into balance between yin and yang.

    But truth cannot be sought—one can simply be receptive, that’s all. One can open the doors and wait... and wait prayerfully. One can say only this much, 'If you come, you will be received, welcomed. I don’t know who you are, and I don’t know your address and I cannot even send an invitation. But whosoever you are, and whomsoever it concerns, if you come, my doors will be open—you will not find them closed.' That’s all that a seeker can do... that’s all that is needed to be done. More than that is not possible and is not needed.

  • HW,

    Can you do a reading for me? DOB 2/25/74

    Like to know about love - in new relationship

    Like to know about career - should i stay or should i go

    Like to know about kids - my oldest son (7/13/91) isn't speaking to me right now.

    Thank you.

  • About love - in new relationship: He is dominating you with his intellect and you are projecting your father upon him.

    About career: you should stay.

    About kids: Let kids be kids, spontaneous and playful, they are right to live in the here and now. Do not spoil them with your mind.

    Your oldest son has an innate intuition that, if followed, will always lead him to success in all his dealings. Inherent in this intuition is a high set of values and often a "mission" in life, a mission that always involves partners and "others". There is a certain amount of ambition, usually for money, that keeps him motivated. This is good because he can get into ruts at times - especially in his closest relationships. If he taps into his inner guidance he will find a path awaiting him that is fascinating and rewarding. He does best by establishing himself in one business and sticking with it. He should be careful that his social obligations do not tax his health and well being. He can make large He loves to mix and mingle and to do "deals" with others. Once he has discovered his special mission, he finds more success.

    There is only one life—so if you want to be religious, if you want to meditate, do it right now—because the tomorrow is not reliable. There may be no tomorrow.

    Teach your kids disobedience.

  • thank you for the reading.

    I don't see the love/relationship thing as you mentioned yet but i will certainly look out for it. If you have any additional insight on this topic I would greatly appreciate it. His DOB 12/4/72 and Mine 2/25/74. Not sure if this helps you or not.

    Career, well I figured. LOL

    My son, he deffinately marches to the beat of his own drum. The reason I ask is that my ex has come back around and telling hima lot of mis truths about me to my son and trying to get my son to convince me to go back. I am done with the relationship but think the ex is either trying to maniputale me to come back or trying to wedge hmself any place he can. Will my son see the true character in my ex soon or will it take a while for him? Will I talk to my son soon?

  • It will take a while for your son until he sees the true character in your ex. So you will not talk soon to your son.

    Additional insight on this topic of the love/relationship thing: You are turning off utterly from your potential trying to internalize with forced calmness the structure and the laws of society.

    You have a desire for affection or love that is the stimulus that causes new relationships to be created. For this reason, there will be a new love affair or the birth of a child. This creative love energy represents an awakening of love or passion in your heart.

    On a deeper level, it represents a search for something inside of your self. Perhaps it is the search for self-identity or for those things that help you to love who you are unconditionally. In order to love yourself, you often find someone to love who reflects back to you what you are seeking within. This is why there can be a new relationship beginning.

    Find the center of the cyclone the emptiness that is between you and existence and the eternal nothingness.

    As long as men have existed, man has enjoyed himself too little: that alone is our original sin!

    You have such an infinite capacity to enjoy the whole rainbow of pleasures, happinesses, joys, and blessings. But all the religions have been telling you: Renounce pleasures, renounce life, live as minimally as possible. Don´t live, just survive. And this has become the way of their saints. This they cal austerity, this they call discipline.

  • Hello you have been helpful to many. I would like to know about career and family, advice about love would be helpful also. dob 09/21/59 Thank you

  • career: much energy, just follow your strong impulses.

    family: take counselling.

    advice about love: be aware of your male side, let your yang come out. get more active.

    Your creativity can manifest in many ways. On the high side, you can be a highly successful writer, teacher or performer. On the low side, you can worry and spend your time on frivolous activities and never reach your full potential. Success in life always depends upon the individual and how they use their God-given gifts and abilities. You are gifted but your fear of poverty may entice you into using your creativity in questionable ways. If this happens, you seldom get away with it. You would make a great salesman and propagandist but you are ineffective until you decide upon one philosophy and stand behind it. You are sure to have emotional losses, many of which are destined. If you see them as "completions" that lead you to a higher level, you avoid disappointment. If you use your inheritance of spiritual knowledge, much success can be realized.

    What you need is a sacred yes to life and all that is contained in life. And to live with this yes needs courage! To live with this yes means that one is ready to dissolve into the ocean. But the moment the dewdrop drops into the ocean it also becomes the ocean. Go beyond no; try to reach to the ultimate yes. That is prayer and that is true religion.

  • Thank you, I suppose I do fear change and poverty. My career has been beneficial but a change may be needed. I pray and will continue to pray. I I enjoy life. What conselling would help me with the family? My immediate family seeks quidance from me. I try to teach and encourage them, but often feel ineffective. What can I do to help them make better choices?

  • You are giving advices to your family, but you need counselling for that. You are part of this system of your family, you need the advice of someone who is outside of this system.

    To help them make better choices stop fighting with them and them fighting each other.

    When you are born you are born only with the potential to exist, to survive, not with the art of making life a joy, a bliss, a celebration. That art has to be learned. It is the process of transforming the potential into the actual.

    The truth is individual and the family does not care about truth. It cares about consolation; it cares about comfort. The family does not consist of explorers, adventurers, people who go into the unknown, fearless -- risking their whole lives to find the meaning and the significance of their lives, and the life of the whole of existence. The family simply wants to be told things which are sweet to hear, comfortable and cozy; without any effort on their part, they can relax in those consoling lies.

  • hello Hans-wolfgang

    I have been reading many the many readings that you have done for others. What a truly giving person you are. I first and foremost would like to thank you for all you do in helping others. Many blessing to you.

    I would also seek some guidance from you. it concerns my family. We are currently having a lot of issues going on. My son is aug 14, 1986, I would like to know if he will overcome these demons that are going on within him. My husband feb 28,1959, will he overcome his anger issues. and myself aug 3 1964, do you see me staying in this or will I walk away to better things. thanks again so much for all you do. and if for some reason you can not read for me I thank you anyway and send you many blessings of light to you.

  • Thank you for your response. Your seem to understand my situation and speak to it in a profound way. I have felt it is my place to give some comfort to the family. Yet, I do not chose to make this life a lie. Perhaps I give too much of myself and this is why I feel out of balance. I encourage them to seek other support but that does not happen. I would like to reach my potential. What advice can you give me reach the truth and my potential?

  • Hello Hans-Wolfgang,

    I have been reading your responses to others, you are really gifted. I send more energy and light to you.

    I wanted to ask you to read for me and give me insight on myself and my estranged daughter. She and I have had many issues in the past, many concerning my ex-husband/her adoptive father.

    Many issues surfaced some years ago, involving him (long after we divorced) it exacerbated the strain in my daughter and my relationship. In July,(this year) an altercation resulted in her leaving home (she just turned 20 in Aug.) Since then, we have barely spoken to each other, she still sees her younger brother and sister as she works in their daycare, but she will soon move to New Orleans to be with family sown there. Do you see any indication that she and I ever reconcile? She refuses to even refer to me as her Mother to even my family. She has little or no contact with her father's family because of the past issues. Defiance and rebellion has been my cross to bear with her even as a child, and I am hoping this all resolves. Any insight will be welcomed. I have other things I wanted to ask, but I think this is enough. THank you in advance for whatever you can tell me. Love and light to you.

  • hello KittyCathy,

    your son will overcome these demons that are going on within him.

    Your husband will not overcome his anger issues.

    I see you not staying in this nor will you walk away to better things.

    There will be success and satisfaction in your work and in health, though you may also expect to work very hard. Overcoming of all obstacles in work and health will be the result.

    Your work may often seem to be a burden. or you may become obsessed with all the things that you have to do. There could be a 'workaholic' kind of influence. However, if you have a list of specific goals and want to achieve them successfully, you will get over it.

    Much happens through non-doing. That is the paradox of the existence.

  • Hello sunshine7959,

    do I see any indication that she and you ever reconcile? No.

    Get more flexible and mobile and playful.

    If you are able to drop your being a mother having a daughter, to let go of your motherly ego, there is a chance. If you are able to accept and love your daughter just as a friend, not as YOUR daughter, there is a chance. I recommend you the book: "I Only Say This Because I Love You" by Deborah Tannen. Read it carefully and if you think you have learnt something out of it, then go and visit your daughter.

    Do not strike somebody my mistake.

  • cyw39,

    what advice can I give you reach the truth and your potential? First decide for yourself that this should be your foremost priority. Then choose that way your love shows you.

    You don’t say okay to yourself. You are continuously trying to improve yourself. Incompletion is the way life is. You are trying to become perfect. Accept your imperfections.

  • Wow Hans you should be commended for giving your time to help people here 🙂 there is alot of people in the world that feel lost and confused about life and im sure your words really help this small percentage. I think its a very special thing to give up your time to help people, even if its just for a few words of wisdom, if they give light to another then its very worthwhile.

    Also I bet you give good hugs 🙂

    Love & light to you.

  • thefishes

    true. I've noticed him for some time now. I recommended him to some people here.

    I am not psychic I can't do what he does. But I feel he is more than clairvoyant.

    I believe the universe will return him and everyone else that shares their gifts for the good of all

    may their abilities are multiplied and amplified

    bye now

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