Need love life reading

  • I need a reading on my love life it is so complicated right now. I feel as if there is a triangle and I am standing in the center uncertain of where to go. In one corner is My ex, in another corner there is a new guy we can call him Mr. C, and In another corner there is another guy/friend we can call mr. Brown. Which is the right direction for me? I miss my ex terribly but I can't sit in limbo and I dont have the slightest clue as to what I should do. Please help.

  • Hi there jbunny (sorry I haven't got to you before now, but better late than never, mehopes!!)

    Firstly, the karma between yourself and your ex has been completed. It is time to move on from that relationship, as hurtful as this may feel at the moment for you. Rest assured though, he will move back into your life later on, but remain on the periphery of it as a friend. You'll see down the track how right this is and be glad you took this direction for yourself.

    With respect to Mr C (a cancer?) this one is very muddled in the head. I honestly am getting this mixed up energy from him, like "whichwaydideego?" sort of thing 🙂 This is rubbing off on you some and causing you great confusion. He's not right for you really, even though I get that there's quite an attraction between the two of you. I feel in a past life he gave up quite a lot to be with you, but you rejected him. In this one, he wants to do the same again, but senses another possible rejection from you in this one. How right he will be. So, if you can, extract yourself from this one also, but do it gently and kindly. That way, the karma between you will be balanced too.

    Now I am getting a very strong romantic feeling about Mr Brown. He's a friend, eh? Hmmm. Have you known him for a long time, or met him once earlier in life and here he is again? Is he fair haired and a scorpio by any chance? Or at least has some strong scorpio influences in his sign ... He's a real jokester this one; a grand sense of humour and a heart like a horse. Is there some celtic or Irish or Scottish in his heritage? I'm just getting a bit of that sort of energy too; like a soft brogue when he talks or other. He likes a dram or two, and laughs softly at your dilemmas when you talk to him about them. I say softly, because he is not disparaging their importance, but merely he's almost like a big daddy energy for you. He's very fond of you and I feel he'll be around for quite a while, if you let him. I get also that he's a very evolved soul and one who won't mind if you say "I can't do this, I need space, need to get away", etc. He'll accept you back when the time's right. Not that he doesn't care, but he knows he's okay with or without someone to "complete" him. I like this guy!!

    Now I don't know if this helps, or if I've got the descriptions right - maybe Mr Brown's description applies to another, but I honestly feel your life will go round and round with either of the other two (not that they're bad blokes, don't get me wrong) as they just aren't THERE, if you see what I mean 🙂 This other one is, big time.He brings to mind that song "follow me, everything is all right; I'll be the one to tuck you in at night" ... y'know?

    Ah well. PLEASE, feedback would be muchly appreciated. I sometimes get things a bit skewed till I've had me weetbix, so to speak, so let me know if any of this makes sense to you, and I sure hope it helps you 🙂

  • Mr.Brown and I have been friends for about 12 years we went to school together. You say there is great chemistry but I don't feel the same level of physical attraction to him that I feel to either of the other guys. It does make me very sad that karma with my ex is balanced I am going to miss him quite a bit. Mr.C is a bit of a mess he also seems very confused. Mr. C is a taurus. How can Karma be balanced when a relationship ended the way things did with my ex that is somewhat confusing. I just don't know what to do maybe I shouldn't date anyone?

  • As with all things, time is the best healer and teacher. It's hard to feel the same level of chemistry towards someone who hasn't confused or outright challenged you! It's that old insecurity thing which keeps those flames burning, but after a while, those flames do go out and you're left with ... ashes.

    I realise the hurt and almost anger behind your question regarding the karma between you and your ex. He's been a very important influence on you and your emotional development I feel, yet he remains so darned aloof. Y'know I had a similar experience with a fella from the past, who I wasn't involved with as such, but who had a very big influence on me and changed my way of thinking. He sought me out of the many to talk to and we got along like a house on fire. He liked my daughter and I liked his kids. I also liked his mother and his wife.

    Yet, he moved into my life and left it just as quickly and I was left wondering why? After eight years, I now properly see why. He was there simply to show me what a good family life was as I'd never really known it and how valuable marriage can be. If I were to see him now, I'd be happy as all get out, but I doubt I'd feel the strong feelings of attraction I felt then, or when he leaves again, the abandonment I felt at the time.

    It's a cruel lesson at the time, so it seems. Why do these people leave us feeling so empty and abandoned? How is it possible that we can feel those same strong feelings of attraction for someone else? That's the question and the lesson learned, eventually.

    The chemistry I mentioned about Mr Brown is more that I feel there is a romantic connection for the two of you. But things are always subject to the free will of both parties. You can choose to encourage romance with him, or not. You can CHOOSE to get your ex back, or not. Same with Mr C.

    I really feel you need time to sit, contemplate and figure out who you really are in all of this. What makes you tick? What makes you laugh, cry or scream? What completely absorbs you to the exclusion of all else? But most importantly, what do you love in life? Who are you?

    Those questions need to be answered I feel, and the time for that is now. And yes, maybe you'd be best not to date anyone for a while. Why not try and set yourself a time period of, say, a month where you don't have any contact with these three? See how you feel. The first week may be hell, but just let yourself go along with it. You might find after a month, you quite like this solitude.

    Yeah, I think you need space my friend. Time to think and feel, just you, yourself, yours.

    I realise this isn't the answer you wanted, but it's what comes as I write. Your best interests, what I can feel for them, is what is flowing off my fingertips and I sure hope you can appreciate that. Adn give yourself the gift of ... YOU. You deserve it!

    If you never speak to me again, I'll understand. I just think this is the best course for you as you seem so stre-e-e-tched at the moment, like in the words of Bilbo Baggins "butter spread on too much bread" or thereabouts (Lord of the Rings in case you ain't a devotee like me). In fact I've been drawing in a very tired energy from you and sense you're at breaking point.

    This is all understandable. And it happens when we're madly casting around for answers. Don't think you're alone here; I have similar issues for different reasons at the moment and I can tell you, I feel like curling up and forgetting a world outside of my shell exists, yet don't want to miss out in case that answer just happens to ... come!

    Good luck. Please let me know how you go. Remember the above is all my feelings about this and suggestion only. The final choice is, as always, up to yourself. And I know what yer gonna say, "can't someone make the choice for me"??? If only! I say that myself, constantly 🙂 But in the end, it's gotta be our choice, otherwise it won't be REAL.

    Take care and I'll be interested to hear how this all pans out for you. Just hope I've been of some help here ...

  • I am not sure but with Mr. Brown there are just so many things that arent there. Things that I need in a relationship. I have known for years he has had romantic feeling for me and I honestly haven't really felt them. As for Mr. C he is just getting out of a two year relationship. So I am not sure what he wants. Two days ago he is telling me I could be the one and I am not sure about that because he has tons of problems and I am just not up for another man who doesnt know what he wants. I thought I knew what my ex wanted and look how that turned out. It still baffles my mind that man can tell me he wants to spend the rest of his life with me today and the go back to his wife tomorrow. So honestly this whole situatuion with my ex has left me doubting not only myself and what I feel but also what a guy says and feels. In all honesty (i am not sure if you can pick this up) I don't necessarily want him back but I want him to realize what he has lost and want me back (does that make any sense) because at the time I would have done anything for him and it just bothers me that it ended the way it did and I have had no time to reconcile the end of our relation with the fact that he is really out of my life. I also honestly believe he is a good man and didnt want to hurt me. I don't want him back because I wouldn't want to be with a man who chose someone else over me but I want him to come back so we can talk and I can have closure and put this to rest so I can move on and have the answers that my heart feels like it is missing.

    As for Mr. C he is very phsyically appealing to me. I find him attractive. He is a very nice guy and I enjoy talking to him but in terms of relationship potential I am not sure it is there. I don't want a purely sexual relationship but I feel that at the moment this is all he can offer ( Am I right).

    Mr. Brown he has been a friend for a long time and while I do love him and appreciate his friendship, the other aspects required for a romantic relationship arent there ( at least for me). I care about him and want happiness for him but when I try to think of him in a romantic or sexual sense my stomach is turned. I am not presently happy with any of the choices I have

    I miss the calm and peace and just quiet peace of mind I used to have with my ex. And that is why letting go has been so hard he brought this sense of security into my life and just calm. I never worried about anything when we were together. The thought of dating again with all of the drama and craziness is scary.

    Now that you mention an accent you brought to mind a friend Stephen. I know he is interested and is attracted to me. We have known each other for over 3 years. He is Irish and does have an accent. He is black haired green eyed and very sweet but again there is that pesky not being attracted to him in a romantic way. Sigh what am I going to do

  • Haha I had a laugh I can choose to get my ex back

  • Junglebunny sounds to me like you have a lot of men in your life that love you or at least care about you. Some ladies do not even have one on here. Count your blessings. I know you are hurting over the ex so you may not feel very blessed but try to imagine what life would be like without all these other men in your life that you have friendships with. Maybe the answer is that you do not have to choose any of them at this time. Just enjoy the company of good friends that no you well and make you laugh.

  • You are right but it sort of sucks when you can't have the one that you want so your sort of lose sight of everything else. Up until my ex I would say I have been lucky and have dated wonderful men.

  • Don't try so hard! It's as simple as that, truly. You are trying SO hard to end things, figure things out, start things, etc, that you're wearing yourself out and preventing the universe from being about to send anything clear to you. Again, you ain't alone there 🙂

    You probably won't have romantic feelings for another until you can clear these other two out of your mind and heart. Your ex, while a fine fellow, needs the familiarity of his wife sadly as he just isn't ready to take the plunge "out there". Nor will he be I feel. Mr C on the other hand, well, you know what? Why on earth can't you just have some physical fun with him, if that suits you? There's nothing actually wrong with merely a physical attraction if both parties go into it on that basis and accept it for what it is. This might give you some release too, for as long as it lasts. Both come out winning too, provided expectations don't get skewed, or it becomes one-sided.

    Now this Stephen person is of interest. As said above, I don't always get the exact where's and who's, etc, just impressions as they come. Hair colour ... WRONG!! Ah, what's new?? Still, I think this could be something ...

    The big daddy energy I got must be Mr Brown after all, as I don't get that with Stephen. Definitely sweet, as you say and very interested in you, but knows about your "triangle" and doesn't want to either add to it, or be part of it at the moment. Understandably.

    As to the lack of romantic attraction, I do understand where you're coming from. I think with Mr Brown, there is a feeling of him actually being more like a father figure to you, which may explain the revulsion when you think of him romantically. He knows this and isn't unduly bothered; he's a very at home soul, thankfully for you! But if he thought for a minute you WERE interested, he'd be in like Flynn, trust me!

    Look, outside of all this confusion you're suffering, do you not feel a bit, er, LOVED here? Here's all these guys who are interested in you and there's poor you, not knowing which way to go! Hopefully this is having a positive effect on your ego, which could do with it anyway, confusion aside.

    But truly, I come back to what I've said to you all along: step back and give yourself some space, SOON. This is what will help you with your decision; not constantly being in the middle of it all.

    And Stephen could end up being the one after all ... given time 🙂

    Good luck again. Shut your door for a bit and breathe in the air of solitude; you need it desperately. xoxoxoxoxoxoxxo hope this helps 🙂

  • Thanks guys. I didnt get what I wanted to hear but thats how life goes sometimes isn't it? Ugh , Personally I am not all about the strictly physical relationships they don't work well for me I like having emotions involved. I guess I am young and I have so time to figure it out. I have been closing myself off because I realize I need some space from everyone and everything. Why can't I ever have what I want just for once in life 🙂

  • Patience my young friend ... patience ... and yes, I hate that word too 🙂

  • I am probably the most impatient person I know. I am even more confused Mr. C just sent me a text message saying that he believes he has found compassion, companionship and hopefully love with me. Like what is going on and why is it coming from all of the wrong people. How do you turn someone away when they say things like that?

  • Tell him the truth tell him you are attracted to him but in to much confusion to make a clear decision about him as of now and you would like to reamain friends for the time being. I have an ex also up and left out of the blue and it was scary and painful. he was the world to me but I wasnt the world to him. Thats just life I guess. Work through your pain but dont get so lost in it that you end up alone.

  • Hear, hear! Great answer lovin. It's what I've been saying all along. Jbunny, you are learning so much about life and love, and I feel your biggest lesson in life will be making choices which suit YOU, not everyone else. Please, please listen to both of us and step back before you end up alone as the other wise lady has told you. If these people are as interested in you as they are implying or saying, then they'll wait. The ones who don't will make the choice that bit easier 🙂

  • Thank you, I personally do not believe he never loved me. I think there were many reasons for him going back to his ex wife, familiarity, age difference between he and I, distance, me not wanting to move in with him, me being scared of marriage. Lots of things. Things I should have seen but it doesnt make it hurt any less. I am not lost in my pain. It hasnt been very long at all less than a month and it has already gone from intense sadness and depression to just an occasional darn I am going to miss him so I am definitely making progress

  • As you are ... and accepting that you'll miss him is a very big step indeed towards completing this karmic lesson my friend. Well done! Go with the feelings as they come though; don't fight them, just accept them, let them run their course, sleep a lot if you can, and you'll soon see a clear path through the rubble 🙂

  • thanks Cris this is very different from the reading I got before (do you still stand by what you told me last week). With acceptance there is always a little hope that I will get what I want in order to move on. It usually happens for me not as soon as I would want it to but it does. With two of my exes they eventually came back just the way I wanted them too. It just took time and I got the answers I wanted. One ex whose life was in a total mess at the time we dated, came back about a year after we broke up and to this day calls and tries to get me back but I got the answers I wanted and its over there is no hurt or no pain and the same with the guy I dated before him. There isn't any pain or hurt and I am not sure why but its the way I am. I always seem to need answers before i can move on. And that is what I want from Chris. Having answers clear a lot of things in my path so the confusion I feel now would not be there

  • I think you will get your answer but it will happen on God's time not ours. Keep in mind to treat the men in your life the way you want to with honesty because they are also waiting for answers. In the meantime take good care of yourself and you will get the answer eventually.

  • Hi Cris1962,

    I would like to know if you would be able to give me a reading regarding my love life? Mine is quite complicated as well. I have a couple threads that I posted on here before. I have Gary ( a libra) and Jay (a cancer) BOTH of them drive me crazy. I am in love with both of them and am currently with Gary, but feel i am with the wrong man. I feel like i should be with Jay.

    Any help would be much appreciated! Thank you! 🙂

  • Today has been the worst day I have had since the day my ex and I split. Its somewhat upsetting to know that someone can hurt you and be happy and I cannot.

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