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  • Wrong ex wants to reconcile. We dated about 3 years ago broke up and have been friends ever since. He wants to see if we can give things another go. Why is it all of these men except the one that I want is being set in my path. Does this have a meaning? In the week and 3 days since my ex and I have split there have been about 5 men what is the meaning of this? Does it even have a meaning?

  • Cris 1962.......................ladybug59 here.............Do you give readings online????

  • Hi Cris,

    Call me a glutton for puinishment but I feel that I need to get my ex back. I have never felt like this in the past. Usually when it is over letting go is fairly easy for me but in this case it has been so difficult. I cannot eat or sleep at night. He was just so wonderful to me and he truly made me happy. I guess there are also unaswered questions of how can you say you love me and want to spend the rest of your life with me on Saturday and then on Sunday you are thinking of reconciling with your ex. Its sort of like something isn't right here and I need to know what it is. And I just truly believed that he does really love and care about me. Am I reading the situation wrong but this is what I feel that i must do in my heart

  • cris,

    I am confused you told me once that the relationsip between my ex and his wife would not work. In fact you said something would happen soon that will make him realize the karma between them is completed. But Then you told me that he needs the comfort and familiarity of her and would sadly will not venture outside of that. I am confused. I did have a reading with a local person and she says she didn't see it working out but by the time he came back to me I would no longer be interested. I am sort of confused. I guess it doesn't matter if he and I arent meant to be together but I just wanted to know


    So things are still a mess but I am trying to work through it. Mr. Brown and I had a falling out because he called me and I was on another call and he felt that I should have talked to him. Romantically its just not there for me. I love him to death as a friend, but in terms of a relationship we would never work.

    Mr.C is just as confused as Cris said he is. One minute he thinks I am the one and he just wants to be with me then next I dont know whats going on. For me that is a huge turn off and my physical attraction to him is waning by the day as a result of it. Romantically there is just no interest.

    As for Stephen he is still there just as calm and as sweet as ever. He is moving back to Europe in October and he would like to spend as much time as possible. He is funny and sweet but ultimately not the man for me either.

    My ex boyfriend who I will call Mo has also come into the picture. Since a few months after our break up we have been friends. Our conversations are easy, comfortable and we enjoy talking to each other. Last night he says to me that walking away from me has been the biggest mistake of his life. So I respond that I like and enjoy his company as a friend but I would never date him again because of the way he handled our break up. He was hurt but he went on and on about how he feels and losing me is something he will have to live with. He wants to pull away from our friendship as a result of me not wanting to date him again. I told him I will miss you but do what you have to because I cant date him.

    There is also another guy named Greg who I dated briefly before my ex and I got together he has come back into the picture. Ultimately I don't see anything long term with Greg either.

    So I am not sure what road to take. Here I am still in love with a man who is no longer in love with me. My things arriving yesterday was difficult because it was like watching the death of a dream. So can anyone give me an update reading as to where I should go. At the moment i am not interested in a serious relationship but I would like some companionship.

  • seriously what is going on? I get dumped by the first man I have ever truly loved and in the 3 weeks since every ex boyfriend has come back trying to get back together. Even the one who we had an amicable split. He IMs me tonight saying how much he misses me and has never stopped loving me. First of all I am tired of men just throwing the love word around. Even one of my now married ex boyfriends text messages to say walking away was a big mistake he is not happy and he misses me. Why do men do things like that when the realize the grass isnt always greener.

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